September 29th, 2012

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YAOI mangas (ENG, JAP), j-rock,j-pop

Selling YAOI mangas:

Liberty Liberty (ENG) - 12euro
Love Knot (JAP) - 14euro (glossy cover not the ugly one you can find on amazong, can take photo if wanted)
non-yaoi - Gosick novel, 1st press edition, vol1, 11euro

Looking for sellers from Germany. if you want to sell some j-pop (KAT-TUN) CDs or j-rock (gazette, gackt, versailles) CDs.
I will be glad if you let me know.

WTS: Asian Imported Clothing + Sailor Moon + Other Anime Goods

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - l o o k ]
[ L J - f e e d b a c k : + 7 ]

_ I ship mainly within the U.S. and Canada, but please inquire my shipping rates if you're located internationally.
_ I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash at your own risk!
_ Although I am a new seller on LJ, I have experience selling on multiple forums :)
_ If interested, feel free to contact me on LJ or email me: scatterbrainxx @


Asian/Anime Goods FOR SALE:

- Asian Imported Apparel from China, Japan, and Korea.
- Sailor Moon Irwin Figures
- Sailor Moon Yutaka Puzzle Pins
- Sailor Moon Carddass Graffiti Prism Cards
- Sailor Moon Amada World Seal Stickers
- Assorted Anime Decals (Totoro, Chococat, etc...)

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - l o o k ]
[ L J - f e e d b a c k : + 7 ]

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Birthday sale!  My birthday is coming up, so I am giving you a present!  Most prices have been lowered and I will discount orders with three or more items, plus I have some freebies to snag!  All prices are negotiable!

Yaoi: Challengers 3 new in plastic!  Lots of titles in great condition, most for $4 or less!

Manga: Mink, Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden, Bleach, Naruto, FMA, Death Note and more!  Buy two get one 1/2  price!  Plus the 3 for $1 bargain bin!

Video Games: Lots of rare of Nintendo 64 games and more!  Prices cut!

Stationary: Shitajiki/pencil boards, post cards & promo cards!  Prices cut!

Plus artbooks, anime and more!  I want this stuff gone, so if you don't like a price, make me an offer!  I will give discounts on large orders and I am open to trades for things on my wishlist :)
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I'm listing all my things up for BEST OFFERS. We *REALLY*, REALLY need the space :( (and the worst I can say is no)

  (Please help ;___; even if you can't buy/aren't interested, it would help me out a lot if you could spread the word...? I'm really tired of dealing with flaky buyers... .___.)  

For more info, please click this *LINK*
(Really, being able to sell anything would help out a lot ;A;)


(If you're interested in something from my ecrater store, please pm me :D Taking [reasonable] best offers, REALLY! I'm willing to negotiate if you see a price lower than mine!)

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MY MAIN LJ SALES POST <= *UPDATE 9/11/12* All doujinshi listed in there are $5 each (FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. if you buy over $40; SALE LASTS UNTIL THIS SUNDAY 10/1)




Thank you to everyone who has been kind to look. Even if you can't buy, promoting this would help a bunch. 

[sale] K-ON 6-strap set

K-ON 6-strap set

The collection of K-ON straps sitting in coffe cup.
These are official goods featuring with ITOEN tea drink.

Price: 42 USD for the whole set (6 pieces)

Shipping is not included yet.
Payment method is paypal.

The product is originally from Japan, but will be shipped out from Bangkok, Thailand, via normal standard mail (no tracking number and insurance).
If you want tracking number or EMS, extra price will be charged.

Please leave me a message here stating what you want along with your name, your country, and e-mail or send me e-mail at

Feel free to add stuff from other post as well to save your shipping...^^...
I will try my best to reply you for total cost (products + shipping) within 2 days.
Also, please make sure you have checked your junk mail box too (My e-mail always fall into junk mail...^^;....especially for those who are using yahoo). If you don't hear from me, please come back and leave your message here again.


Japanese Clothing Clearance Sale!


I have a bunch of stuff that I am trying to get rid of URGENTLY!

Shipping is not included in any of these prices listed. For an estimate, please comment with the items you are interested in and your location (Zip Code for US buyers, Country for international buyers). In most cases, the more you buy the more you can save!!!

Click here for Discounted Japanese Clothing, including: Geleone Dolce, Image, Jiggy, Knick Knack, Lazy Daisy, Luccica, Mary Rose, Nuovo, Peach John, Salad Days, Uniqlo, Westwood Outfitters

Please visit My Information Page for details on payment and shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!
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Added new items!!!

Hi all!!

I added some new items to my sales post!! includes sushi bar for re-ment, sailor moon items, disney items, anime, dvd, vhs, posters, dolls, figures, stickers, cards, books and TONS MORE

★collection clearance! -Updated on 08/09!

i'm trying to clear part of my collection! Added more items on 08/09! :)
Items include:
- Various anime clear files
- Nano, Rai and Zenya from the gakuen chiral one coin series
- Tales of rubber straps
- Code geass doujinshi art book
- Hetalia doujinshis(prices reduced!), etc
click here for the hetalia doujinshis (updated 03/09)
click here for anime clear files, etc + FREEBIES (updated 08/09)