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The Cheshire Cat
12 September 2012 @ 12:38 pm
The Cheshire Cat is a Canadian based web-shop, which specializes in make-up and accessories to compliment alternative fashions. What does this mean? A splash of rainbows! Colors that are unique, vibrant, and accentuate a taste for the unusual. Sparkling, shimmering, and scintillating, our merchandise works to empower the wearer, and speaks to the individual in us all. It is highly adaptable to a range of styles, and might be just the thing you’re looking for to complete your ensemble. Fun, youthful, and totally customizable, our products are for those who desire to have flare in what they wear!

The Japanese brand we currently sell is Chocomint & other brands!
Chocomint looks great with Fairy Kei and Lolita fashion!

Hair accessories, pins, rings, bracelets and more!

We currently ship to Canada and the United States!
We now offer lettermail!  A low cost option for shipping!

Website: http://www.thecheshirecat.ca or http://www.facebook.com/cheshirecatshop

Images, prices and details under the cut!Collapse )

Willing to negotiate prices! If you have any questions or want to see more pictures, feel free to ask.
12 September 2012 @ 02:01 pm
Tons of manga, yaoi, stationary, and more!  Plus Persona games and PSP added!

Yaoi: OOP rare titles like Challengers (new in plastic!), No Touching At All, Love Quest and much more!

Manga:  FMA, Bleach, Death Note, Nabari No Ou, Hero Tales and more!  OOP volumes of Hetalia!  Plus plenty of 3 for $1 bargain bin titles!

Stationary: Postcards, rare promo cards, shitajiki/pencil boards!  Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Moon Phase, Hell Girl, Sailor Moon, Hetalia and more!  All new or like new!

Video Games:  Persona 4 Arena (with bonus CD), Persona 3 Portable, and PSP 3000 system!  Plus lots of cheap PS2 & PS3 titles!

Plus anime, artbooks, and other merchandise!  Click the picture to check it out!

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12 September 2012 @ 02:54 pm
After ten years of collecting, I'm moving on from the BJD hobby, so I'm looking to find some new homes for my assortment of (mostly older) dolls. I'm offering both direct sales and trade options, so please read on! Individual photos are listed below each doll; click on any photo to view an expanded gallery of full-size images.

Dolls + PhotosCollapse )

Trade Options

If you're interested in trading for/towards any one of these, I'm looking for Sailor Moon collectibles! I've listed a few of my top wishes, but if you've got something else that's interesting, feel free to shoot me a message! I'm not looking for any North American merchandise at this time. I'll consider both partial trades and complete trades (i.e. large amounts of merchandise or smaller items for MSD Shinsiya).
  • Eternal Sailor Moon Dream Pocket Doll (most wanted)
  • Sailor Moon World Mini Collection Sailor Moon Doll
  • Sailor Moon R Neo-Queen Serenity Doll
  • Sailor Moon Star Locket/Star Orgel (any version)
  • Sailor Moon Luna Pen


PayPal only for payments, please! eChecks must clear before items will be shipped. For those of you located in the United States, shipping by USPS Priority Mail is included in my pricing; if you'd like optional extras such as insurance or are located outside of the United States, additional costs will be billed. Overseas shipping is by EMS only. I will not falsify customs forms to undervalue items or mark items as gifts--sorry for any inconvenience!

I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks starting this Saturday, so if you pay before then, I can get your items shipped to you right away! Regular shipping schedule will resume in October, but I can hold items for you until then with a non-refundable deposit.

Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions!
12 September 2012 @ 03:30 pm
I have a KAT-TUN poster for sale.

Gravitation manga for sale.

Hana Yori Dango (Korean version) goods for sale.

I also have the Hana Yori Dango final photobook, that I might be willing if I get a good offer for it. Its still in the orginal platic, i've just taken it out maybe 3 times to look at it.

All here! koharu_sales
12 September 2012 @ 05:22 pm
Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, handmade

∀ Prices include shipping only within the US. International will be calculated.
∀ I accept Paypal & USD cash. I will hold items for 3 days.
∀ I am open to trades (see my trade list below.)
GSJ feedback & EGL feedback

Check under here!Collapse )
12 September 2012 @ 05:35 pm

50% off on all La Corda D'Oro doujinshi! I want them gone! 

Thank you for looking!
All of my sales will be listed on Yardsellr (which is similar to eBay) because I don't have a working Paypal account.

12 September 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Hello everyone! I have some yaoi items for sale. All items are brand new.

- Axis Powers Hetalia (x5: Saxe, Yes, sir., サヨナラバス, Cosmiq, ちろり)
- CODE GEASS (x3: CRESC., muzzle., 07 KOUBOU)
- Sengoku Basara (x3: Sakurai Shushushu)
- Gintama (x1: Oki Ginjou)
- Oryginal (x2: Yamato Nase)

Japanese yaoi manga:
- Stalemate - AOYAMA Toomi
- Renai Zemi - CJ Michalski
- Yuuhi ni Fureru Sono Mae ni - MIYOSHI Ayato

English yaoi manga:
- Noodle Shop Affair 1 - CJ Michalski

Yamane Ayano items:
- Ikoku Irokoi Romantan drama
- Ikoku Irokoi Romantan special card

- GUSH 2012-05

- moca vol.7

...and more!

You can find the descriptions on my lj: <click>. The feedback page: <click> (all feedbacks are positive).

The prices can be negociated! If you have any question - feel free to write!
creepy twin
I have many jrock magazines, a Kozi autograph board from Third Stage, jrock and kpop cds, an autographed Ayabie pamphlet, Psycho le Cemu postcards, DVDs (Record of Lodoss War, Thirst, Death Note), Ranma 1/2 manga, Full Metal Alchemist goodies, Kuroshitsuji figure, and more.

Please read all details regarding prices, shipping, payment, etc. prior to contacting me. Thanks! :3

Pictures and details hereCollapse )
12 September 2012 @ 09:06 pm

**price negotiable**


email me at ohnolic@hotmail.com for fast deal


(Click on the link for pictures)

all are brand new SEALED AND JAPAN EDITION

-Freestyle Tshirt Design by ohno satoshi 2008- $55 *SOLD*
-Ohno Satoshi cover - H magazine $25
-one love singles    *Limited Edition* S$35
- Duet July 2008 $14
-MAQUIA December 2008 $14
- Potato July 2008 $14
-Popolo  Feb 09 $14
-CUT  Aug 2008 $25 *unseal but untouch* *RESERVED by irma*
-Calendar 2009-2010 $50
- Wink up Feb 2008 $14
-Freestyle art card - $25

Dream A-Live
-Ohno Satoshi  AAA08 Shop photo  $42 (set of 14) *RESERVED by hisui_san*
-Aiba Masaki AAA08 Shop photo   $42 (set of 14)
-Sakurai Sho AAA08 Shop photo   $42 (set of 14)
-Ninomiya Kazunari AAA08 Shop photo   $42 (set of 14)
-Matsumoto Jun AAA08 Shop photo   $42 (set of 14)
-Couple AAA08 Shop photo   $33 (set of 11)
-Group AAA08 Shop photo   $27 (set of 9)
Japanese magazine
-Egg May issue - $8
-Popteen june - $8
-popteen may - $8
-Seventeen (include freegift) may- $10

- Local shipping fee NOT included
- cash (buyers risk) / bank transfer
- meetup station: tanjong pagar/ lakeside station
- ship international ^^ (from singapore)
- paypal additional 6%