December 27th, 2012


New manga, anime & yaoi added!

Still tons of Yaoi for sale!

From bargain titles starting at $1 to rare and OOP finds like Junjou Romantica, Challengers, Strange & Mystifying Story, Cute Beast and much more!

Plus new Naruto manga, Fullmetal Alchemist DVD's and more!  
Tons of Shonen & Shojo manga, anime, promo cards, video games and merch!  Everything must go!

All prices are negotiable, so don't be afraid to make me an offer!  I am open to reasonable offers and willing to give discounts on large orders!
Winter Light

Pokemon Goods, Yugioh cards, cosplay, anime dvd's and blurays!

Hi everyone! Today I'm bringing you some updated sales~ Mostly with POkemon but I have a lot of Yugioh cards still up for grabs! Lots of staples~

Pokemon cards, Plushes, Board Games, and more!

Yugioh Cards, Yugioh Decks, Anime DVD's and Anime Blurays, Cosplay, and more!

I have two sales posts, the first for Pokemon related items and the second for anything else.

I'm looking for trades as well Here is my Pokemon wants photo album: CLICK HERE~, Click here for Pokemon CARD wants. My other wants include FMA manga as well.

Thanks for looking!