December 3rd, 2012

Hetalia : Cold.

Selling & WTB Agni and Soma (Black Butler) items

Feel free to make me any offer on anything, I can provide pictures. Everything is in like new condition unless stated otherwise. Everything is official merch (not fanmade). I can ship worldwide and accept Paypal methods for payment.

I'm giving out freebies with each purchase, just pay the extra shipping charge (if any). A star (*) is marked by the items that can be chosen for a freebie.

My feedback: eBay and GSJ Feedback Page (all 100% positive)

Magazines (does not include DVDs or centerfolds)
- Newtype USA Jan 2006
(condition: good. slight water damage on the back, but no special damage done to the pages, they're just bumpy)
- Newtype USA Feb 2006
(condition: very good. there is a diagonal scratch over Eureka and Renton's face on the cover)
- Newtype USA Sep 2006
- Newtype USA Oct 2006

Manga & Books
- Negima! Omnibus Edition vol. 1 (contains volumes 1-3) (US Release)
(condition: good. Some damage on the side)
- Gravitation: Voice of Temptation Novel (US Release)
(condition: good. Small tear and damage on the lower left hand side, still intact)
- Hetalia: World Wide Walking Art and Anime Guidebook (Japanese Import)
(condition: acceptable. Water damaged, but no special damage done to the pages, they're just bumpy)

- Harajuku Lover Collector's Figure and Bottle (Perfume NOT included)
- McDonalds' Hello Kitty Sitting Plastic Clip*
- Newtype Jinki: Extend Ecchi Centerfold*
(condition: good. purchased folded. has slight tape damage on the non-ecchi side)

- Kawaii Watermelon Eraser*

Want to Buy: I'm currently looking for some items for my Black Butler Soma and Agni collection (mainly cards). I have made a list with photos included HERE. The Soma Quo Card (Gift Card) and Agni and Soma Funtom Poker Cards (willing to buy the whole set depending on the price) are my absolute highest priority but let me know if you have anything on the list. I'm willing to trade any items I'm selling too.

I'm also looking to buy this Queen's Blade Cattleya & Melpha stick poster (nsfw) HERE. Please let me know if you are selling any of these items or if you know a person or place that has them, thank you!

WTB Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box 1-7

I'm looking to buy Funimation's R1 release of the DragonBall Z Dragon Boxes. I'm looking to buy the entire set (1-7) but willing to buy them individually too if needed. Please send me a message if you have them for sale and we can talk about pricing. :)