October 31st, 2012

DJ & Manga Sale

Want to Buy:
Crimson Wind - published by Dramaqueen
Black Butler Volumes 5-7,10-11 - Published by Yen Press

Want to Sell:
English yaoi mangas
Japanese yaoi manga and doujinshi (many fandoms and originals)
Korean (mostly original yaoi doujinshis/artbook purchased from Korean comic events and artist directly)
Chinese (mostly original doujinshis and some fandom works purchased from Taiwan comic events)

SALES POST #1: Plastic Doujinshi Protectors + ENG&JP BL MANGA + JP/KRN/CHN ORIGINAL DJs

SALES POST #2: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, MAGI (Ciel 33.3), Artbook/Clearfile (Kine in Aqua), KHR, T&B, BLUE EXORCIST, DGM (Ciel 33.3), CODE GEASS, Sengoku Basara, NARUTO, All Other Misc Fandoms

Aya Sakyo

Selling Doujinshis and manga - Cheap Price

Halloween Yaoi manga update!!

Lots of new Yaoi volumes for sale!
Mint/ near mint- read once!
Combined shipping availible.
Overseas orders allowed!
Shipping is additional to purchase and I accept Paypal and Postal Money Orders only!

Yaoi manga listing can be found in my LJ thread here!


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Magazines & Photobooks
glare vol. 4
Fool's Mate (Nov 2008)
SHOXX (Feb 2009)
Seventeen (Mar 2010)
OUT of MUSIC (Oct 2010)
Zipper (Jan 2011)
mix Rock Style Magazine vol.1
Document of Bloody Monday
Arashi (Aiba Masaki) Appassionata Reco Book 

SID Summer Festa 2010 - Uchiwa
                                       Alarm Clock
w-inds.10th Anniversary Gacha Can Badges

Jrock Guitar Picks
[ESP] Aki (SID) Signature model (Blue)
[ESP] Aki (SID) Signature model (Red) (5 available)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Orignal Guitar Pick (White) (3 available)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Orignal Guitar Pick (Blue) (2 available)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Signature model Pick (Aqua) (2 available)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Signature model Pick (Psyche) (2 available)
[ESP] Hitsugi (Nightmare) Signature model pick
[ESP] Hitsugi (Nightmare) 10th Anniversary Signature model pick
[ESP] Uruha (The Gazette)Tokyo Dome Signature model pick

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