December 21st, 2012


For Sale: lots of VK, Japanese Clothes, magazines, manga etc.

Moving continents so selling lots of stuff on my sales journal,
Japanese clothes (gyaru, visual kei, and other), band members' picks and autographs and such, Flyers, many visual kei (and few other rock or Johnny's) CDs, DVDs, as well as merch like photosets, cheki, T-shirts, posters, towels, magazines etc.

Visual kei band's picks, towels etc. I cought at concerts+autographs
Visual kei CD&DVD etc.
Indies and some major visual kei&pop merch (some rare stuff as well)
Visual kei Flyers
Japanese&foreign magazines: visual kei (+some j-pop and anime)
Japanese clothes and accessories
Manga and anime (in German, Japanese, English, Russian)

(will be taking a little break between Dec 27th and Jan 4th as I'm going on holidays)

more items, as well as my feedback and general info about ordering can be found on the sales journal.
Please message or comment if you are interested in any items^^
Zura N Liz
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Loads and loads, gintama, natsume yuujinchou, one piece, bleach etc

Selling gintama, code geass, one piece & reborn, and rilakkuma!!
Most items are long discontinued from the market.
Stuff to know :
I live in Singapore, but shipping shouldn't be too expensive. You can pay me by paypal. paypal fees not included. Shipping can be combined for items. Buy a few and I may throw in some extras! Trackable mail is a +2USD.
I will give u a shipping estimate once you tell me what you want! :)
All items are officially produced unless stated!

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