February 4th, 2013

artbooks/dvd lot for sale

I have for sale this lot. everything is in good condition. the slayers dvd box and the maison ikkoku box are a little worn. the maison ikkoku box is just a box, it does not contain any dvds. $50 shipped or best offer. i have feedback on the community of sm collector.

2013-02-04 00.04.59
  • grico

35% off Anime cels, dvds, manga, and soundtracks at Animecelsforsale.com. Also free shipping on ce

I am having a Valentine's Day sale at my anime cel, dvd, manga, and soundtrack selling site, Animecelsforsale.com. There are two parts of the sale. The first is 35% off the marked price of all items on the site. The second part is that if you spend $60 or more on cels you also get free priority mail shipping in the US! So a great time to stock up for yourself or someone you love! Please take a look if you get a chance at our anime cels, anime dvds, manga, graphic novels, anime soundtracks, and video games and please let me know if you have any questions!

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