February 15th, 2013


Gothlic Loli clothes, DVDs, manga, goods, etc etc ALL MUST GO

I've moved to Sendai, Japan, permanently, so I need to clear out my old room before my mother moves this year. Leave a comment if interested. Italicized items are claimed but not paid for yet. All items will be shipped from America.
More pictures are available on request.

Prices are negotiable.

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Books in Japanese
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Manga in Japanese: 138
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Manga in English
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Books in English
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Payment and Shipping
I accept paypal. I require a tracking number for all packages over $5 for my protection and yours.
Shipping is not included in prices. I will ship internationally (from the US) if you're willing to pay the (exorbitant) rates.

**I live in Japan, so my mother will be mailing everything. I have taken copious pictures so I know exactly where everything is, and she's done this before. However, she is enjoying retired life, so it may take 3-4 days to mail things.**

My eBay feedback is visible here.
My GSJ feedback is here.

Selling guitar picks, visual kei flyers, back issues of magazines etc.

Jrock Guitar Picks

Aki (SID), Shinji (SID), Hitsugi (Nightmare)

Flyers and Booklets

Flyers: hide, Luna Sea, Sendai Kamotsu, Mix Speaker's,Inc., the GazettE, D, MeLt, jealkb, DIAURA, DEATHGAZE, Crimson Shiva

Booklets: club ZY Mag vol. 004 (LM.C/vistlip), club ZY Mag vol.009 (Aoi/Kra), Gab. vol.59 (Royz, dunch (jealkb) x Hiroto (Alice Nine), etc.)

*Flyer will be given as freebie with any magazine purchased.

Magazines & Photobooks

Magazines: GLARE vol. 4, Fool's Mate (Nov 2008), SHOXX (Feb 2009), Seventeen (Mar 2010) ,OUT of MUSIC (Oct 2010), Zipper (Jan 2011), mix Rock Style Magazine vol.1

Photobooks: Document of Bloody Monday, Arashi (Aiba Masaki) Appassionata Reco Book


SID Hikari Tour
-A1 Posters (Negotiable)

SID Summer Festa 2010

-Alarm Clock (Negotiable)

w-inds.10th Anniversary Live
-Can badges

Sailor Moon Plush

Photo on 2013-02-14 at 05.05

I'm selling a bunch of sailor moon plushes (yay for getting extras?). Please go to my journal for prices and detailed pictures (although for a heads up most of the plush range from $10-$12 [not too bad right?] and I'm always willing to haggle especially if you're buying more than one thing). There are a few items that say they are on hold, but if you'd like to purchase one of them don't hesitate to ask since it's been about a month that they've been on hold (after the buyer was given a total amount for purchase, since they had to wait a couple of weeks since I was on vacation and not with my stuff >.>)\

I also have a couple of chococat items for sale ^__^


WTS: SOLD thank you!

Hi. I end up buying two set of full moon wo sagashite doll from Japan because the first set had small tape strip on the front of the box so it's up for sale. However, both dolls are new in box. And the tape strip are clear and not very noticable at all, I am just an OCD person when it comes to doll. I also end up replacing my Sailor Moon Miracle music box so that's up for sale too. The SM music box does had sun damage and pealing of the gold inside the music box. Sometime you'll have to rewind the music box for it to play. However, it's not as bad as I mention. Please refer to the pictures for all the detail.
Payment: Paypal
Price: Best offer
Ship to U.S. and international, but understand that international shipping is higher.
Link to pictures:

J-rock and SPR sales

Have discount on buy multiple items!

I sell some stuff of my j-rock collection and a SPR top !
Sex pot revenge:
2WAY Long Cutsew

Alice Nine:
- Court of nine #1 ALIKAN!
- Pamphlet Alice in wonderland tour
-Pamphlet : Hello dear number (2006 tour)
- T-shirt :
White period III
Black Period I
Court of Nine #1
Top Love dream sound smile
- CD:
Vandalize Limited Edition
Alpha Limited edition
Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru Limited edition
Zekkeishoku Limited edition
Cross Game Limited edition
- 4 RARE photoset of years 2005-2006

the GazettE:
Last Garish room Volume 15!!
- Single Auditory Hyena

- Bandana High Collar Pink

- One Regular, Type A & B + First Press Card For Type A and B

WILL Type B Limited edition first press w/ photo card w/ autograph (print)

For more information, look in my journal, thanks!

Sales post:http://nemesis92129.livejournal.com/2273.html
Feedback: http://nemesis92129.livejournal.com/656.html