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16 October 2012 @ 09:35 am
Hello there,

Christmas is coming and I'm really in need to rise up some money...
If anybody is interested in something please feel free to contact me.

Items are listed here ---> http://haruna-io.livejournal.com/14446.html

Have a nice day! :D
Aalt Conn
Only two days left in my auction for a Square-Enix Sebastian Michaelis lapel pin! Don't miss out! Click here!
Hi! My husband and I are moving soon and will have no storage space, so everything's got to go. All prices are entirely open for negotiation. Make offers! MANY PRICES CUT 9/20!
-I ship from Illinois to any location in the US or internationally (postal laws permitting).
-Smoke free home.
-Fun Yet brand comic bags available FREE with any order!
-PayPal payments only. Trades are also good! I'm looking for certain Japanese books -- please see my post for details.

shipping, payment, and trade information
feedback post

Japanese Language Doujinshi, Manga, and Novels:
Doujinshi: Shounen Jump anthology Treasure 3; Naruto anthology SHI: Arigatou, Sensei; One Piece anthologies Kaizoku Game 2, Kaizoku Game 3, and Treasure Island 6
Assorted manga: Busou Renkin 1-7, Rurouni Kenshin 1, Dragon Quest 1, Naruto 3, Hoshi no Kirby 5, SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card), Slayers 1, Star Wars: A New Hope 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Toriyama Akira manga: Toriyama Akira Maru Sakugekijou 1, Kajika, Sand Land, Dr. Slump 1
Pokemon manga: Golden Boys 3
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 2
RahXephon novels 4 & 5
Various magazines - FREE with shipping!

Last Exile OST 1
Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories limited OST
16 October 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Hello everyone. I still have lots of CLAMP items and other anime/video games for sale or trade. I'm hoping to get rid of these things to open up some space and save money or possibly get some items I'm looking for. 
  • All prices INCLUDE shipping to the USA
  • I'm not doing international shipping right now. Sorry >.<
  • Pictures available upon request so just let me know if you would like one
  • All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated
  • I am open to trade for items on my wishlist (at the bottom of the post)
  • I am NOT looking to purchase anything on my wishlist, only trade so please don't offer something on my wishlist for me to purchase. 
  • FEEDBACK is located here. Just click "feedback" in bold
  • Prices are negotiable so I'm open to discussion and maybe we can figure something out.
  • Every purchase comes with a free gift!! ^_^ 
Now, onto the merchandise ^_^

CLAMP related: 

RG Veda artbook - $45 shipped
Yasha CLAMP in 3D land - $25 shipped
Asura CLAMP in 3D land - $25 shipped
Su CLAMP in 3D land - $23 shipped
Subaru CLAMP in 3D land - $15 shipped
Watanuki Chess Piece - $15 shipped
Fai Chess Piece - $15 shipped
Black Mokona and White Mokona chess piece - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASED OR TRADED ITEM

Kobato manga volumes 1-2 - I decided I'm only willing to trade for these
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga volumes - 1-4, 11, 19 - $7 shipped each 
RG Veda manga volumes 1-10 (COMPLETE) - MAKE AN OFFER (hesitant to let go, also not willing to split the set)

Non-CLAMP items: 

Black Butler file folder - $10 shipped
Princess Ai Roses and Tattoos - $10 shipped
Vocaloid Kaito Petite Nendoroid - $23 shipped
Vincent Valentine Playarts Figure (still in box) - $30 shipped
Squall Leonhard Playarts Figure (still in box) - $30 shipped
Kingdom Hearts Sora Playarts Christmas Town Figure (the one in the black outfit) (Stock photo) - $50 shipped


Hetalia Wishlist

Ayumi Hamasaki CDs: 
I am...
Party Queen
(miss)understood w/ ON MY WAY Photobook
Any of her Blu-Rays

Black Butler Season 2 DVD

Thank you all so much for looking! Let me know if you see anything you're interested in! ^_^
Sorry I've been away for a while, but I got called out of town (and away from my computer T_T) unexpectedly!  I think I got back to everyone, but if I missed answering anyone's questions, please comment or send me a note and I'll get right back to you!

Now on to the sale!

Anime: Black Butler, Spice & Wolf, Ouran Highshool Host Club and more!

Yaoi: Challengers 3 new in plastic price drop!  Plenty of cheap titles!

Manga: Tons of shojo and shonen for $4 or less!  Plus the manga 3 for $1 bargain bin!

Games: Like new PSP 3000 bundle, make me an offer and it can be yours!

Plus artbooks, merchandise, stationary and MORE!

I really want this stuff gone and an willing to haggle and accept reasonable offers, especially on large orders!  The prices are just a guideline, so don't be afraid to make me an offer.  I'm not looking to trade much right now, but you are always free to ask ;)
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Sailor Moon, Kodocha, Tokidoki, Love Rabby, Gothic Lolita Bible, Di Gi Charat, Hello Kitty, & iDog...

Follow the cut for picturesCollapse )
16 October 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Items up for sale currently include items from: Innocent World, CURE, Velbet and more! 

If anyone has any questions about any of these items, comment on this LJ post or email me mich2k00@yahoo [dot] com ^^

Photos and links behind the cut! 

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Please see the *LINK*

Thanks for looking!