December 18th, 2012


Video game soundtracks, promos, cds, anime, and manga FT/FS (UPDATED 12.23.12!!!!)


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See my availible list. It's mostly video games. I was an avid RPG collector and am parting with most of my stuff for items on my wish list (above) and my GameTZ Wish List.

Prices DO NOT include shipping. Leave me your country/zip when commenting.

When looking for series, CTRL + F!

All are complete unless noted!!!

Anime / Manga
Puni Puni Poemy
Cowboy Bepop 1st Session (not remix)
Digimon: Data Squad Part 1
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Vol. 1 (R2, Japanese, no subtitles)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Memoirs of a Geisha
.hack//SIGN Anime Legends set
(Another subtitled Japanese horror movie.. Fallen Angels, I think?)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 5
YuGiOh Volumes (All are CUT, English dub): Face Off, Into the Hornet's Nest, Attack from the Deep, Double Trouble Duel, Evil Spirit of the Ring, Give up the Ghost, Scars of defeat, heart of the cards)
YuGiOh Volume The Shadow Games Sealed UNCUT
Utena Student Council set (Only missing disc 2, book, box all discs and boxes are there)
Fruits Basket 1-4 Individual Volumes complete
Arc the Lad Collection

Soundtracks / Promo CDs / Posters / Magazines / Comics  12.2
Kefka's Domain
Luminous Arc 2 Luminous Symphony
Breath of Mana
Threads of Fate Music Selection
Blade Dancer Bonus Soundtrack
Disgaea Netherworld Harmony Inauguration
GrimGrimoire Audio CD
BlazBlue Bonus Discs

*indicates that it's Japanese text! All others are in English.
Juno's Dragonworks
Digimon Wonderswan Guidebook*
Valkyria Chronicles On the Gallian Front
The Art of Tales of Legendia
Makai Kingdom Artwork
Tea Society of a Witch Bonus Artbook
The Art of Lux-Pain
Record of Agarest War Zero Character Data Guide
Sakura Wars So Long my Love Unfortgettable Memories (doesn't include the second, LIPS Theatre artbook)
The Art of Blazblue
The Art of Suikoden IV
Ayumi Hamasaki A LIVE Dome Tour Photobook

Rightstuf Spring 2011 Catalog (Sound of the Sky cover)

Promo posters (large):
Persona 2: Etenral Punishment
Last Rebellion <- reversable
Kingdom Hearts: Days

I'll be adding more as I sort through stuff. Moving in a month or so and need these gone, so please make offers~

I have feedback at my LJ, Ebay, and GameTZ.
I can take Paypal payments or trade (long wishlist in my journal)

Spring-cleaning sale! Lowered prices!

Spring-cleaning sale! I ship worldwide by registered seamail and accept PayPal. Haggling is fine but please don't lowball on me >_<

I have Nakayoshi and LaLa issues; 1 Xbox360 game, complete Princess Ai set in English, UVERworld best-of album in limited pressing, a few shitajiki (Lucky Star, Canaan, Fate/unlimited codes) and a GLOOMY figure for sale!
There's also the Stella Quintet+'s CD that includes 2 character cards :D

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Thanks for looking!