March 9th, 2013

ENG Kuroshitsuji DOUJINSHI, yaoi manga

I am selling these items (mostly books)...

General info:
- Paypal only. For Germany concealed cash possible.
-I am shipping from Europe worldwide, rice does not include paypal fees and shipping.
- The shipping price is the same no matter the weight so if you buy more than one book from me I will charge you the shipping only once - you will get a shipping discount.
- I am not responsible for any lost on the way. You will always get a local tracking number.
- All prices are negotiable - if you have any other price in mind don´t hesitate to ask - applies esppecially on Liberty Liberty+Love Knot shipped together.

Liberty Liberty
Language: English
Condition: like new
Genre: shonen-ai
Type: one-volume
Author: Hinako Takanaga
Summary: When Yaichi falls onto a trash heap dead drunk, he expects to be thrown out. But then a man comes to his rescue, and Yaichi breaks his video camera. He feels so bad about it he decides to work off the debt. But Yaichi is pretty useless. Can he really help out?
Price: 10dollars

Love Knot
Language: Japanese
Condition: totally new
Genre: yaoi
Type: one-volume
Author: Ichijou Lemon
Summary: Tomoya rejected the confession from his classmate, Kazuki, stating height as the main reason. Two years later, Kazuki became taller and came back once more. However, the Kazuki that used to protect Tomoya in fights became gentle and kind. Will Tomoya be able to face his own feelings now and accept Kazuki? Includes the individual stories of the twins, Yuu and Kaede, with their lovers, Shougo and Jin and two one-shots.
Price: 15dollars

Language: English (very rare to have doujinshi in English I think)
Condition: totally new
Genre: humor
Type: one-volume
Pages: 34
Price: 13dollars (15dollars shipped - only with other item!!!)
Disaster on high heels

Language: English
Condition: totally new
Genre: humor, yaoi, boys love
Type: one-volume
Pages: 245
When his twin sister Akane follows her lover to America, Yuki is forced to take over her role. And he would never have thought that high heels and bra's could be such a pain. He also didn't intend to fall in love, and even less with another boy! By his side is Miu, his sister's best friend, devoted Yaoi fangirl and self-claimed spy. With such a mix, chaos is only a high heel's step away...
Price: 13dollars

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Selling some JRock items :
Many items discounted!! Make offers! :)
  • autograph's: Vistlip, D, ScReW, SuG, Kiryu, Royz, Lycaon, the Piass, BugLug, the kiddie, born, Versailles, D'espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, Hime Ichigo, v-last, D=out, Ayabie, Ruvie
  • photoset's : D, ScReW, D=out, Eccentric agent, the GazettE
  • CD's,DVD's / comment CD's: - /  Eccentric agent
  • chekis / tour goods : Valluna(Diaura) / Alice Nine, Sadie, Hime Ichigo, The GazettE
  • magazines : Shoxx glitter pop , Shoxx, Zy
  • magazine clippings : Ayabie, KAT-TUN, DBSK, Plastic Tree, Miyavi, MUCC, SiD and other...
guitar pick's : ViViD, SuG, Versailles, Miyavi , Alice nine, Janne Da Arc, The GazettE, DELUHI, D, Dir en Grey, Nightmare, VAMPS, LM.C, Vidoll, Kagrra, D'espairsray,  SID, Galneryus, Sugizo, Sex machineguns, L'arc en ciel, Buck - Tick
  Wanted : Autographs from (on cards) : Called≠Plan, memento mori ( メメント・モリ ), Diement, Megamasso, dali, zoro, Luzmelt, Xodiack, Virgenow, Tu[ism], pan-d-ra, Glacier (グレイシア), poitrine, NEXX

Moving Sale!

I'm moving and need to clear some things out! I'm selling the last of my KERA magazine collection (from issue #15 to 108, Maniax, and rare side books!), manga magazines, and some cute stationary! Please take a look! :) I accept Paypal only, please. Shipping is not included in the prices, but can be estimated based on your location. Thanks!

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Several Manga sets up for sale on ebay! Plus TONS more in sales post!!!!

These large manga sets are cluttering up my shelves and I want them gone!!!  Free media mail shipping, most in excellent condition, so go get bidding!!!

Be sure to check out my sales post for TONS of manga!  Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Naruto, Black Butler, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Kingdom Hearts, Yotsuba&!, Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Gunslinger Girl, Negima, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!  Most titles $3 or less, with s
ome titles starting as low as $1!  Deals on sets!!!

Rare OOP yaoi like Challengers, Cute Beast and Man's Best Friend!  Some titles starting as low as $1!

Plus anime, video games, promo cards, shitajiki, merchandise and MORE!!!

Don't like a price? MAKE ME AN OFFER ON ANYTHING!!!! I want this stuff gone and am willing to haggle, especially on large orders ;)


Still looking for good condition copies of D.Gray-man vol. 12-14 and willing to buy or trade!!!  Come on, someone's got to have them!!!!
T&B - Tiger1
  • aim828

FMA, Kodocha, Ah My Goddess, Scrapped Princess, & more!

Manga - $3
Imadoki volumes 1 & 2
Girl Got Game volume 1

Light Novels - $4
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Land of Sand Vol 1

DVDs - $5 unless otherwise specified
Scrapped Princess 1-4 (Buy them all for $18)
Kodocha 1
Ranma 1/2: Ranma Forever: Initiation Nite
Cardcaptor Sakura 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 - $8 each SOLD
Ah! My Goddess season 1 (DVDs 1-6)
Ah! My Goddess: The movie

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Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. To find out the shipping for particular item(s), please tell me what you would like to buy, include your zip code, and your country (if you are outside of the US).

PAYPAL is currently the only way I will accept payment. International Shipping is available.

If you have any questions or want to make any offers, feel free! Thanks for looking :)
Bad Day

WTS: Manga and random goodies

Hi, I have loose volumes of manga (all $10 or lower!) and some random animanga collectable merchandises for sale! I am shipping from California, USA, and I have 100% positive feedback.

(Please click picture for more details on my Sales post!)

Manga List:
  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de vol.4~7 [Chinese]
  • Mythical Detective LOKI Ragnarok vol.1 [Japanese]
  • Reborn Vongola 77 [Japanese]
  • Reborn doujin anthology - Hitman GO! GO! [Japanese]
  • Toumei Shounen (BL manga) vol.1 [Japanese]
  • ASUKA monthly anthology Jan.2007 - feat. Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru [Japanese]
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [Japanese]

  • Fruits Basket onigiri purse (RARE item)
  • Magic Knight Rayearth MOKONA plushie - ears bendable!

★Clearing out part of my collection! -updated on 09/03 with more items!

Hi! i'm clearing out part of my collection! :) feel free to negotiate prices!
click here for my anime merchandise post (updated on 09/03)
Promotion: buy any two doujinshis and get one doujinshi that is $6 or less for free! :) doujinshis are mostly less than $10 each!
click here for my hetalia doujinshi sales post (updated on 27/02)
click here for the kawaii stationery sales post