October 28th, 2012




I finally managed to update my flyers list!

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Pictures upon request :)

Also, CDs for sale for the following bands 12012, BLOOD, bis, chariots, DEATHGAZE, Dir en grey, girugamesh, juliadoll, Juliette, Marusa, MUCC, Moi dix Mois, Panic Channel, Para:noir, pashya, PIECElang, SMILE, the fool, Thomas, umbrella, UnsraW, Ultimate Sonic, Viored, Zodia

Please see and make offers :) I'm not looking to make bigger profit, but would be glad to get rid of these! 

Spring cleaning sale!

I'll be busy til mid-December so I've decided to start my sales to really clear the things my sister and I don't need anymore. We have a few magazines of Nakayoshi and LaLa, some shitajiki from various magazines and a few more Japanese manga!
Shipping would be by registered seamail (takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on location) and payment by PayPal only.

My sales journal futagosales
Comments or PM over here are welcomed!
Creature Cloth

Huge Yugioh collection sale! Decks, Tournament cards, and more!

I'm selling off my entire collection of Yugioh cards! I've decided not to play any more in tournaments and that my collection would be better off in other's hands. There are cards from various decks and I'd like them gone~ Feel free to haggle and if you spend $10 then your shipping is free! :D

Decks that I've played include: Anti-cure, Ice Barrier's, Naturia's, Spellcaster's, Beasts, Plants.

I also have some decks for sale, mainly Anti-cure, Ice Barriers, Naturia, and Fortune Lady. Inquire if you're interested!

Click on the banner above or go straight to my LJ and look for the YUGIOH link. Or click here.