March 22nd, 2013

Pencil boards, phonecards, Doujinshi Stationary and figures!

Selling Pencil boards (shitajiki), Telephone cards (teleka), Doujinshi stationary (binsen), and few figures
All Pencil boards and Telephone cards are now $3 off from asking price, so you may get some for as low as $2!
To view them, you can go to

Open the albums on the left hand side and you'll have access to them

I am selling Tales of Nendoroid Petits. Have all figures except Sophie from Tales of Graces. Each are $11 with shipping included in US and also have the secret figure Lion Magnus for $18 shipped. They are new and have not been opened from plastic.
-Canaan from Canaan (good smile company) - $130 with shipping in US opened but maintained in mint condition
-Peppermint Yuzuko (good smile company) - $105 with shipping in US. Opened but maintained in mint condition and box comes with extras that have been untouched.

I do ship internationally. Feel free to contact for any quotes

mad maya

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Its been a long time since I've been to LJ, but I'm in need of selling the last of my unwanted Jrock stuff, and I couldn't think of a better place to come (especially since Facebook seems to be lacking greatly).

What's for sale:

Magazines: Old Cure & Shoxx magazines, other Jrock magazines (Neo Genesis, Fools Mate, Zy, V!nyl Syndicate).

CDs by: The GazettE, Moi dix Mois, An Cafe, LM.C.

Two posters: An Cafe/Shou (Alice nine) double sided, and Jui (Vidoll) double sided.

Dir en grey stuff: And the absolute last of my Dir en grey things, including --> CDs (singles & Albums), Tour pamphlets (OTVS & special [a knot] only from 1999), Tour stickers and bag (TOUR 00>>01), Gauze era Uchiwa, pocket mirror, OOAK wall clock, and Tour t-shirts (it withers and withers && INWARD SCREAM)

Prices, rules, my feedback, etc., is at the top of the album. Feel free to either comment on each item you want, or on one and list the others that you're interested in, or if you do not want to comment on Facebook, you're more than welcome to reply to this post here on LJ. I'm not really active here anymore, but I'll make sure to check back at this post daily.
(Also, you can reach me at moco[dot]lmc[at]gmail[dot]com or on FB if I forget to answer back here)

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WTB and Selling ^__^

So I missed my chance to buy a maid the big (45 cm) version of the Arpakasso  (see picture below, there's also a white one which i wouldn't mind either, I don't have a major preference over which one I get ). If anyone had one that they'd like to part with...well I'd be happy to  take it off your hands ^__^ (and will even pay you for it, how nice am I? haha! hope my humor isn't badly received)

Another question I have is that the Arpakasso of this size (45 cm) seem to cost about $40-$60 dollars once shipped to the U.S. is this a reasonable price, are they cheaper on y!ja than ebay (although when i tried searching for them on the buyer service I use, not a lot of results came up, perhaps there's a better search word someone could provide me with?) Sorry for all the questions v__v, also if the price check portion of my post isn't okay i'll edit it out (I reviewed the rules but couldn't find an answer >.<)

sales (sailor moon plush!! and cheap ;) ) :

Gin-sensei and class

Selling Figures


I'm selling some of my collections with new and updated pictures! all original and new

Do take a look and you might find what you're looking for~~
You can check out my ebay buyer feedback at
*Figure Sale*

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/gintama/starry sky/naruto/one piece/
/tales of vesperia/vocaloid/

Mt. Fuji sunrise

Last chance for Doujinshi lots!

Moving overseas: last chance (literally) to grab some doujinshi for a steep discount for the following fandoms:

Devil May Cry
Resident Evil
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha versus the Soulless Army/King Abaddon
Persona 3
Mirage of Blaze
...And more!

Will consider (reasonable) offers! Come and get them before they're packed up and off the market for good.

Wts: sailor moon dolls and full moon dolls

Hi. I am thinking on selling my world Sailor Pluto and Uranus doll and I also have a Pgsm Mercury, all are new in box and the boxes are still in very good condition. I also have a 12 inch tall ugly face Irwin Pluto doll in good condition , but she doesn't have a box.
World Pluto 60 + shipping
World Uranus 58+ shipping
Pgsm mercury 25 + shipping
Irwin Pluto 35+ shipping

In case anyone is interested I also have two full moon so sagashite dolls for sale too.

[UPDATE] 2012.03.22 Selling a lot of (rare) visual kei stuff!

[UPDATE] 2012.03.22 Selling a lot of (rare) visual kei stuff!

BORN | SCREW | the GazettE | UNDIVIDE | ViViD | GUILD and more!

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FC Magazines | rare goodies | pamphlets | magazines | chekis | VHSs | CDs | DVDs and more!!

Please check out my sales post here!