July 15th, 2012

kid miles

Manga, games, art book, bunny hoodie, and many other cute items!

- Gundam Wing Doujinshi
- Hot Gimmick: Vol. 2, 3, 4
- Kawaii Bento Boxes cookbook
- Fushigi Yuugi OST
- Ocarina of Time: Real playable Ocarina modeled after the one from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!
- Bunny Hoodie
- Keychains and pins
- Angel Sanctuary Art Book
- Stationery: Stickers, notebook, letter paper, pens, pencil case, etc.
- Kogepan
- Fruit sponges
- Cute figurines
- PS2 Games (Japanese Version): Ridge Racer V and Tekken TAG Tournament
- Le SportSac Tokidoki Inferno Messenger Tote Bag

Shipping & Payment
All items ship from Newark, CA. Please give me your zip code or city/location so I can calculate shipping costs. Shipping costs calculated by package weight. :) Items will be shipped out within 2 business days of payment.

Paypal only.

EGL Comm Sales

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[SALES] Yaoi DJ's

Selling this doujinshis with some discount/ lower price then I've in the normal sales thread! Please consider!

[Durarara!! & Code Geass+KHR]

B1 - コトノバケモノ ビフオ一 - $6
C1 - Code Geass Doujinshi - $4
C2 - Masochist Warning (v2) - $7.00 - 100% Like new
C3 - Cromo di Genio? - $5
D1 - Natch Musik $11
D2 - Sakuretsu Miryoudan - $8
D3 - Abnomal Position - $6.50

[Sengoku Basara+Code Geass+KHR]

E1 - 真田幸村による夜の滑舌教室 - $4
E2 - Pet. Friendship - $6
E3 - Sion $6
F2 - Melty Kiss - $5

Waiting for payment
Out of stock
Remember shipping not included, I do ship from Portugal to any country also it's around $4 if you buy only a book. I can combine shipping of course if you buy more then one book, also the shipping may be cheaper that way. If you buy more then 5 books I give a 35% discount in the shipping costs! I do use bubble warper as well if you want I can add a box card but it's up to you and it's optional!
Any question post here =D
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Give me your Best offer!!

Give me your best offer on big items :D also, I'm looking for little mermaid imported items like tokyo sea items, figures, plush, dolls pretty much anything OH and anything with the little mermaid 2!!

Please check my journal for pics prices and more info

Thankies ^-^


:> alice

$3 manga!

All manga is $3! Trying to get rid of all this stuff!
Also have some anime for sale, art books, san-x bags and free stuff!

-Willing to do full/partial trades. Wish list is here!
-Feedback is here!
-If you have any questions about the condition of any of the items just ask! :D
-I do ship internationally! But be forewarned international shipping is expensive!
-Prefer to use paypal but if you would like to pay another way PM me and we can work something out.

Recently added a couple more manga series! Some more anime added as well.