October 2nd, 2012

Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

Make an offer on Everything! New items added from Hetalia series!

Selling lots of stuff from various popular fandoms including manga, collectibles, and much more. I really need to get rid of this stuff and need the money so please make an offer on anything! I only ask that you be reasonable.

I ship worldwide
★ I accept all Paypal payment methods
★ I accept offers on everything
★ I automatically combine shipping on 2+ items
★ I have 100% positive feedback

My feedback: eBay and GSJ Feedback Page

(click the image to go to my sales or go to http://hskeleton.livejournal.com/)
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contacting roihoxai/animerch?

A few months ago I bought some things from roihoxai (also widely known as animerch on tumblr/fb/elsewhere) and I have yet to receive my items or heard any updates about them.

I bought from animerch before and know she's a great seller and not a scammer. I have heard she was in the hospital recently, so I understood her real-life problems and waited patiently for her to get well. Now that I see her posting updates on tumblr and also opening her own website to manage her sales, I figured she was back on her feet 100% and sent her an email and tumblr messages asking about updates on my stuff. All of my messages went ignored and I have not heard from her at all.

So has anyone else been able to talk to her at all? It just irritates me how I see her posting updates and such yet all of my messages got no response from her.

WTS! Loddos War, Saint Tail, Gokinjo Monogatari, Karekano Trading Cards, wallscrolls & more!


I have the following items for sale! Please message or post if you need/ want them!

 Harukanaru Tokki no Nakke de Wallscrolls  
 Hana Yume 25th Anniversary wallscrolls
 Fruits Basket zen-in clock   
 Saint Tail Trading Card Albums    
 Karope rain jacket 
 Marmalade Boy Hero cards & storage case sets    
 Hello Kitty Angel/Devil tote
 Sailor Moon "SS" PP mini card albums  
 Karekano Trading Cards  
 Saint Tail Vending cards  
 Gokinjo Monogatari trading cards   
 Loddos War PP cards

 and more!

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Selling some CLAMP items or willing to trade for certain items

Hello all! I'm selling a few CLAMP related items. It's a little hard to part with but I really need the money so I decided to let them go. I also have a few things that I'm not really willing to let go of, but with the right offer I might. Also, right now I'm only willing to ship to the USA (sorry international!) I'm willing to trade though for anything on my Hetalia wish list! Also prices are somewhat negotiable ^_^

RG Veda artbook - $45 shipped
Yasha CLAMP in 3D Land - $25 shipped
Ashura CLAMP in 3D Land - $25 shipped
Su CLAMP in 3D Land figure - $23 shipped 

(Sorry for the low picture quality)

Not pictured: 
Kobato volumes 1 & 2 - $6 shipped each 

Unsure about selling (also not pictured): 
RG Veda manga (complete) - I'm hesitant to sell this series but like I said with the right offer I would be willing to let it go. 

Feedback - http://maryweather13.livejournal.com/7983.html

Hetalia wishlist - http://maryweather13.livejournal.com/23937.html

And that's all I have for sale right now! If you're interested then let me know! Thanks a lot ^_^ 

DS: Pullip and Taeyang dolls

Hullo ~ I'm selling a couple of Taeyangs and a Pullip. Nude/bald, and their stock outfits. I've no attachment to them so they're going cheap. Taking offers too.

Prices include shipping.

Taeyang Nosferatu (Nude/Bald) $55 US, $65 international SOLD
Pullip Elisabeth (Nude/Bald) $55 US, $65 international SOLD
Taeyang Tantus (Just the body; no head) $35 US, $45 international SOLD

Taeyang Nosferatu (Complete stock, including fang stickers) $35 anywhere
Pullip Elisabeth (Complete stock, including fang stickers) $35 anywhere
Taeyang Tantus (Almost complete stock - missing boots) $30 anywhere

I'll do holds for up to a week, but only with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Payment via Paypal only please. I reserve the right to sell to whomever is willing/able to pay first, regardless of order of inquiry. Sorry, but this is due to deadbeats/people constantly backing out. I don't consider an item sold/on hold until the invoice/deposit has been paid.

I will combine shipping. If you want to take a doll with its stock, I'll lower the total by $10.
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Please comment or PM if you're seriously interested or have questions. Willing to consider reasonable offers. Thanks for looking !

~Selling JE doujinshi/magazines, and rare anime goods!~ *doujinshi update*

Teaming up with yarukizero to clean house at my sales journal, sushisalez. Shipping is from Japan and we've made recent price cuts! Here's what we have:

Johnny's Entertainment
*Arashi and other JE Doujinshi*
Arashi pairings include: Jun/Ohno, Sho/Ohno, Ohno/Nino, Jun/Nino, Aiba/Sho, Aiba/Nino, Sho/Nino, Sho/Jun, Arashi/Nino, Ohno/Arashi, Kame/Yamapi doujin left too!

*Cheap prices on Duet, Myojo, Potato, Orista, and other Magazines.*
(Post is image heavy. For more details please comment.)
JE fandoms include: Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kanjani, Ikuta Toma, Tackey and Tsubasa, etc.
Other music artists include: Perfume, Mr. Children, aiko, Yuzu, Utada Hikaru, Kobukuro, Ikimonogakari, BoA, Orange Range, Exile, Koda Kumi, Fukuyama Masaharu, etc.

**Note: We're beginning to get rid of the older magazines, so if there's something you want better grab it!**

Rare Anime Goods!
Included in the others section, we have unusual anime items that deserve a better home. Such as:
>Bleach 2009 Calendar SP insert sketch
>Special Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn book covers of 7 different characters
>Onepiece @be.smile Ace figure

And a small section of Asian inspired jewelry!
We also have some extras for those that are interested. ^__^ Arashi fanclub newsletters and fan-made pins!

Check it out at: sushisalez sushisalez sushisalez
my figures

[SOLD] Persona 4

One Coins (reduced prices):
Chie (with glasses) - Php450 Php350 [$9]
Adachi - Php450 Php350 [$9]

Charms (reduced prices):
Margaret & Nanako - Php300 [$7.5]

** US Dollar amounts for reference only. Actual amount varies. **

Trying to raise extra cash for my mom's birthday so serious buyers only please. I'm pressed for time so I can't entertain holds or reservations.

Paypal payment must be sent in Philippine Pesos only. Items will be shipped from the Philippines by regular air mail. Let me know what country to send to so I can give a quote.

My feedback is here.

I also have other figures for sale in case you want to combine shipping.

Comment here or email me at moch4holic at gmail.com