April 19th, 2012

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Manga, Art Books, and Other Collectibles for Sale on eBay (some ending shortly!)

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of items posted on eBay right now, some ending in about 17 hours! All listings have several attached pictures, and I respond promptly to any questions. Right now I have a lot of CLAMP items that I'm working on cleaning out of my office, but I have a lot of other listings too, and I plan to start posting up doujinshi in the next few days.

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★ FIGURE SALE ★ Code Geass, Togainu no Chi, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler & more!

I am selling off a friend's figure collection ^^ My prices are based around eBay prices, but are up for fair negotiation.

★ I accept Paypal only.
★ My items are described as accurately as possible.
★ More pictures can be provided upon request.
★ I ship worldwide for purchases over 20$
★ I ship on Saturdays
★ All purchases will come with a small, flat gift :) (Flat ie postcard, etc)

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