August 11th, 2012

[ s e l l i n g ]: asian clothing, anime, sailor moon, manga, and dvds!

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_ I ship mainly within the U.S. and Canada, but please inquire my shipping rates if you're located internationally.
_ I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash at your own risk!
_ Although I am a new seller on LJ, I have experience selling on multiple forums :)
_ If interested, feel free to contact me on LJ or email me: scatterbrainxx @


Asian/Anime Goods:

- Asian Imported Clothes (Taobao, G-Market, Zipia) + more!
- Her Majesty's Dog MANGA (1-6) Paperback English.
- Serial Experiments Lain Limited Edition DVD Box Set (COMPLETE SERIES)
- GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka First Semester DVD Box Set (FIRST SEASON)
- Sailor Moon CCG Premiere / Past & Future Cards

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✗ truth
  • kusano

JE, w-inds., Tenimyu

I reduced the prices in hopes of getting more of this stuff to sell. I'd really like to see it all gone so it doesn't end up put back into a box and sitting on a shelf for a few more years!

Selling post is here. Some of the items included are:

• Kitto Daijobu CD & DVD LE
• Join the Storm Concert Pamphlet
• Arashi Goto Photobook
• 2006-2007 T&T Calendar
• NEWS Touch CD & DVD LE
• Kinki Kids H Album CD & DVD LE
• Duet January 2006 - NEWS cover
• w-inds. It's in the Stars CD & DVD LE
• Tamaki Hiroshi Color Photobook
• Aiba Hiroki Prince of Tennis Photoset
• and more!

Rubber Straps, Charms, and Merchandise for sale!


Hi! ヾ(^∇^)

I have lots of anime straps and charms for sale! Newest addition are the uta☆pri rubber straps!~

Goods of other series I have include Togainu no Chi, Kimi to Boku, StarrySky, Mayo Chiki!, Vocaloid, and Lucky Star. Post will be updated as new stock arrives! Please check HERE.

I am willing to ship worldwide as long as you are willing to pay for the shipping associated with it. Paypal only please! Please see HERE for more payment and shipping details :) Please contact me for shipping quotes!

Currently I have the following goods for sale:
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Debut Rubber Strap Collection
Togainu No Chi Rubber Strap Collection
Kimi to Boku Trading Figures
Starry Sky Color Collection Trading Figures
Mayo Chiki! Rubber Strap Collection
Chiral Nitro+ One Coin Grande Trading Figures
Nendoroid Petits

Feel free to contact me with any questions and inquiries! Thank you for looking~

★collection clearance! -Updated on 10/08!

i'm trying to clear part of my collection! Added more items on 10/08! :)
Items include:
- Various anime clear files
- Nano and Zenya from the gakuen chiral one coin series
- Gintama petits
- Code geass doujinshi art book
- Hetalia doujinshis(prices reduced!), etc
click here for the hetalia doujinshis (updated 07/08)
click here for anime clear files, etc + FREEBIES (updated 10/08)