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24 December 2012 @ 07:21 am
There's still time to get 10% off your whole order if it includes a yaoi title!  
The 10% off Yaoi sale ends 11:59 pm PST tonight, so hurry and get yourself the Christmas present you really want!

Titles include: Junjou Romantica, Challengers, Little Butterfly, Cute Beast, Strange and Mystifying Story and much more!  Yaoi starting at $1!

Plus great deals on manga, anime, video games and much more!
It's Time To Run
24 December 2012 @ 01:13 pm
Sales page at [info]meta_sales. Just click on the words in front of each section to that specific page. Now have a new sales page at Metamorcy-sales at ecrater! Come visit if you're having trouble with livejournal

Just added: 3 Ciel (33.3) full body length posters of TYL!version of Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Hibari, 1 doujinshi by Confetti*Stella (G27 pairing)

Doujinshi page 1: Katekyo hitman reborn, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Gintama, Magi, and Uta no Prince-sama

Doujinshi page 2: Durarara,
Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy Dissidia and 13-2, Vocaloid, and Tiger and Bunny

Yaoi/regular Manga: Sunflower, Love Training, Sunflower vol 1, Original Crush v1, KaShunFu, Kissing - $5 EACH and regular manga as well: Desert Coral vo1, Samurai Deep Kyo, Juvenile Orion complete set, YuGiOh vo1-4, Chrono Crusade V1-2, Immortal Rain v1-5, Black Butler vol 2 - $3 each

Figurines/dolls/plush: Katekyo hitman reborn (Tsunayoshi, Mukuro, Hibari), Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku, 19 inch Love Bunnies,

Posters: Gintama -Kamui, Vocaloid, Devil May Cry 4 Katekyo hitman reborn from  chara pos 2, 3, 5 set, Victoria Frances posters, Kine In Aqua, Gackt and Hyde posters, Echostream posters

Video Games/DVDS: Manga Carta, YS: The Ark of Napishtim, Suikoden Tactics, Dark Cloud 2, .hack infection part 1, Patapon, E's Otherwise, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Peacemarker, Fruit Basket
Others: different types jewelry, asian clothes, gothic boots, 9 Newtype magazines, and many many more.

I ship from U.S. and will ship international. You’re welcome to negotiate
for a price that fits your range if bought in bulk. If you see anything
that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment. My feedback page
is here so you'll know its safe to buy from me. Thanks!

Wishlist - items and doujinshi I'm looking for and willing to purchase or trade for

Individual/Direct Order Service here or Japanese stores for doujinshi, food, etc
Up for sale are tons o Katekyo Hitman Reborn! oujinshi an Tales of the Abyss oujinshi by GIRAFFE. The KHR books and circle include a rar Yamamoto Uke Anthology, Amatou (aka 甘党), Abee (aka 蜂不二子 or Hachi Fujiko), NEGAHYST (aka ネガヒスト), Chuukara Coffee (aka 中辛珈琲), NSB, NALIS, Apple of Eden, IQ59, B-JIN, Desorde, UOHSAOH, Black Pirates, and many more Pairings nclud TsunaGoku, GokuTsuna, YamaHiba, MukuHiba, Yamamoto uke, YamaGoku, SqualoTsuna, MukuTsuna, DinoTsuna, HibaTsuna, and more.

For doujinshi.. Please click here!

Also various manga titles includin Bleach, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo!, Baby Birth, Prince of Tennis, Angel Sanctuary, Kingdom Hearts, Basilisk, Peacemaker Kurogane, Saiyuki, Magic Knight Rayeart, X/1999, Naruto, Devil May Cry, Cowboy Bebop, and many more.

For all manga for $4 and under.. Please click here!

And lastly, misc. items includin figures a Final Fantasy VII Kotobukiy Vincent Valentine esin Statue; an DVDs Neon Genesis Evangelion (Box Set, Platinum editions, and Director's cuts), Last Exile box set, Big O box set, Outlaw Star Box set, FF VII Advent Children (2 Disc Special Edition), Howl's Moving Castle, Kill Bill, Harry Potter, and Corpse Bride; an CDs Utada Hikaru, L'arc en Ciel, Psycho le Cemu (autographed), and Neon Genesis Evangelion OSTs.

For these items.. Please click here!

Still scouring the internet for help!
After various listing and sites I’m still looking for volumes 2 & 5* of the Reborn! series from Viz in GREAT condition. I have pieced together every other volumes in excellent shape except for these.

Only things to note: I’d prefer copies with covers in great shape (no scratches, indents, rips, fold, etc.) and will accept moderately discolored pages! (I have an image for reference. Not the C color please... ==;; Prefer A to B, but willing to negotiate...) I realize this series is fairly old so I’m not expecting movie start teeth white. ^^;;

I’m willing to buy a sets (we can talk prices), but I’m interested in specific volumes: 2, & 5*

Thank you for any responses!

P.S. if I’ve been in communication with you before about the Reborn series and have walked away or faded away from replying for whatever reason please consider replying to this post. Many RL things happened  resulting in my delayed responses or walking away... ==;;
24 December 2012 @ 10:48 pm
  • Willing to trade! Comment/PM with what you have and I'll take a look! ^u^
  • Prices don't include shipping.
  • Willing to ship internationally as long as you're willing to pay.
  • Feedback

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