June 9th, 2012


Still many items for sale, need to go ASAP!

SALE!!! I'm having a 2 for 1 sale on any remaining Furoku! They have been sitting around way too long and I need to see them gone!

NEW ITEMS ADDED RECENTLY!!! Includes 7 different volumes of Japanese X/1999 manga, various gashapon figures and a Hello Kitty popcorn maker!

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal including English and Japanese manga, gashapons, and cosplays!!! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! Please help me out and take a look, no reasonable offer will be refused!

Japanese manga and magazines NEW ITEMS

English manga NEW ITEMS


Figures/Shitajiki/Miscellaneous itemsNEW ITEMS



20% Off Sale!

I'm having a sale at my shop! Just use the code 20off when you check out, for 20% off of everything!
Sale is for 1 week only!

I have just opened up a shop at store envy to sell mostly used cd's.
I also have a few dvd's, photo sets, posters, and other random things.
There are 25 out of 86 products that are not of Asian origin, so instead of linking directly to my store, I will link to each product that is of Asian origin.
If you prefer to buy from me here, and not store envy, just leave a comment, and we'll work it out!
I currently only ship to the USA, because of the expense of sending things overseas securely.
I have all good feed on back on eBay,Amazon,EGL sales,and my selling journal

Chara - Happy Toy CD
Chara - Junior Sweet
chatmonchy-shangrila cd
Duel Jewel - Jewelry Box DVD
Duel Jewel Life on.. Poster
Duel Jewel es Poster
Duel Jewel Iolite poster
Duel Jewel photo set 1
Duel Jewel photo set 2
Duel Jewel photo set 3
Duel Jewel photo set 4
Duel Jewel photo set 5
Duel Jewel photo set 6
The Emeralds - Surfing Baby CD
Flame - What can I CD
Hamasaki Ayumi - A song for xx CD
Hamasaki Ayumi - I am... cd
Hamasaki Ayumi - Rainbow CD
heidi. - Orange Drama CD
Hysteric Blue - Baby Blue CD
Hysteric Blue - Wallaby CD
Janga69 - Janga 69 CD
Koike Teppei - Kimi ni okuru uta CD
Koike Teppei - First Letter Photo Book
Lead - Lead movies 1 DVD
Lead - Night Deluxe CD+DVD
Lead - Sunny Day CD
Lucifer - Tsubasa CD
Lucifer - Junk City
Milphinne - Sweet Candy cd
Otsuka Ai - Love Cook CD
Plastic Tree - Utsusemi Poster
Porori - Yumeru hana CD
Porori - Shochuu omimai CD
Porori - Agressive Star CD
Porori Photo Set
Princess Princess - Dolls in Action CD
Puffy - Fever Fever CD
Smap - 009 CD
Sugar Moon Champs Elysees CD
SuG - Noiz Star CD
Tamaki Nami -Heroine CD
Super Junior - Super Show DVD
Super Junior -Super Show 2 DVD
Tanpopo - otome pasta ni kandou CD
Tanpopo = Be Happy koi no yajirobee CD
Tsushimamire - Six Girls Mix CD
WaT - Boku no kimochi CD
WaT - Ready Go!! CD
WaT - Hava Rava CD
WaT - Bokura no love story CD
WaT 36c CD
WaT - sotsugyou time bokura no hajimari CD
WaT - Music Video Collection
WaT - 36 poster
Bastard Vol. 1 Japanese Graphic Novel
Kaikan Phrase Vol.16 Japanese Graphic Novel
CASE ONLY for Zelda Spirit Tracks DS

Selling: Manga, Japanese Clothing, Traditional Clothing, Fabric, and Lots More!!!

Hi everyone! I have a ton of stuff that I am trying to get rid of. Please feel free to ask any questions if the information you are looking for is not listed.

Shipping is not included in any of these prices listed. For an estimate, please comment with the items you are interested in and your location (Zip Code for US buyers, Country for international buyers). All items in this post ship from Massachusetts, USA.

Please take a look at my Journal for additional information.

Japanese and English Language Manga
- Fruits Basket
- Bleach
- Lovely Complex
- Amatsuki
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Trick
- Revolutionary Girl Utena
- Paradise Kiss (English)

Japanese Brand Clothing - Name Brand and Offbrand
- Geleone Dolce
- Image
- Jiggy
- Knick Knack
- Lazy Daisy
- Luccica
- Mary Ros
- Nuovo
- Peach John
- Salad Days
- Uniqlo
- Westwood Outfitters

Traditional Items
Traditional Yukata/Obi, Geta Sandals, Japanese Pattern Fabric, Household Items

Thanks for looking!!


I'm back home for the summer and I am making it a mission to clean out my room before I leave in a year for China! Lots of new items added! Feel free to send me any offers! 

I have:
Live DVDs

        All items for sale can be found here: koronekochan.livejournal.com/