November 4th, 2012

*** asian fashion + sailor moon for sale ! ***

[ c l i c k - h e r e - t o - v i e w ]
_ I ship within the U.S + Canada!
_ I also ship internationally, ask for a quote!
_ I accept paypal + concealed cash!
[ LJ FB: + 8 ]

- asian imported fashion clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.
- sailor moon official card file holders + coin purse (set of 3) link here 
- sailor moon official amada world seal pull pack cards (complete set) link here
- sailor moon official exclusive pink foil comic book issue #1 san diego comicon '98 link here
- sailor moon official collectible irwin figures (set of 4) link here
- sailor moon official collectible pachi figures (complete set) link here

- sailor moon japanese pink starry sky orgel star locket
- sailor moon eternal fantasy music box
- sailor moon super s music box
- sailor moon banpresto hinamatsuri festival figure dolls (complete set)



All manga sets are in English and in mint condition -- some brand new and never even read!

Tenshi Ja Nai 1-8 COMPLETE OOP

Neko Ramen 1 & 2  OUT OF PRINT
My Girlfriend's a Geek 1
Ultimate Venus - 1, 2, 3, 5 OOP
Honey Hunt 1 & 2
Kamichama Karin 1-7 COMPLETE OOP
Cat Paradise 1-5 COMPLETE
Land of Silver Rain 1-7 COMPLETE RARE OOP!!!
Dokebi Bride 1-6 ALL OOP
St. Dragon's Girl 1-8 COMPLETE
Shoulder a Coffin Kuro 1 & 2 UP TO DATE
G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design Class 1 & 2
Lucky Star 1-8 UP TO DATE AND RARE!!!  (Only read volume 1, rest are BRAND NEW FROM COMIC STORE!!!)
Black Bird 1-14 UP TO DATE! (I'm not positive I want to sell this)
NEW Sailor Moon 4-6 (NEVER BEEN READ -- FAMILY PREORDERED for me while I was in China, but I'm going to keep my childhood set so I want these to find a new home -- 1-3 have been sold)

I have over 600+ manga books in my collection...probably more by I am going to be looking to downsize more each week and posting up what I can once I've read them and made keeping or staying decisions due to limited apartment space. 

I also have many Sailor Moon collectible Nakayoshi items, a fanmade necklace, Sailor Moon World paperdoll book, VHS tapes, bags,  official Toei letter sets, and more! Also have an odd size of Hello Kitty Fabric too from Japan.

Please inquire if interested about any of these items!

Selling lots of CLAMP and other items - Updated and MAKE AN OFFER

Hey there! It's gotten to the point where I need money really badly so everything is now make an offer! Please make me an offer on anything below, a reasonable one!! And we can discuss farther ^_^ 
  • Only shipping to USA right now. Sorry >.<
  • Pictures available upon request so just let me know if you would like one
  • All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated 
  • FEEDBACK is located here. Just click "feedback" in bold
  • Prices are negotiable so I'm open to discussion and maybe we can figure something out.
  • Every purchase comes with a free gift!! ^_^ 
Now, onto the merchandise ^_^

CLAMP related: 

RG Veda artbook 
Yasha CLAMP in 3D land 
Asura CLAMP in 3D land 
Su CLAMP in 3D land 
Subaru CLAMP in 3D land 
Watanuki Chess Piece 
Fai Chess Piece 
Black Mokona and White Mokona chess piece - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASED OR TRADED ITEM

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga volumes - 1-4, 11, 19 
RG Veda manga volumes 1-10 (COMPLETE) -  (hesitant to let go, also not willing to split the set)

Non-CLAMP items: 

Black Butler file folder
Princess Ai Roses and Tattoos 
Vocaloid Kaito Petite Nendoroid
Vincent Valentine Playarts Figure (still in box) 
Squall Leonhart Playarts Figure (still in box) 
Kingdom Hearts Sora Playarts Christmas Town Figure (the one in the black outfit) (Stock photo)
Persona 3 FES
Il Gatto Sul G volumes 1-2


Need Cash ASAP!!!

Hi everyone,

After a pretty successful stint of sale here at GarageSaleJapan, I still have a few odds and ends that I need to get rid of!

I really need some extra cash, so consider MOST ITEMS "Make an Offer". Ask if you are interested :)

Items include:
- CDs, DVDs, Tour Goods, Photobooks, etc.
- Magazines and Fliers
- CDs
**All items in this section are Make An Offer!**
Japanese Movies
- DVDs - Horror and more!
- Japanese Language, English Language, Learning Materials, Manga, Yaoi
**New item added: Ghost in the Shell Analysis Book. Only on eBay for now**
- VK-style
- Discounted Clothing
**All items in the Discount section are $5, $10, or $15**
- Stationery & Markers
**NEW** Anime/Manga VHS Lots
- Including Gundam, Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Ball Z, and Ranma 1/2 on eBay only.
($0.99 - $2.99 starting prices!!!)

Some other items from my journal are also currently listed on eBay. Please check out my eBay sales here. I am willing to take offers on all items listed on eBay, but I will not end auctions early.

As usual, before commenting please visit My Journal for details on shipping, payment, and rules.

Thanks for looking!!

Doujinshi Clearing Out Sale + OCF

Mixed Items Sales Page | Hetalia Sales Page @ illu_boutique

Hello! I'm selling Gurren Lagann, Gundam Seed Destiny and Hetalia Doujinshi, discount for buying packs (4+ books) listed in the sales post, click on the links to see samples inside! Prices in CAD.

As well I am selling the Romano (17.50) OCF, price of shipping (to USA) included for this item! (19.50 Shipped Internationally)

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Early spring cleaning♪

I'll be busy til mid-December so I've decided to clear the things my sister and I don't need anymore!

We have a few magazines of Nakayoshi and LaLa, some shitajiki from various magazines and a few more Japanese manga!
Shipping would be by registered seamail (takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on location) and payment by PayPal only.

My sales journal futagosales
Comments or PM over here are welcomed!
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Everything Must Go!

So I've had most of this stuff in a box in my closet for the last 4 or so years and I'm sick of it taking up space. $3 each manga, $.25-5 anime, and a variety of merchandise starting from $2 (plus shipping or best offer). Also accepting best offers! Except for a few things, if I don't sell it here, I'm donating it, so offer!
I'm also open to trading (message me about my wishlist). 

Everything is in Like New condition unless otherwise stated. Pictures available upon request.

A small freebie with every purchase or trade!

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(no subject)

I have tons of things I want to get ride of just to clear some space up at home. 
I have things from...
- WaT
- Hey Say Jump!
- Myojo
- Potato
- Manga

Take a look and I might just have what you're looking for! Prices are flexible as I am willing to negotiate :)
Please stop buy by clicking HERE! <3

Here are some feedbacks I have just to declare that I am a trustworthy seller and buyer! 


Please see the *LINK*
Please, I apologize for posting this, but if anyone would be kind enough to give my books and other items good homes, I would be very grateful!

I'm taking reasonable offers on everything since I need funds for next years' textbooks. 

Also selling
PERSONA 4 ONE COIN GRANDE FIGURES (boxes opened but figures are still in plastic wrap; DOES NOT include shipping - $3-$4):

-Kanji Tatsumi - $14
-Rise Kujikawa - $20
-Tooru Adachi - $14
-Chise Satonaka - $15
-Yukiko Amagi - $18

Thanks for looking!

Doujinshi Pick-up / Mail Order Service

Pick-up Service

(Official Comic/Anime Products Event)

Direct Order Service (Circle/Online Shops)

HI! I'm accepting the pick-up requests for Animate Girls Festival 2012 to be held on November 17-18, 2012
at the moment.
I'm also providing online order services from circles and shops in Japan.

Link to my online service and pick-up journal

Thank you for your time!