December 6th, 2012


Spring-cleaning ;w;/

Spring-cleaning sale! I ship worldwide by registered seamail and accept PayPal. Haggling is fine but please don't lowball on me >_<
I have Nakayoshi and LaLa issues; 1 Xbox360 game, complete Princess Ai set in English, UVERworld best-of album in limited pressing, a few shitajiki (Lucky Star, Canaan, Fate/unlimited codes) and a GLOOMY figure for sale!
There's also the Stella Quintet+'s CD that includes 2 character cards :D

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Thanks for looking!

Manga for sale!

Lots of manga series freshly put up on ebay including complete sets of From Far Away, Yurara, Rasetsu, almost complete Special A Class, and more!

I will also be selling a few more Sailor Moon items. I have a Usagi Plush with her school bag (official but tag is not there as it is from yahoo japan and it must have been detatched prior to its travel because it was not in the box), official Toei letter sets, and more...