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I'm selling my docomo F-09D Anteprima smartphone. I bought it in August of last year, so it's still fairly new. My parents surprised me with another phone for Christmas, so I won't be using it anymore. The phone is unlocked (you can use any SIM card with it, but beware that it needs a micro SIM, which means you either need to cut it or contact your provider and swap your current SIM card for a micro SIM) and set to English as the default language. Some of the apps/functions are still Japanese, but those are the ones you can't use outside of Japan anyway.
The phone also comes with a soft, clear protective case. All the other contents of the package are still there, except for the quick start guide, but that's not a big problem since you can download all the guides from docomo's website (the F-09D Anteprima guide was the only one not being translated into English, but since it's identical to the precursor model, the F-03D, you can download that guide :))

The package includes:

1x docomo F-09D Anteprima (gold)
1x touch pen (gold)
1x wireless charger
1x wireless charger cable
1x battery
1x limited Anteprima phone strap (gold)
1x SD card (16 mb)

More info & photos under the cutCollapse )

I would like to have 400$ for the phone (the purchase price was around 600$) with FREE SHIPPING from Austria to anywhere in the world. I'd also willing to negotiate the price a bit.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me/leave me a comment :)
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Hi I'm selling some things on ebay like limited edition promo items and have reduced the prices for some items.

Please check it out --> http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/andy94-dragonball1309/m.html?item=110987674618&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

I am also selling some issues of JE magazines (e.g. Myojo) from 2008 if anyone is interested. I'm open to any offers. They're not listed on ebay so send me a message and I'll get back to you asap.

Thanks for looking!
20 January 2013 @ 11:20 am
Hey! I added some Naruto plushies, a one piece notebook, a bunch of
keychains such as Fullmetal alchemist, one piece, fruits basket, inu
yasha, final fantasy.

Also have a bunch of anime, manga, and other misc anime goods! please take a look!

20 January 2013 @ 11:51 am
Selling some JRock items :
Many items discounted!! Make offers! :)
  • autograph's: D, Matenrou Opera, ScReW, SuG, Kiryu, Sadie, Royz, Lycaon, Eccentric agent, the Piass, BugLug, the kiddie, born, Versailles, D'espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, Hime Ichigo, v-last, D=out, Ayabie, Ruvie
  • photoset's : D, Eccentric agent, the GazettE
  • CD's,DVD's / comment CD's: - /  Royz
  • chekis / tour goods : Valluna(Diaura) / Sadie, Hime Ichigo, The GazettE
  • magazines : Shoxx glitter pop , Shoxx, Zy
  • magazine clippings : Ayabie, KAT-TUN, DBSK, Plastic Tree, Miyavi, MUCC, SiD and other...
guitar pick's : ViViD, SuG, Versailles, Miyavi , Alice nine, Janne Da Arc, The GazettE, DELUHI, D, Dir en Grey, Nightmare, VAMPS, LM.C, Vidoll, Kagrra, D'espairsray,  SID, Galneryus, Sugizo, Sex machineguns, L'arc en ciel, Buck - Tick
  Wanted : Autographs from (on cards) : Called≠Plan, memento mori ( メメント・モリ ), Diement, Megamasso, dali, zoro, Luzmelt, Xodiack, Virgenow, Tu[ism], pan-d-ra, Glacier (グレイシア), poitrine, NEXX
Hi! My husband and I are moving soon and will have no storage space, so everything's got to go. All prices are entirely open for negotiation. Make offers!
-I ship from Illinois to any location in the US or internationally (postal laws permitting).
-Smoke free home.
-Fun Yet brand comic bags available FREE with any order!
-PayPal payments only. Trades are also good! I'm looking for certain Japanese books -- please see my post for details.

Five multiple-artist KakaIru Naruto doujinshi anthologies, a Halco KakaIru anthology, Toqunaga Maco Zoro/Sanji One Piece anthology, and several Legend of Zelda manga by Himekawa Akira!

shipping, payment, and trade information
feedback post

Japanese Language Doujinshi, Manga, and Novels:
Doujinshi: Shounen Jump anthology Treasure 3; Naruto anthologies: Halco KakaIru collection, and SHI: Arigatou Sensei; One Piece anthologies: Toqunaga Maco ZoSan anthology, Kaizoku Game 2, Kaizoku Game 3, and Treasure Island 6
Legend of Zelda manga by Himekawa Akira
Assorted manga: Busou Renkin 1-7, Rurouni Kenshin 1, Dragon Quest 1, Naruto 3, SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card), Slayers 1, Star Wars: A New Hope 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Toriyama Akira manga: Toriyama Akira Maru Sakugekijou 1, Kajika, Sand Land, Dr. Slump 1
Pokemon manga: Golden Boys 3
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 2
RahXephon novels 4 & 5
Various magazines - FREE with shipping!

Last Exile OST 1
Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories limited OST
20 January 2013 @ 01:54 pm
I have some starter (v1-2) manga sets that I'd love to find a new home for.
I'm moving in a couple months and the less I have to pack-then-unpack, the happier I'll be!

I accept ALL methods of payment (even certain giftcards!)
and I'm including US shipping & tracking for FREE

(sorry, international ppl, you have to pay for shipping)


 photo IMG_3023_zps2bc83a05.jpg


Buy 1 set = $10
Buy 2 sets = $15
Buy 3+ sets = $6ea set
Buy all 12 volumes = $30

Click this to see individual manga picsCollapse )

sale ends 1/27/13
20 January 2013 @ 02:27 pm

Buy 2 and Get 1 50% off for all doujinshis.
Buy $100+(excluding shipping) and get 1 item below $10 for free

Doujinshi Part.1: AoEx, Durarara, Fate Series, Hetalia, InaIre, Pokemon
-Yukio x Rin, Shima x Rin, Izaya x Shizuo x Izaya, Kasuka x Shizuo, Tom x Shizuo, Raijin, Kotomine x Kiritsugu, US x UK, US x Russia, Endo x Kazemaru, Goenji x Fubuki, Gazelle x Burn x Gazelle, Shindo x Kirino, Red x Yellow, Green x Red, N x Touya, All Characters, and various pairings
-Kise x Kuroko, Kiseki, Sindbad x Jafar, Sindbad x Judal, Mukuro x Tsuna, Bel x Fran, Bunny x Tiger, Tokiya x Otoya, Satsuki x Syo, Syo x Haruka, Kai x Aichi, Kaiba x Yuugi, Nezumi & Shion, Hinata x Otonashi, All characters, and various pairings

-Cristo, KH Reborn, Flat, Arcana(Zero Sum Anthology), Magi, AoEx, Houshin Engi, Dragon Ball(full set)
-Fanmade(Durarara, Reborn, etc), Durarara&Madomagi&Hetalia&Kimi to Boku&AoEx Straps/Keychains, Star Driver Figures, Shitajikis, Clear Files, Kagamine Rin Nendoroid, T&B Straps, Are you Alice metal charms, Kingdom Hearts II formation arts figures, Reborn Stick Posters, Fate/Zero Stick Posters&Strap Figures

-Durarara, Ao no Exorcist, Shounen Onmyouji, 
-Umineko no Naku koro ni(PS3), Devil May Cry, Durarara 3way standoff, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Haunting Mansion, Radiata Stories, Dynasty Warriors 6
- Vocaloid&Dear Girl-Stories- Albums


Also selling Azone International doll! (Price Down!!)
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Tsukimori Len
It's actually a code on a card you get when you re-contract or get a new contract from Singtel. The code you use it on an app game called Be My Princess. I was wondering if anyone is interested in selling theirs.

Exclusive in-game rare items just for you!
(worth $25) leave a post or pm me thx

Also looking for the official fanbook from Be My Princess and My Sweet Bodyguard. thx
20 January 2013 @ 07:14 pm
hetalia charms

Selling anime, manga, figures, charms, doujin, wallscrolls, and more!!

Series include: Fruits Basket, Wallflower, Anima, Loveless, Ano Hana, Hetalia, xxxHolic, Tsubasa, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Gurren Laggan!

Please take a look! :D

Sales post is here >http://lalikaa.livejournal.com/23243.html#< at my journal!
-M I A K O -{NEW!}  

·Latest asian trends
·Reduced prices
·FREE Shipping Worldwide

A cute online shop, by asian-lovers owners, who wish to help anyone to get anything they want from Asian countries. 

We know that in places like Japan or Korea, there are a lot of interesting things difficult to get in other countries. So here, at Miako's you can get anything you want at the lowest price!


> HERE <
20 January 2013 @ 10:46 pm
Hello everyone :) I have some Jrock, visual kei CDs, magazines, and a few random goodies. I also have manga and such for sale as well. Come have a look here

Buy now before USPS brings up the cost of shipping!! 

Thanks for looking! :3