January 15th, 2013

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Yaoi stuff for sale!

Hello everyone! I have some yaoi items for sale. All items are brand new.

(*the cheaper one)

- Axis Powers Hetalia (x6: agp, Yes,sir., Arekore, Hakoniwa, サヨナラバス, Saxe)
- CODE GEASS (x3: CRESC., muzzle., 07 KOUBOU)
- Tiger & Bunny (x2: UNKY & COUNTERPUNCH, Inariya Fusanosuke)
- Sengoku Basara (x3: Irosomeori, Sakurai Shushushu)
- Original (x2: Miroku Kotoko, Yamato Nase)

Japanese yaoi manga:
- Yamomeno Tamago - JAKE Akahoshi
- Renai Zemi - CJ Michalski
- Yuuhi ni Fureru Sono Mae ni - MIYOSHI Ayato
- Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata - YAMATO Nase

Yamane Ayano items:
- Ikoku Irokoi Romantan drama
- Ikoku Irokoi Romantan special card

...and more!

You can find the descriptions on my lj: <click>. The feedback page: <click> (all feedbacks are positive).

The prices can be negotiated! If you have any question - feel free to write!

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I'm auctioning off some old manga. I'm selling:

Demon Diary manhwa volumes 1, 2 and 4

Oresama starring Miyavi original Japanese movie

If anyone is interested, please have a look at my ebay listings page:


I'm also selling some individual manga on Amazon. I'm selling:

Skyscrapers of Oz (yaoi)

Princess Blade DVD

Digi Charat Theater: Dejiko's Summer Vacation

Ninku/Yu Yu Hakusho movie DVD

Rurouni Kenshin: Battle in the Moonlight (vol2) DVD

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Japanese manga vol 1

Parasite Eve Strategy Guide

Trinity Blood volume 9

Dead or Alive Ultimate (XBOX)

Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales

Cardcaptors Fashion Doll- Li

Here's my Amazon seller's page: http://www.amazon.com/shops/A23C0QWATW6EIV

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them ^_^

I looking for the 2006 Yami no Matsuei Furoku book. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful~!
Thank you~!

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Lots of Jpop and Kpop Goods for Sale!


NEWS, V6, Yamapi, etc

Shop Photos (mostly Arashi)



Scandal Pin Heel Surfer w/ Limited Scandal Pin
Scandal Queens are Trumps CD
Click HERE


Infinite BTD Type B w/ Sungkyu card
Infinite Be Mine Solid version w/ Hoya photocard
Infinite She's Back w/ FC card
Infinite She's Back w/ Sungjong post card
Infinite Leaping Over Towel (Japan)
Infinite Second Invasion Towel (Japan)
Super Junior Sexy, Free & Single ELF-Japan version
Super Junior Bonamana mumo version
U-Kiss Japan 1st Live Tour A Shared Dream Tote Bag
FT Island So Long Au Revoir (Japan)
...many more  Click Here

Unofficial / Fanmade Item, click HERE
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{FREE SHIPPING} Asian fashion and other things!

M I A K O  

·Latest asian trends
·Reduced prices
·FREE Shipping Worldwide

new online shop, by asian-lovers owners, who wish to help anyone to get anything they want from Asian countries. 

We know that in places like Japan or Korea, there are a lot of interesting things difficult to get in other countries. So here, at Miako's you can get anything you want at the lowest price!


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For Sale! HellCatPunks necklace - Moi dix Mois necklace - Malice Mizer necklace

Moi dix Mois necklace. New in packaging and never worn. I've had this for some time and kept it safely stored away. Would like $20 inc postage or best offer :)

HellCatPunks necklace. Worn maybe three or four times and kept in my jewellery box every since! Would like $16 inc postage or best offer :)

Malice Mizer necklace. New in packaging and never worn. Like the Moi dix Mois necklace, it has just been stored safely away and never worn. Would like $14 inc postage or best offer please :)

I ship from the UK but the prices include postage to anywhere in the world. If you would like insurance let me know and I'll let you know how much that will be! Please don't hesitate to make offers and I am more than happy to cut deals on multiple purchases!

The necklaces are also crossposted to other communities!
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