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09 February 2013 @ 08:07 am

Payment: Paypal or PostePay (only for Italian people)
Shipping: Worldwide
Shipping price: ask me
Email: liguoriale@libero.it

Kis-my-ft2 items: whristband [cap SOLD]
I'm going to ship from Japan!

Here!!Collapse )
I've moved to Sendai, Japan, permanently, so I need to clear out my old room before my mother moves this year. Leave a comment if interested. Italicized items are claimed but not paid for yet. All items will be shipped from America.
More pictures are available on request.

Prices are negotiable.

anime DVDs inc. Saiyuki, Utena, Saber Marionette, Sailor Moon, and much much more: 57Collapse )

Non-anime DVDs, inc. Korean and KPOP, samurai movies and more: 8Collapse )

Books in Japanese
Japanese textbooks in Japanese for advanced learners: 2Collapse )

Textbooks/review books on various subjects aimed at Japanese people: 4Collapse )

Novels/Nonfiction in Japanese: 11Collapse )

Manga in Japanese: 138
Artbooks: 7Collapse )

Manga: 138Collapse )

GW 1x2 DoujinshiCollapse )

Yaoi/BL: 32 (3 in Chinese)Collapse )

Phonebooks: 10Collapse )

Manga in English
Manga in English: 6Collapse )

Books in English
Translated Japanese literature: 5Collapse )

History books and books on Japanese culture in English: 6Collapse )

Totoro china plateCollapse )

SaiyukiCollapse )

ShitajikiCollapse )

other goodsCollapse )

Gothic Loli clothes, inc. H.naoto, Marble, etcCollapse )

Japanese CDs: inc. L'arc, MM, ELTCollapse )

Korean CDsCollapse )

Payment and Shipping
I accept paypal. I require a tracking number for all packages for my protection and yours.
Shipping is not included in prices. I will ship internationally (from the US) if you're willing to pay the (exorbitant) rates.

**I live in Japan, so my mother will be mailing everything. I have taken copious pictures so I know exactly where everything is, and she's done this before. However, she does work full-time, so it may take a few (3-4) days to mail things. Also, she doesn't read Japanese. I'll double-check on webcam any books she's not sure on, but if she happens to send a wrong book, I will refund you.**

My eBay feedback is visible here.
My GSJ feedback is here.
09 February 2013 @ 03:41 pm
∀ Prices do not include shipping--will be calculated.
∀ I accept Paypal & USD cash. I will hold items for 3 days.
GSJ feedback & EGL feedback


Seven Days 1-2 SOLD
Cigarette Kisses $10 *mint*
No Touching At All SOLD
Voice or Noise vol 1 $5 *spine damage*
Sky Line $8 *light wear*
Mr. Flower Bride SOLD
Love Quest $10 *mint*
Chocolate Surpise $10 *mint*
My Only King $10 *includes cover/light wear*
Alone In My King's Harem $10 *missing cover/light wear*
Lost Boys $10 *light wear*
After I Win $10 *light wear*
You & Me, Etc SOLD
Kiken no Hokeni Counselor $10 *japanese/mint/includes cover*
Naruto vol. 1 $10 *mint*
Eerie Queerie 1-4 [set] $25 *light wear*
Gravitation [incomplete set] $65 *some volumes have wear and spine damage*
volumes: 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12, novel 1, novel 2, ex vol 1

MORE BELOW :DCollapse )
Please take a look (*^-^*)~
yoroshiku ne~

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09 February 2013 @ 04:22 pm

[Doujinshi Sales Page @ illu_boutique >> Feedback]

Freebies with each purchase. Further discount for books of 4+ purchased, prices in CAD. Spamano $5! Sale. Thank you for looking!
bob lemon
Hello! Cleaned up the journal, threw away the bulk of the magazines and now back to posting again!

Arashi Doujinshi *updated Feb. 3*
I'm also taking requests/orders for March. If you're interested, please leave a comment or send me a pm!

Clippings and misc. items
We've taken apart the magazines and have quite a few clipping sets that we thought someone would like:
Arashi, NEWS, Yamahisa Tomoshia, KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8, Ikuta Toma,  Kinki Kids, SMAP, TOKIO, V6, Hey! Say! Jump/Gokusen, and many more.
Check out the post for page counts and prices. (Shipping is not included.)
>2 Aiba concert official photos
>Gantz postcards
> Rust Blaster manga
>lots of Pencil Boards (Shitajiki): Reborn, D. Gray Man, Soul Eater, Code Geass
>Reborn book covers
>Asian inspired accessories

check it out at sushisalez sushisalez sushisalez sushisalez
xdark_faex (Debbi)
09 February 2013 @ 05:48 pm
hiya, i'm still looking for a couple of figures to complete some collections ^_^ I'm after CLAMP in 3d Land SAKURA (blossom outfit) and D.GRAY-MAN Allen deformed version 2 (allen with a tummyache)

if anyone wants to part with one of these, i'd be more than happy to give them a good home! ^_^