September 24th, 2012


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Prices negotiable.

Goodwill, donating October 31st
BlazBlue 360 Outerbox and DVD - $15

Last Rebellion NISA Poster - $40
Kingdom Hearts Days GS Poster - $20
Hatsune Miku Sticker Sheet - $3
Soujo Beat Ultra Maniac Booklet - $3
NANA Poster (Nanas lying in field) - $3
Vay US Working Designs Large Poster - $40
Persona 2 Eternal Punishment ATLUS Large Poster - $50
Winry/Armstrong FMA Douga set - $5
Rei Ayanami ReBuild Sealed puzzle - $10

Figures and Statues
Several Rei Ayanami Gashapons - $8 each
2 other Rei Ayanami Figures - Offer
Petit Eva Rei w/soup - $15
Vintage Rei Ayanami keychain - $5
FMA SD Mini Collection #1 Figures - $3 (Winry, Armstrong, Izumi)
Greymon->MetalGreymon Digivolver - $20 obo
Wargreymon, Paildramon Action Figure - $5 each
Patamon/Takeru Lot (includes RARE items) - $60 obo
Koji/Lobomon lot (as-is) - offer
2 Rinoa figures, no stands (Trading Arts and Gashapon) - $3 each or free with purchase
Balthier Play Arts CIB (no stand) + Mini Balthier (no stand) - $25 for both together

UFO Catchers and Plush
Rei Ayanami plushies (Swimsuit, baby, 2 schoolgirl) - $10 each
Pokemon Mantyke Plush McDonalds NIP - $5
Tonberry Official Final Fantasy Plush - $25
Monster High Lagoona Top (basic) - $3
Rock Lee Naruto Head Plush - offer

Video Games
Super Robot Taisen (MX, a, IMPACT) Imports CIB - $40 for the lot or $15 each

Wrath of the Ninja DVD - $3
Texhnolyze Vol 6 sealed - $10

Demon's Souls Artbook/CD New - $15
Star Ocean Blue Sphere Guide Import - $5

Jrock and Kpop; Kozi Autograph; Ayabie pamphlet; DVDs; Manga, FMA, Fruits Basket

I have many jrock magazines, a Kozi autograph board from Third Stage, jrock and kpop cds, an autographed Ayabie pamphlet, Psycho le Cemu postcards, DVDs (Record of Lodoss War, Thirst, Death Note), Ranma 1/2 manga, Full Metal Alchemist goodies, Kuroshitsuji figure, and more.

Please read all details regarding prices, shipping, payment, etc. prior to contacting me. Thanks! :3

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For Sale! Anime/Manga/Fashion Magazines and more!

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Selling a few CLAMP items

Hello all! I'm selling a few CLAMP related items. It's a little hard to part with but I really need the money so I decided to let them go. I also have a few things that I'm not really willing to let go of, but with the right offer I might. Also, right now I'm only willing to ship to the USA (sorry international!)

RG Veda artbook - $45 shipped
Yasha CLAMP in 3D Land - $25 shipped
Ashura CLAMP in 3D Land - $25 shipped
Su CLAMP in 3D Land figure - $23 shipped 

(Sorry for the low picture quality)

Not pictured: 
Kobato volumes 1 & 2 - $6 shipped each 

Unsure about selling (also not pictured): 
RG Veda manga (complete) - I'm hesitant to sell this series but like I said with the right offer I would be willing to let it go. 

Feedback -

And that's all I have for sale right now! If you're interested then let me know! Thanks a lot ^_^ 


I'm open to trades & negotiations, feel free to haggle if the price is reasonable. Shipping is included in the prices within the USA, but I do charge Paypal fees. Pictures available upon request. I accept Paypal or concealed cash as payments. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Thank you. ♥

Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations set $10
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil $6

Cafe Kichijouji De Illustrations Artbook (Has slight tear on the back of the dust jacket) $20

Newtype Japan (09/2010) FREE WITH ANY $20 PURCHASE; USA

L'Arc~en~Ciel KISS Album (Korea Tour Edition) $12
Michael Jackson "King Of Pop" (The Korean Limited Edition Album) $15

Durarara!! - Shizuo/Izaya わがままな猫と暮らすには。2 by Hummel $16
Durarara!! - Shizuo/Izaya Hive Reprint by Hummel $40

Fullmetal Alchemist - Hughes/Roy 閃光 by GD Mechano $15
Gankutsuou - Fernand/The Count + Albert 堕天の刻印 by DUO BRAND $9
Lord Of The Rings 私を抱いて、そしてキスして。(Aragorn/Frodo) $15
Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Frodo 秘密はいかにして愛撫されたか by Geiger Counter  $15
Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker - Snake/Kazuhira ネイカズアンソロジー RED ZONE-1974- Anthology by Various Circles $35
One Piece - Doflamingo/Sir Crocodile 未満 by Terious $9
Sengoku Basara - Kojuro/Masamune Sai 5 Reprint Doujinshi by Ciao, Baby $40
Tiger & Bunny (Uke Keith/Slight Nathan/Antonio) HERO WORKS by ACT OPERATION $12
Tiger & Bunny (Dark Kotetsu/Kotetsu) 3 Laws - Part I - by Silly Love Song $15
Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby/Kotetsu 我和虎徹先生做著這種那種事情的突發本 (Taiwanese Language) by Ryoko $15

HEROX Engine Sentai Go-Onger Sousuke $5
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Movie Double Sided B5 Clearfile $8
Guilty Crown Official Promo Poster (64 cm x 49 cm) by Redjuice $12

K-On! Double Sided A4 Clearfile $8
Sengoku Basara Double Sided A4 Clearfile $10

Video Games
Radiant Historia (DS); Complete $30

New yaoi and shojo added! Everything must go!

Yaoi: Challengers 3 new in plastic!  Lots of titles in great condition, most for $5 or less!

Manga: Great condition Shojo manga added!  Mink, Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden and more!  Plus shonen titles like Bleach, Naruto, FMA, Death Note and more!  Plus the 3 for $1 bargain bin!

Video Games: PSP 3000 console, Persona 4 Arena (price lowered!) and lots of old school games!

Stationary: Shitajiki/pencil boards, post cards & promo cards!

Plus artbooks, anime and more!  I want this stuff gone, so if you don't like a price, make me an offer!  I will give discounts on large orders and I am open to trades for things on my wishlist :)