November 19th, 2012

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splash's Ongoing Anime/Manga/Game stuff sale

splash's Ongoing Anime/Manga/Game stuff sale

LJ user for 11 long years, smoke-free personal collector with a laid-back garage sale ~ lots of rare collectibles!

Ex - Uta no Prince-sama, Tiger & Bunny double-sided clear-files:

Anime: K, Magi, Tsuritama, Inazuma Eleven, Uta no Prince-sama, Inu x Boku SS, Tiger & Bunny, Kimi to Boku, Natsume Yuujinchou, Ao no Exorcist, Code Geass, Durarara!!, K-On!, Digimon, Pokemon, Precure, FMA, Gintama, Gundam, Haruhi, Hakuouki, Kuroshitsuji, Sengoku Basara, Kyou Kara Maou, Ookiku Furikabutte, Hetalia, Ouran, Starry Sky... just to list a few
I'm loaded with rare clear files, pencilboards, posters, and other collectibles!
Magazines: Selling BRAND NEW Animage!
I also add in freebies with orders!

Shipping from US to anywhere in the world!
All other details in the post.
-> Please check it out! <-

VK Sale and Clothes Sex pot revenge!

Hi! I selling Some Vk stuff ! EVERYTHING MUST GO!
I Sell too 1 Sex Pot Revenge shirts long sleeve in perfect condition, like new and worn once!
And 2 Sex Pot Revenge shirts Short sleeve!

Following the purchases, the reductions are done! It is also possible to negotiate.
For more information, look in my journal, thanks!

Sales post:

It's gotta go~

If you buy more than 3 items I will start giving discounts!

Arc the Lad volumes 1-6 COMPLETE: $55.00 for set only
Black Cat volume 3 : $5.00
Bleach v2 and 3: $5.00 each
Comic Party volumes 1-4 COMPLETE: $28.00 for set only
Death Note volume 7: $5.00
E's Otherwise: COMPLETE $25.00 for box set
Gilgamesh volume 1: $4.00
His and Her Circumstances volume 1: $6.00
Inu Yasha: Secret of the new Moon: $6.00 new
Koi Kaze volume 1: $4.00
Pumpkin Scissors part 2 box set: $12.00
Ranma 1/2: $5.00 each
Real Bout High School volumes 2 and 4: BRAND NEW $8.00 each
Red Garden volume 1: $5.00
Saiunkoku part 2: (unopened) with box set case: $10.00
Shamen King volume 1 (Japanese subtitles): $5.00
Suzuka volume 3: $4.00
Tenchi in Tokyo episodes 17-19: $5.00
Ultra Maniac volume 1 with box: $7.00, volume 7: $5.00
Yu-Gi-Oh v 5 and 6: $4.00 each

English Manga:
Captain Nemo v 1: $3.00

Case Closed (Detective Conan) Volumes 1, 2: $5.00 each
Ceres V1 and 3 (2nd edition): $5.00 each, V2 (1st edition): $6.00
Chronicles of a Cursed Sword Volume 1-7: $3.00 each
D Grayman Volumes 1-3: $5.00 each
Dengeki Daisy Volumes 1-4: $4.00 each
Faeries Landing volumes 8-17: $4.00 each
Hot Gimmick volumes 1-12 COMPLETE set only: $65.00
Inu Yasha volumes 13-15 and volume 19 with box: $4.00 each, +$2.00 for box
Kamikaze Girls $5.00
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Volume 1: $5.00
Legend of Zelda Four Swords volume 1:$4.00

Magic Knight Rayearth volume 1 part 2: $5.00
Mink volumes 1-6 COMPLETE set only: $32.00
Monkey High volume 1: $4.00
Nodame Cantabile volume 5: $5.00
Peach Girl Change of Heart v9 and v10: $3.00 each
Phantom Dreamer volume 1: $4.00
Pretty Face volumes 1: $5.00
Rave Master (Grove Adventure Rave) volumes 2-7: $5.00 each
Raven Skull volume 1: $3.00
Rising Stars of Manga 1-4: $3.00 each
Rising Stars of Manga UK volume 1: $3.00
Saiyuki Reload volume 6: $4.00
Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 1-5: $4.00 each
Spiral volume 1: $5.00
Tail of the Moon volume 1 and 2: $4.00 each
Van Von Hunter volumes 1 and 2: $10.00 for both one is signed!
Whistle! Volumes 1-11: $4.00 each
Zoids Chaotic Century volume 2: $2.00

Japanese Manga:
Groove Adventure Rave (Rave Master) v9: $4.00
Nanako Robin volume 1:$3.00
Peach Girl Sai's Story V 2: $3.00
Tokyo Mew Mew volumes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8: $3.00 each

Other Books:
How to Draw Manga Super Tone Techniques: $8.00

On my ebay I am selling a Lelouch figures:

Please have a look here:

Also I am selling cosplay goods here:

And I still have a ton of posters for cheap here! I added a few new ones as well:

selling some japanese stuff

Payment: Paypal or PostePay (only for Italian people)
Shipping: Worldwide
Shipping price: send an email

My friend is selling:
- Tohoshinki's CDs/DVDs
- autographed book of Tohoshinki
- Hanakimi DVDs (complete series)
- some japanese magazines (as Junon, Myojo...)
- Kamen Rider DVDs (complete series)

For prices or for more info send an email!!

『Paprika』 Split personality

Lots of different stuff for sale!

Hello! I've been meaning to post this for a while, but some personal issues came up and I had to postpone it. Anyway, I have a ton of stuff left over from convention buys, orders, and things I just don't particularly want anymore. Items are from Fullmetal Alechmist, Tiger and Bunny, Ao no Exorcist, Pokemon, and Disney. Warning: lots of pictures under the cut!

Collapse )

I'm not sure when I'll be able to run to the post office this week but I'll keep you informed of all shipping updates. Everything should be out by this coming Saturday at the latest. If you have any questions please do ask! I'll try to respond asap but I might be online infrequently for a couple days. If you're interested in an item that is on hold then feel free to leave a comment and I'll let you know if it becomes available. I will hold items for 48 hours unless we've made a prior arrangement. Thank you for looking. C:

For Sale! Anime/Manga/Fashion Magazines and more!

kamina sky

Price lowered~~

Doujin / Comic Con Items
Doujin/Fanmade Talesweaver/Children of the Rune 2012 Calendar

Vocaloid Kagamine Rin/Len Append Clear Doujin/Fanmade Posters
Korean doujin/amateur game Tic Tac Toe Limited Edition
Mini Cushion Cellphone Charm
Kine in Aqua wipe cloth
Animal Buttons Set

Manga Games Anime etc Related
The King of Fighters XIII Limited Edition Bonus OST
Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Artbook & Soundtrack
Korean Drama CD Rainbow series Red, Yellow and Green Bundle
Korean Light Novels
Promo Mousepad

Stationary and Apparel
Leather Pencil Case made in Korea
Embrown Leather Pencil Case

Check out my post here

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