October 27th, 2012


★collection clearance! -Updated on 27/10!

i'm trying to clear part of my collection! Added more items on 27/10! :)
I'm closing my sales after this sunday!
Items include:
- Nano, Rai and Zenya from the gakuen chiral one coin series
- Art books by chinese artists
- Code geass doujinshi art book
- Hetalia doujinshis(prices reduced!), etc
click here for the hetalia doujinshis (updated 27/10)
click here for anime merchandise, etc + FREEBIES (updated 27/10)

english manga for sale

Must buy all volumes of complete titles. Titles with a * are complete. I am willing to split incomplete series between reasonable volumes. Titles in red are on hold for two days. All mangas are in like-new condition.

Will only accept money order or paypal as payment methods.

International shipping is available. I can ship up to 5 shoujo volumes or 3 yaoi volumes anywhere internationally for $17.50 or less. Shipping within the US is through media mail. I will ship when payment is received. Please provide your zip code or the country you're ordering from.

Not currently accepting trades. I deleted my ebay account with my original feedback, but I’ve been selling books online through amazon, though no one has left any feedback so far.
Email me at cloudgirl7@gmail.com

Get 1 volume free for every 5 volumes purchased (promotion is for US residents only)

Shoujo/Shounen ($3.50 each volume)
Arcana by So-Young Lee 1-9
Eternity by Park Jin-Ryong 1-5*
Gentlemen’s Alliance 1-9 (includes poster in vol. 1)
Hanakimi 1-4
INVU vol. 2
Legal Drug 1-3
Model by So-Young Lee 1-7*
Nabi Prototype
Snow drop 1-12*
Special A 1,2, 3-7, 8, 9

Switch by Naked Ape 1-4, 5, 6
The Devil Within 1-2*

Ultimate Venus 1-3
Vampire Knight 1-2

V.B. Rose 1-5
Wild Com by Yumi Tamura

Shoujo bigger book format ($4.00)
Angel Diary 1-7
Bride of the Water God 1-2
Chocolat by Ji-Sang Shin 1-6 (1-5 original Ice Kunion edition, includes postcards from v. 3 and poster from v.4)
Cynical Orange 1-5
Forest of the Gray City 1-2*
Legend by Soojung Woo 1-3 (includes poster in vol. 3)

Shounen-ai ($3.00)
Devil's Bride by Se-Young Kim


~Selling JE doujinshi/magazines, and rare anime goods!~ *doujinshi update*

Teaming up with yarukizero to clean house at my sales journal, sushisalez. Shipping is from Japan and we've made recent price cuts! Here's what we have:

Johnny's Entertainment
*Arashi and other JE Doujinshi*
Arashi pairings include: Jun/Ohno, Sho/Ohno, Ohno/Nino, Jun/Nino, Aiba/Sho, Aiba/Nino, Sho/Nino, Sho/Jun, Arashi/Nino, Ohno/Arashi, Kame/Yamapi doujin left too!

*Cheap prices on Duet, Myojo, Potato, Orista, and other Magazines.*
(Post is image heavy. For more details please comment.)
JE fandoms include: Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kanjani, Ikuta Toma, Tackey and Tsubasa, etc.
Other music artists include: Perfume, Mr. Children, aiko, Yuzu, Utada Hikaru, Kobukuro, Ikimonogakari, BoA, Orange Range, Exile, Koda Kumi, Fukuyama Masaharu, etc.

**Note: We're beginning to get rid of the older magazines, so if there's something you want better grab it! Willing to cut out sections for cheaper shipping, but the magazine price will be the same.**

Rare Anime Goods!
Included in the others section, we have unusual anime items that deserve a better home. Such as:
>Bleach 2009 Calendar SP insert sketch
>Special Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn book covers of 7 different characters
>Onepiece @be.smile Ace figure

And a small section of Asian inspired jewelry!
We also have some extras for those that are interested. ^__^ Arashi fanclub newsletters and fan-made pins!

Check it out at: sushisalez sushisalez sushisalez

Manga Sale Direct & Interest: LUCKY STAR MANGA 1-8, Sailor Moon, and more!

I purchased Lucky Star manga volumes 1-8 about a month ago since I had heard such great things about it. Well, I must admit the 4 panel story telling REALLY does not keep my interest. This manga is INCREDIBLY RARE to find and that's why I picked it up full price at the comic store the other day in disbelief that it was even around.

Would anyone be interested in purchasing the brand new volumes of Lucky Star from me in a set? I only read the first manga book and to my despair I do not think I will continue reading them because I own probably over 600+ manga books and have many more series I am very invested in both in time and money...

Leave me a message if so. 

I also have a complete set of From Far Away which is also an incredibly out of print rare series. 

Other manga series I currently have for direct sale:
- Tenshi Ja Nai 1-8 COMPLETE
- Neko Ramen 1 & 2
- St. Dragon Girl 1-8 COMPLETE
- Dokebi Bride 1-6 FULL SET
- Land of Silver Rain (RARE!) 1-7 COMPLETE
- Kamichama Karin 1-7 COMPLETE
- Cat Paradise 1-5 COMPLETE
- Honey Hunt 1 & 2
- My Girlfriend's a Geek 1
- NEW Sailor Moon volumes 1-6  (1-3 is currently pending but not sure what the buyer is currently doing)
- Shoulder A Coffin Kuro 1 & 2 UP TO DATE
- Geijutsuka Art Design Class 1 & 2

Many more series will be up soon. 

I also have some rare Nakayoshi Sailor Moon items for sale -- bags and stickers, custom necklace, and some Toei Sailor Moon letter sets. Please inquire if interested pictures can be provided. 

  • vedagil

Anime and video game merchandise sale!

Have you got a hankering to buy video game and anime merchandise? I have items for sale. Come shop for awesome goods such as artbooks, furoku (Japan giveaways), doujinshi, cards, stationery, and toys.


-Posters from Uragiri, Kuroshitsuji, CLAMP, Valkyria Chronicles, Trinity Blood, Uta no Prince-sama

-Doujinshi and doujinshi illustration art books from Vampire Knight, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Card Captor Sakura, Devil May Cry

-Doujinshi stationery letter sheets (binsen) from Final Fantasy VII (Yubinbasya/Ryo Akizuki), Death Note, Persona 2 (Chimaki/Amairo-Senpuu, Ultimate Powers/Ruru), Reborn (Ciel 33.3), Kuroshitsuji

-Furoku items

-Stationery goods from Persona 3 and 4, Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Knight, Durarara, Saint Tail

-Anime and video game illustration art books from Yubinbasya (Ryo Akizuki), Metal Gear Solid 2, Starry Sky, Fate/Zero, Vampire Princess Miyu, Persona 3, Persona 4, El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron

-Trading cards and postcards from Death Note, Ouran, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kingdom Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Rozen Maiden, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, Persona 3, Hiiro no Kakera, Black Lagoon, DN Angel, Inuyasha, Hikaru no Go, Togainu no Chi, El Shaddai, Chobits manga

-Clear file folders from Vampire Knight, doujinshi (Narumi Kakinouchi), Fushigi Yuugi

-Figures and Yujin gashapon keychains from Fate/Stay Night (Saber, Archer, Rin, Lancer, Rider), CLAMP in 3-D Land (Shin Shunkaden Chun Hyang), Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Fay), Sailor Moon World (Black Lady), Sailor Moon World 5, Kingdom Hearts Cloud

-Promo Fushigi Yuugi folder and posters

-Fate/Stay Night Comiket Rin and Saber Summer Version figure hand fan, beach bag

-Storage book for clear files/posters/cards

-Persona 4 Animation Visual Sheet

-Rozen Maiden wooden music box

-Sailor Moon jumbo cards, Italian stickers

-Devil May Cry promo card set

-Vampire Miyu doujinshi stationery and shitajiki

-Inazuma Eleven Go, Uta no Prince-sama, Vanguard folders and posters

-Persona 3 Playstation 2 game


I want these gone! Ignore the prices! Will take any reasonable offers!

I'm open to trades & negotiations, feel free to haggle if the price is reasonable. Shipping is included in the prices within the USA, but I do charge Paypal fees. Pictures available upon request. I accept Paypal or concealed cash as payments. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Thank you. ♥

Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations set $10
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil $6

Black Sun Yaoi Manga Set (Vol. 1 & 2) by Uki Ogasawara $20
Cafe Kichijouji De Illustrations Artbook (Has slight tear on the back of the dust jacket) $20


L'Arc~en~Ciel KISS Album (Korea Tour Edition) $12
Michael Jackson "King Of Pop" (The Korean Limited Edition Album) $15

Durarara!! - Shizuo/Izaya わがままな猫と暮らすには。2 by Hummel $16
Durarara!! - Shizuo/Izaya Hive Reprint by Hummel $35

Final Fantasy VII  -- Cid/Vincent パンドラの空 by K. Haruka $18
Final Fantasy VII - Cid/Vincent Exclamation by K. Haruka $23

Fullmetal Alchemist - Hughes/Roy 閃光 by GD Mechano $15
Gankutsuou - Fernand/The Count + Albert 堕天の刻印 by DUO BRAND $9
Lord Of The Rings 私を抱いて、そしてキスして。(Aragorn/Frodo) $15
Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Frodo 秘密はいかにして愛撫されたか by Geiger Counter  $15
Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker - Snake/Kazuhira ネイカズアンソロジー RED ZONE-1974- Anthology by Various Circles $35
Sengoku Basara - Kojuro/Masamune Sai 5 Reprint Doujinshi by Ciao, Baby $40
Tiger & Bunny - Uke Keith/Slight Nathan/Antonio HERO WORKS by ACT OPERATION $12
Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby/Kotetsu REC (Tawainese Language) by Silly Love Song $18
Tiger & Bunny - Dark Kotetsu/Kotetsu 3 Laws - Part I - (Tawainese Language) by Silly Love Song $15
Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby/Kotetsu 我和虎徹先生做著這種那種事情的突發本 (Taiwanese Language) by Ryoko $15

HEROX Engine Sentai Go-Onger Sousuke $5
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Movie Double Sided B5 Clearfile $8
K-On! Double Sided A4 Clearfile $8
Sengoku Basara Double Sided A4 Clearfile $10

Gintama Ichiban Kuji

Hi all! I'm selling Gintama Ichiban Kuji.

I have Prizes C, E, F, G, H, I and J. All the prizes are of very high quality.
You can find the pictures and price here.

Other than Ichiban Kuji Prizes,
I also have Gintama Character posters, a chibi figure and JUMP bookmarks for sale.

All items are brand new. For the chibi figures and character posters, the boxes are opened to check the content.
The content is still securely wrapped.

You can see feedback here. (100% positive)

If you are buying figures, I will only send it out via registered air mail or EMS.
Both come with tracking number.
EMS is more expensive but it will reach you much faster.
Exact shipping cost depends on the weight of the items you buy.

I accept Paypal payments only.
If you are interested, please leave a comment or send me a PM and I'll get back to you asap.


Here @ chan_chanz
kamina sky

eBay auctions and more on my journal

Trying to clear out for new stuff!

Doujin / Comic Con Items
Doujin/Fanmade Talesweaver/Children of the Rune 2012 Calendar
Vocaloid Kagamine Rin/Len Append Clear Doujin/Fanmade Posters
Korean doujin/amateur game Tic Tac Toe Limited Edition
Mini Cushion Cellphone Charm
Kine in Aqua wipe cloth
Animal Buttons Set

Manga Games Anime etc Related
The King of Fighters XIII Limited Edition Bonus OST
Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Artbook & Soundtrack
Korean Drama CD Rainbow series Red, Yellow and Green Bundle
Korean Light Novels
Promo Mousepad

Stationary and Apparel
Leather Pencil Case made in Korea
Embrown Leather Pencil Case

Check out my eBay auctions here
Check out my sales post here

GoodSmile Company Kaito Cheerful Version

Photo on 2012-09-22 at 3.16 PM
I bought him when he was first released, and the box was only opened to check the contents. It didn't come with the postcard (I contacted them about it, they never got back to me) But it comes with the red and white head wraps and all pieces. Never been displayed! 

Please make an offer. Serious offers only please.

Shipping from Newfoundland, Canada. Please consider this when I give you a quote! :)

Doujinshi&Misc Sales / Group Orders

Sales page reopen and here's the new links for items I'm selling!!
Various items from Korea and Japan!
Negotiations are accepted in reasonable line.

Buy 2 and Get 1 50% off for all doujinshis.
Buy $100+(excluding shipping) and get 1 item below $10 for free

Doujinshi Part.1: AoEx, Durarara, Fate Series, Hetalia, InaIre
-Yukio x Rin, Shima x Rin, Izaya x Shizuo x Izaya, Kasuka x Shizuo, Tom x Shizuo, Raijin, Kotomine x Kiritsugu, US x UK, US x Russia, Endo x Kazemaru, Goenji x Fubuki, Gazelle x Burn x Gazelle, Shindo x Kirino, All Characters, and various pairings
-Kise x Kuroko, Kiseki, Sindbad x Jafar, Sindbad x Judal, Mukuro x Tsuna, Bel x Fran, Bunny x Tiger, Tokiya x Otoya, Satsuki x Syo, Syo x Haruka, Kai x Aichi, Kaiba x Yuugi, Nezumi & Shion, Hinata x Otonashi, All characters, and various pairings

-Cristo, KH Reborn, Flat, Arcana(Zero Sum Anthology), Magi, AoEx, Houshin Engi, Dragon Ball(full set)
-Fanmade(Durarara, Reborn, etc), Durarara&Madomagi&Hetalia&Kimi to Boku&AoEx Straps/Keychains, Star Driver Figures, Shitajikis, Clear Files, Kagamine Rin Nendoroid, T&B Straps, Are you Alice metal charms, Kingdom Hearts II formation arts figures, Reborn Stick Posters, Fate/Zero Stick Posters&Strap Figures

-Durarara, Ao no Exorcist, Shounen Onmyouji, 
-Umineko no Naku koro ni(PS3), Devil May Cry, Durarara 3way standoff, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Haunting Mansion, Radiata Stories, Dynasty Warriors 6
- Vocaloid&Dear Girl-Stories- Albums

Also currently hosting Group Orders for 6 shops in Japan!

Toranoana/K-Books(C-Queens)/KAC Group Order
Amazone/Animate/Movic Group Order

Due dates for each batches are as following
Batch #1: October 24th 11:59pm EST
Batch #2: October 31st 11:59pm EST
Batch #3: November 7th 11:59pm EST

Anybody who has participated in any previous group orders will be getting 10% off on commission fees!


Also selling Azone International doll!
Collapse )

Need Cash ASAP!!

Hi everyone,

After a pretty successful stint of sale here at GarageSaleJapan, I still have a few odds and ends that I need to get rid of!

I really need some extra cash, so consider MOST ITEMS "Make an Offer". Ask if you are interested :)

Items include:
- CDs, DVDs, Tour Goods, Photobooks, etc.
- Magazines and Fliers
- CDs
**All items in this section are Make An Offer!**
Japanese Movies
- DVDs - Horror and more!
- Japanese Language, English Language, Learning Materials, Manga, Yaoi
**New item added: Ghost in the Shell Analysis Book. Only on eBay for now**
- VK-style
- Discounted Clothing
**All items in the Discount section are $5, $10, or $15**
- Stationery & Markers
**NEW** Anime/Manga VHS Lots
- Including Gundam, Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Ball Z, and Ranma 1/2 on eBay only.
($0.99 - $2.99 starting prices!!!)

Some other items from my journal are also currently listed on eBay. Please check out my eBay sales here. I am willing to take offers on all items listed on eBay, but I will not end auctions early.

As usual, before commenting please visit My Journal for details on shipping, payment, and rules.

Thanks for looking!!