August 1st, 2012


Selling some Jrock things

I'm selling a few Jrock items at my journal. There are:

*CDs of Alice Nine, Ayabie, Kagrra, and Pure Q&A (signed); prices vary
*Miyavi FC booklets; all 15 euros shipped to anywhere in the world
*Flyers of Arc, auncia, Aya, Braze A Trail, Clorcian, Devil Kitty, Jakura and Vidoll; all €0.50
*Photo sets of ViViD, Ayabie and Pure Q&A; all €0.50
*Posters of Angelo, Ayabie, Phantasmagoria, UVERworld, Vidoll and ViViD; all €0.50
*Signed MUCC poster for €5
*Miyavi Neo Visualizm towel for €15

Photos can be found here. :)

I ship from the Netherlands and shipping is not included in the prices (Miyavi booklets excluded). Paypal fees are 3.4% of the total price + €0.35, but they only apply if they end up being higher than the item price. Bank transfers within the Netherlands are also possible. And: prices are negotiable!
Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

TTGL Figumate box split?

Hello! I saw an auction of eBay for the TTGL figumates vol. 2, that includes the Black Siblings, Nia and Gurren Lagann. I've been looking for Kittan's three sisters for such a long time, but have no use for the others so would any one be interested in splitting the box? The one's that are available are Kittan, Nia and Gurren Lagann. They would be 5.50 USD each excluding the shipping from me to you. Shipping, if you're in the US, should only be about $2. It's quite the deal considering how rare they are!

If you're interested please comment or PM me. I would require the payment for the item itself before ordering and would only go through with the order if the other three are claimed. The offer ends in 28 days. My Feedback

Mod, please let me know if this is not allowed!

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More DVDs added

Updated list with Gundam Seed, Beyblade, and Yugioh dvds.

Hi. I am selling a bunch of anime and manga. All my manga are in good shape. I have photos of most of these here:
yoko-and-Yami/DVDs%20and%20Manga%20I%20am%20selling/ I'll probably add more to this list later!

If you buy more than 3 items I will start giving discounts!

.Hack//sign: Volumes 1-6 COMPLETE: $65.00 set only
Arc the Lad volumes 1-6 COMPLETE: $55.00 for set only
Beyblade v1-4: $4.00 each
Beyblade G Revolution v1-4: $4.00 each
Byblade Fierce Battle the Movie: $4.00
Black Cat volume 3 : $5.00
Bleach v2 and 3: $5.00 each
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku set: $12.00
Comic Party volumes 1-4 COMPLETE: $30.00 for set only
Death Note volume 7: $5.00
E's Otherwise: COMPLETE $25.00 for box set
Flame of Recca volume 1: $5.00
Galaxy Railways volume 1: $5.00
Gilgamesh volume 1: $4.00
Gravitation COMPLETE box set: $40.00
Gundam Seed boxset 1 and boxset 2: $30.00 each
His and Her Circumstances volume 1: $6.00
Inu Yasha: Secret of the new Moon: $6.00 new
Koi Kaze volume 1: $4.00
Pumpkin Scissors part 2 box set: $12.00
Ranma 1/2: $5.00 each
Red Garden volume 1: $5.00
Rumiko Takahashi's Anthology V1: $5.00
Saiunkoku part 2: (unopened) with box set case: $10.00
Shamen King volume 1 (Japanese subtitles): $5.00
Suzuka volume 3: $4.00
Tenchi in Tokyo episodes 17-19: $5.00
Ultra Maniac volume 1 with box: $7.00, volume 7: $5.00
Yu-Gi-Oh v 5 and 6: $4.00 each

Yugioh v1-4, 7-10: $2.00 each

English Manga:
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight volumes 1-3 COMPLETE: $15.00 set
Captain Nemo v 1: $3.00
Ceres V1 and 3 (2nd edition): $5.00 each, V2 (1st edition): $6.00
Chronicles of a Cursed Sword Volume 1-7: $3.00 each
Dengeki Daisy Volumes 1-4: $4.00 each
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Volume 1: $5.00
Magic Knight Rayearth volume 1 part 2: $5.00
Monkey High volume 1: $4.00
Nodame Cantabile volume 5: $5.00
Otomen volume 1-4: $4.00 each
Peach Girl Change of Heart v9 and v10: $3.00 each
Phantom Dreamer volume 1: $4.00
Pretty Face volumes 1 and 3: $5.00 each
Rave Master volumes 1-4: $5.00 each
Raven Skull volume 1: $3.00
Rising Stars of Manga 1-4: $3.00 each
Rising Stars of Manga UK volume 1: $3.00
Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 1-5: $4.00 each
Tail of the Moon volume 1 and 2: $4.00 each
Van Von Hunter volumes 1 and 2: $10.00 for both one is signed!
Zoids Chaotic Century volume 2: $2.00

Japanese Manga:
Groove Adventure Rave v9: $4.00
Peach Girl Sai's Story V 2: $4.00
Tokyo Mew Mew volumes 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8: $3.00 each

Other Books:
Card Captor Sakura Cine Manga volume 1: $5.00
How to Draw Manga Super Tone Techniques: $8.00

I updated all the photos and added a bunch of clothing. Also updated my cosplay items.
Please have a look here:

Also I am selling cosplay goods here:

And I still have a ton of posters for cheap here! I added a few new ones as well:

Please check out my Etsy as well:
butterfly kiss


Hi everyone!!

I am currently selling a large number of arpakasso plushes + accessories, and since I noticed a lot of requests I thought I'd post about it here :D

Seller Details
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Payment Method: Paypal
Shipping Options: SAL, Airmail, EMS


All orders over 5,000 yen include FREE SAL shipping :D
Look at all the colors

Everything Must GO!!


I have spent hours looking online to list my items with the cheapest prices for great (and in some case rare) anime and video game collectables. I hope you find something you like!!!

Jrock items → Signed Mucc CD, Various Wall Posters( An Cafe Ft. Bou!, The Gazette )
Dolls and Collectable Figures → Kuroshitsuji plush, Yu Yu Hakusho Action Figures GUNDAM Collectables
Apparel and Accessories → clothes ( Visual Kei and Lolita) Cheep Cosplays
Movies and Games Complete Series of Cowboy Bebop, Fatal Frame Collection

Please Stop by!! SALEE!!!!!!!!!

(=' :') ~♥ Lament

Selling Vkei Flyer, Magazines, CDs and more.

12012, a&d, ace, administrator, aki, amber gris, ando, aoi, april, awoi, ayabie, baelscope, bellcure, bloodhead, boogieman, born, bug lug, chemial pictures, crimson shiva, cube, d, dear, deluhi, depain, diaura, dog in the pwo, dopes, doremidan, dual, exist trance, gakido, gazette, girugamesh, gochrocka, gs, hana shonen baddies, hero, jils, kiryu, kisaki project, kyokutou girlfriend, ligoro, lmc, lost ash, luzmelt, lycaon, lynch, mad, merry, moderator, monolith, msi, mucc, nega, nightmare, parad, paranoir, polter geist, rin, rivet, royz, rummy, sadie, saintia, scapegoat, sendai kamotsu, shonen lolita, signal, solaris, spiv states, spun, the kiddie, tomas, umbrella, vaios, velbet, velour, vertex, virgenow, virgil, vistlip, vivid, vneu, voice, xeno, xtripx, zigrat

Merry, Nightmare

+K-POP Goods
Big Bang, Shinee, Toshoshinki, Super Junior

Mugen Kairo, Zy, Gab,

Sadie - Meteo


UPDATE: Flyers :Black gene for the next scene, Bug lug, Diaura, Hana Shonen baddies
CD: Sadie - Meteo

selling clothes, anime, sailor moon, manga, and dvds!

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - l o o k ]
[ L J - f e e d b a c k: +1 ]

_ I ship mainly within the U.S. and Canada, but please inquire my shipping rates if you're located internationally.
_ I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash at your own risk!
_ Although I am a new seller on LJ, I have experience selling on multiple forums :)
_ If interested, feel free to contact me on LJ or email me: scatterbrainxx @


Asian/Anime Goods:

- Asian Imported Clothes (marked "Unbranded") + more!
- Her Majesty's Dog MANGA (1-6) Paperback English.
- Serial Experiments Lain Limited Edition DVD Box Set (COMPLETE SERIES)
- GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka First Semester DVD Box Set (FIRST SEASON)
- Sailor Moon CCG Premiere / Past & Future Cards

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - l o o k ]
[ L J - f e e d b a c k: +1 ]



Hi guys - I have a load of Yoshitaka Amano art books I'm selling. I've been collecting these for almost a decade now, but I can't afford to hang on to them any more. I spent a lot more on these than I'm selling them for so please take a look! There are both English and Japanese books, some uncommon and hard-to-find and a couple autographed as well.

Shipping is free via U.S. Media Mail within the continental U.S. - I will ship internationally but you have to pay full shipping and it can take a couple days for me to figure out the postage. Currently my only accepted payment method is Paypal. If you want something and can't pay in Paypal let me know, but paypal buyers will get dibs priority (sorry!).

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Sales Post

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Tutuanna, Swimmer, WC, Lioele, Popteen, Gmarket clothing and more!

3 Gmarket Shirts
  -  $12 shipped within US/Canada!
WC Watercloset shirt  -  Only $16 shipped within US/Canada!
Gmarket Shorts  -  Only $13 shipped within US/Canada!

All items are under $20 shipped!

Also selling: GD&TOP 3DISC set (DVD+CD), IU Last Fantasy Album and FUJI INSTAX
Close-Up/Self-Shot Lens!

WTS: Please have a look and take :)

I'm back again...will try again haha :). I am doing this for a limited time...about two weeks because I want this stuff gone!

I use paypal only. I will ship mostly anywhere. I am a USA seller, based on the Alabama/Georgia line. Prices do NOT include shipping. I will use the most economical shipping method unless you prefer otherwise. I am not responsible for packages once they leave my hands, so I suggest tracking and/or insurance — not mandatory of course.

Everything is in really good to "like new" condition unless said otherwise. Most, if not all, of these prices beat those on Amazon/Rightstuf/Akadot and most of what I own remained untouched. Pictures available upon request.

Japanese anime/otome magazines selling for $12

*These do not come with all of the freebies unless they were tucked away inside the magazine (like CDs on pages or posters you have to rip out). I still have them but do not know what goes with what, so I will randomly add a freebie or two with each magazine you buy :). They are all otome related.
*Pictures link to Amazon Jp/ photos for convenience
Animedia November 2011
B's Log March 2012
B's Log April 2012
B's Log Feb. 2012
B's Log Jan. 2012
Dengeki Girl's Style March 2012

Manga/novels/books selling for $5 each
Honey Hunt 4-5
The Earl and the Fairy 1
Spice and Wolf 1-2 *Vol. 1 shows wear
Dawn of the Arcana 1-3
Complete works by Hiroaki Samura
My Girlfriend's a Geek 1-2
Bakuman 1-5
Black Butler 1-5
Black Butler 5
Blood+ 1
Uzumaki 1
Fallen Vampire 1-3
Alive 1-2
Death Note 1
Bloody Kiss 1
Genshiken Return of the Otaku (novel)
Amnesia Labrinth 1
Be With Me (novel)

Manga/novels/books selling for $7 each
Gossip Girl 1-2
Tenjo Tenge 1
Bunny Drop 1-2
Afterschool Charisma 1-3
Ooku 1-6
Betrayal Knows My Name omnibus 1
Otacool worldwide otaku rooms

CDs selling for $5
Revolutionary Girl Utena CD album by Geneon/Pioneer

Will be adding more stuff in three days!

moving sale :3

I have lots of stuff that I'm trying to find new homes for! I have many Hetalia, Vocaloid, Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Disney Japan, Kuroshitsuji, Gloomy, Rilakkuma, Stitch, Sentimental Circus, j-rock, gothic lolita items, and many more. I have lots of cell phone charms, clothing, action figures, manga, tote bags, etc. There's tons of stuff  d(ω)b

Please stop by and take a look if interested!
I'm also totally willing to negotiate on prices since I really need to get rid of this stuff. Also willing to do trades. Thank you!