July 29th, 2012

selling clothes, anime, sailor moon, manga, and dvds!

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - l o o k ]

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or MORE! (U.S. + Canada Only!)
_ I ship mainly within the U.S. and Canada, but please inquire my shipping rates if you're located internationally.
_ I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash at your own risk!
_ Although I am a new seller on LJ, I have experience selling on multiple forums :)
_ If interested, feel free to contact me on LJ or email me: scatterbrainxx @ hotmail.com


Asian/Anime Goods:

- Asian Imported Clothes (marked "Unbranded") + more!
- Her Majesty's Dog MANGA (1-6) Paperback English.
- Serial Experiments Lain Limited Edition DVD Box Set (COMPLETE SERIES)
- GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka First Semester DVD Box Set (FIRST SEASON)
- Sailor Moon CCG Premiere / Past & Future Cards

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - l o o k ]


Lots For Sale or Trade!



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-I ship from the US
-I take Paypal or concealed cash (at your own risk.)
-Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
-I will ship international
-PLEASE let me know if you want delivery con.
-Any offers are welcome as long as you stay in reason.
-I do not do refunds
-I am NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages so please insure it if this concerns you.
-I will mail within a week unless I contact you prior.
-My Feedback i here nd here
-I am up for any trades, just link me to your sales (The only things I'm not willing to trade are stated. Sorry about that, but those I would rather keep but need the money ;a;)

Thanks for looking~
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[WTB & Question] WangYi Merchandise

Hi! Happy weekend!

I'm looking to buy Wang Yi's novels/manga. While there's a slew of them in Chinese, I'm more after the Japanese publications. These are the ones I've found so far:

1. 偽る王子 ~運命の糸の恋物語~ (Itsuwaru Ouji ~Unmei no Ito no Koimonogatari~)
2. 笑う丞相 ~鋭き刃の恋物語~ (Warau Joushou ~Surudoki Ha no Koimonogatari~)
3. 王太子は無慈悲に奪われる (Japanese version of "Feng Yu Jiu Tian")

Now, my question is where is a good place to buy them that is NOT Amazon.jp, because God knows how expensive their shipping is. I've found several places like:

1. Chill-Chill
2. Rakuten
3. Honto

Are these recommended places to buy them, or are there other good places out there with better deals? Do any of the online stores accept payments through PayPal? Even if they don't, it's okay so long as the shipping isn't as bad as Amazon's.

As for the Chinese novels (or whatever book that has WangYi in it), is it better to buy it off <a href=">Uei-Shiang</a>? I already have a service to help me buy the books, I just need to provide her the places where she can buy them. :)

Thank you very much for all your help!

Selling! Japanese Manga, Novels, Magazines, more!

Hi! My husband and I are moving at the end of the year and we'd like less stuff to relocate. All prices are entirely open for negotiation.
-I ship from Illinois to any location in the US or internationally (postal laws permitting).
-Smoke free home.
-PayPal payments only. Trades are also good! I'm looking for certain Japanese books -- please see my post for details.

shipping, payment, and trade information
feedback post

Japanese Language Manga, Novels, and Art Books:
Bleach anthology BLACK OUT 4, Shounen Jump doujinshi anthology (Treasure 3)
Rurouni Kenshin 1, Busou Renkin 1-7
Assorted manga: Dragon Quest 1, Naruto 3, Hoshi no Kirby 5, SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card), Slayers 1, Star Wars: A New Hope 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Toriyama Akira manga: Toriyama Akira Maru Sakugekijou 1, Kajika, Sand Land, Dr. Slump 1
Pokemon manga: Golden Boys 3, Pokemon Getto Daze! 4 & 5
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 2
Paseri Densetsu (Legend of Parsley) vol. 1-4
Gakuen Kino
, RahXephon novels 4 & 5
Various magazines - FREE with shipping!
Fun Yet brand comic bags - FREE with any order!

Last Exile OST 1
Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories limited OST

[SALES] REBORN Chara Pos 8 Posters

therse are pre-orders but i will be getting them in the end of september so if anyone wants some i'd be gladly and reserve the ones you want for you till i shipped them out. the ones maked in red are taken! leave a comment below if interested.

Reborn! - Chara Pos Collection Part.8 BOX

prices are simple, buy one  $7 + shipping OR buy 2 and get the $13.75 (fees included and shipping)

Small Sailor Moon Lot!

Hello, everyone! I have decided to part with a few of my Sailor Moon items. Prices are individually marked but if you name your price I will give you the entire lot! This would depend on where you live as well, since I tend to lose money shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, outside the US, etc.

I will accept Paypal or a money order. I have sold here successfully a year or so ago but you can look at my eBay feedback for proof of excellence. [:

Let me know if you have any questions or want to see more pictures! Leave your zip or PM me for shipping rates.

[EDIT: Everything is sold except for the Sailor Moon binder/cards! Thank you!]

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Sailor Moon Crystal

Lots of things to get rid of!

Hey all!

I simply do not have room for all this stuff so its gotta go! 
I have manga, anime, JPOP, JROCK up for sale at my new selling journal! I do have LJ feedback scattered around randomly since I shut down my old selling journal when I started college. The following and more can be found at my LJ sales journal (and I uploaded some pictures over there as well).

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PVC Keychains: 

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All items unless otherwise stated are in "Like New" condition. I really just need to get rid of these items as I will no longer have room for them. Feel free to PM or leave a comment. I use Paypal, accept concealed cash, and am willing to haggle on some items - so don't be shy to ask! I can also provide some feedback from recent sales. I'LL BE ADDING MORE ITEMS SOON, PLEASE CHECK BACK!

mangapic 1

2nd item 50% off!! Buy 2 or more, get 50% off on kpop and je items!!!

Anime related freebies, but also stationary and phonecharms

Cheap phonestraps and keychains here
Monokuro boo, long straps, plushes, anime-related and many many more phonestraps.
All items --> 2nd item 50% off

Stationary here
Lots and lots of notebooks, deco tape and other stationary
All items --> 2nd item 50% off

Figures here
Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Haruhi Suzumiya, Hetalia, Kyo Kara Maou, Vocaloid. 
Some don't have prices attached, make a offer on these. 
All figures --> 2nd item 50% off

Manga/anime merchandise here
Whole bunch of merchandise, including Hakuoki, Hetalia, Code Geass, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Kuroshitsuji, Kyo Kara Maou, Mario, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon, Prince of Tennis, Rilakkuma, Tokidoki plushes,  Vampire Knight, Yaoi/BL items and other random stuff, like hand-craft items, stationary, lots of keychains and phonestraps
All items --> 2nd items 50% off

Nail-art, nail glue, cute tops, skirts, shoes and Mix-style headphones
All items  --> 2nd item 50% off

Lolita items here 
JSK's, skirts, bags, shoes, wigs, blouses, accessories and more
No special discounts, but willing to haggle and give discount on more item than 1 purchased 
Selected items will be half price or FREE if bought with another item

Visual Kei, Johnny's Entertainment, SMEntertainment and other kpop items here
Includes cd's, concert merchandise and other official merchandise
Visual Kei:
An Cafe, D=out, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Gazette, Hide, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois, Rentrer en soi, Versailles 
Johnny's Entertainment: click here for promotions
Arashi, Hey!Say!JUMP, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Tegomasu, T&T
Kpop: click here for updated list of items and promotions
Dae Guk Nam Ah/Daikoku Danji, DBSK/TVXQ, Infinite, Shinee, SNSD, Super Junior, SMTown