July 17th, 2012


Manga & Jpop Sales

Selling some old anime items & tons of manga!

Manga includes Ouran High (all of vol. 1 through 16!), Trigun Maximum, Fruits Basket, Skip Beat, Dengeki Daisy.
Anime includes Rurouni Kenshin DVD, Ah! My Goddess DVDs, Ranma 1/2 DVDs, Trigun VHSs
Etc includes CCS Clow Cards set

Check them out here!
No pictures up, but just ask and you'll receive! :3

Also willing to trade manga for manga, my wish list is in the post~

&for anyone interested in popular Johnny's Entertainment group Arashi, I've got tons of rare CDs and collectibles on sale as well!

Too many things to name, so just check them out here!

WTS <3 [Manga, Doujinshi, etc]


I'm selling Chinese manga ( FREE - Over 60 manga to choose from! just pay for S/H), Japanese Shoujo Manga & Magazine ($.50 - $3 each), Yaoi (Calling) English Manga (Gakuen Prince v1-3, V.B. Rose, Crimson Hero, Love Com, Gintama & more!),Video Games (DS) and Axis Power Hetalia--Gundam 00--Hitman Reborn--Sengoku Basara Doujinshi!

And prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^__^

Interested? Come here!

Big Sale

I'm getting rid of a huge chunk of my manga I no longer read. The conditions vary so ask for further info and pictures! I don't really have a set price so I'm looking for offers better deals for more manga bought.  All up!  I also have a few other things under the cut a game, artbooks, shitajiki, and clearfiles. I live in the US! 

*italics = just added

Bleach 1-21
One Piece 1-8, 10, 13, 19
Yuyu Hahusho 1-9
Gintama 1-2, 15
Black Cat 1-4, 6
Banana Fish 1-6
Shaman King 1-8, 10-11, 25
Yakitate Japan 1-2
Devil May Cry 3 1-2
Claymore 1-4, 9-10, 15
Reborn 1-6
Gunslinger Girl 1-4, 6
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 1-4
Rolling 1
Buso Renkin 1-3, 5
Zatch bell 1-5, 8-11
I's 1
Darkside Blues
Fairy Tail 1-3
Samurai 7 1
Sister Red 1
Monster 1
Samurai Champloo 1-2
Kyo Kara Maoh 1
Someday dreamers 1
Cowboy bebop 1-3
Brigadoon 1
Chrono crusade 1
Genjuno Seizo 1
scryed 1-2
Gamerz heaven 1-2
Pieces of spiral 1
Once upon a Glashma
Arm of Kannon 1
Category Freaks 1
Alchino 1
Chibi Vampire 1,14
Tsubasa reservoir Chronicles 1-3
Under a Glass Moon 1-2
Earthian 1-4
Yu-gi-oh duelist 1-4
Yu-gi-oh 1-5
Slam dunk 1
Fate/Stay night 1
Archlord 1-2
Devil May Cry
Law of Ueki 1,3,6
Get Backers 1-5
Eyeshield 21 1-3, 7, 15, 20
hunterx hunter 1-3, 6-8, 11-12, 15-17, 19, 21
Descendants of Darkness 1-4
Yakitate Japan 1-2
Vampire Hunter D
Vaizard 1
Crouching tiger hidden dragon 1
Dark waters
Silent Mobius 1
Gestalt 1

Clear Skies 1
Vanilla 1-2
Oh my God 1-2
Cigarette Kisses
Sound of My voice
Casino Lily
White Brand
Hate to Love you
Living for Tomorrow
Love Pistols 1-4
Because of my teacher
Fallen Moon
Our everlasting 1-2
Play Boy Blues
Hybrid Child
Yellow 1-4
Hero Heel 1
Not Enough Time
Gakuen Heaven
Sky Over My spectacles
Cutie Beast
Melted Love
Free fall Romance
Little Butterfly 1-3
Tricky Prince
The Presidents time
Pleasure dome
Black Sun
Crimson Spell 1-2
Mister Mistress
The Devils secret
Tale of the waning moon
Brilliant Blue 1
Part time pets
Gatto sul 1-2
Hot Limit
Love me sinfully
gakuen heaven nakajima
from up above
golden cain
ludwig 1-2
The Judged
Love Bus Stop
L'Estoile Solitaire
Rose of the rhine
Crushing Love
How to seduce a Vampire
A Love Song for the miserable
A Gentleman's Kiss 1-2
Ka Shin Fu
Love Share
Constalation in my palm
Words of Devotion 1
Shards of Affection
I want to be naughty
Sweet Revolution
Vampire's portrait 1
Only Words
Lovers and Souls
Love Round
Skyscrapers of oz
Mans best friend
sense and sexuality
I cant stop loving you 1-2
June pride 1
Camera Camera Camera 1
Clan of the Nakagamis 1-2
Gorgeous Carat 1
Seiryo university 1-3
Just my Luck
Strange and mystifying Story 1
Blue Sky
Lover's Flat
Saihoshi 1-2
Just Around the corner

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For Sale! Anime/Manga/Fashion Magazines and more!

hatsune miku ♡ discotheque Love

Air Gear Akito Straight Jacket & Nobuta no Produce Cosplay for SALE

Hello everyone! I have 2 cosplays I need to sell as I am short on money.
I have retired from the cosplaying world so I hope these will find a new home :)
Shipping from Bay Area, CA.

Air Gear Akito Red Straight Jacket
- Perfect Condition. Used twice. No marks.
- Price: $50 shipped
- Pictures:

[B]Nobuta no Produce Jacket[/B]
- Great Condition. Used Twice.
- Price: $35 shipped
- Pictures:

Prices are negotiable!
egg magazine is &lt;3

Tons of Japanese FASHION Magazines, MUST GO

Gotta make my bills even if it means selling my beloved magazines. All are in like new condition; no damages. They are heavy so I prefer to ship Flat Rate Envelopes with tracking. I prefer paypal but I am willing to work with anyone who wants these items and ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! So throw an offer at me, you will be surprised. Also offering shipping discounts for people wanting multiple items!

I have some posted on ebay but not all are listed and I'm willing to provide discounts to those wanting to work outside ebay to avoid the fees.

Here's the link to what's currently up:
my username's cstorms548

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☆MINT KISMET COMMODITIES - Final reductions!☆

Final price reductions on our remaining current stock - act fast!

☆Goods from SWIMMER and San-x at Mint Kismet Commodities - follow us on Blogspot or Tumblr for updates on new products, exclusive sales, and more!☆

We're expecting restock in August with more SWIMMER items (including the popular alpaca combs), more see-through socks from Tutuanna, and more Rilakkuma items! But first we need to sell what we've still got in stock~

Click HERE to go straight to our available products!


-Merry: Peep Show - 10€
-Moi Dix Mois: Nocturnal Romance (2 cd's)- 15€
-Malice Mizer: Voyage - 8€

Sex Pot Revenge:
-Shoulder Bag (oficial, used but in good condition, A4 size) - 25€

-Psychic Academy (vols 1-3, english) - 12€

GBA/GB Colour:
Pokemon Yellow (only cartridge)* - 12€
Top Gear Rally (complete, boxed with manuals)* - 5€
Metroid Fusion (complete, boxed with manuals)* -15€

-Devil May Cry (complete) - 5€

-Silent Hill Origins* (complete) - 14€
-Valkyria Chronicles 2* (complete) - 14€

*-Both GBA and PSP are region free,so this games can be played in any console!!
-The other games are UK/PAL.
-Please ask for proof photos,if you an item.
-I ship from Europe and i'm willing to ship worldwide.
-Please ask for shipping prices.

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