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Selling japanese/asian stationery goods from my collection over in my old selling page in order to raise some extra funds for university!
shiiinythings or click the picture ;)
I added a number of new things including ear cuffs from my previous pre-order.

Jrock and doujinshi sale

Jrock sale
Brand new unopened, official releases from the Undercode webshop
from Phantasmagoria, Lin-end of corruption world-, Dali, Syndrome and more!
Photosets, stickers and other goods.

Special pricing for those that buy multiple items.

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Doujin without a price is listed here on ebay

Hetalia Top left to right:
フ゜ロラクチソ SOLD
「xx無理矢理系xx」 by HAKKA PINK
タンクトップラヴァーズ by cocca
おカタイ恋人。by OtogameHeart SOLD

Nightmare by Saori Aoi (HughesxRoy)
Perfect blue by Kissed B (Gen) -$12
Snow Smile by KIKE:Denki-hitsuji-Dori (HavocxRoy) - $10
Love&Hate by [Sigma] (RoyxEd) - $7
Puchi*Buru HavocxRoy - $7

No More Sentimental by prt (Harry Potter)
The Kingdom of Slytherin: Episode Red Dash - $10
James x Severus catelog by prt and others
Difference Notion Admix by Yukai Hashida (DMC) - $10
Alter Ego by MicroMacro (FF7)


It's my sister's birthday soon, and I'd like to get her something she would actually like this year. OTL
I am located in the US, and can pay either via. Paypal or concealed cash.
My feedback is here:

I'm looking for anything in the following fandoms (Figures, Keychains, Manga, etc.):
K Project (Anything really, but Yata is her favorite)
Kuroko no Basket (Akashi or Kuroko items only)
Puella Magica Madoka
Devil Survivor 2
(She really likes Miku...)
Shoujo manga lots (Just let me know what you have!)

Some of My Wants:
Kingdom Hearts (Let me know what you have!)
Litchi Hikari Club (Manga)

Though I haven't updated my sales post, I have some things up for sale as well. Feel free to ask for any pictures!:
Full Metal Alchemist 1-8, 10-14
Imadoki 1-5 (Complete series)
Hetalia 1-3 (Like-New set, in English)

Eerie Queerie 1-4 (Complete set)
The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross 1-10
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-6
Kitchen Princess 1-5
Legal Drug 1-3
Reborn 1-11
Love*Com 1-13
Loveless 1-8

Black Butler 1-8
07 Ghost 1-3

All of my games come with their original case and all artwork/manuals:
Lego Batman (Sealed, DS)
Naruto Ninja Heroes (PSP)
Dissidia (PSP)
Dissidia Duodecim 012 (PSP)
FF Advent Children (PSP)

Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi (PSP)
Cooking Mama 4 (3DS)
Pokemon White (DS)

Thanks to everyone in advance!

Selling: Japanese Manga, Novels, Doujinshi Anthologies, more! Looking for certain books in Japanese!

Hi! My husband and I are moving in July and will have no storage space, so everything has got to go. All prices are entirely open for negotiation! More items marked down on 4/6/13!
- I ship from Illinois to any location in the US or internationally (postal laws permitting).
- Smoke free home.
- Fun Yet brand comic bags available FREE with any order!
- PayPal payments only. Trades are also good! I'm looking for certain Japanese books -- please see below.

shipping, payment, and trade information
feedback post

Japanese Language Doujinshi, Manga, and Novels:
Doujinshi: Shounen Jump anthology Treasure 3; Naruto anthologies: Halco KakaIru collection, and SHI: Arigatou Sensei; One Piece anthologies: Toqunaga Maco ZoSan anthology, Kaizoku Game 2, Kaizoku Game 3, and Treasure Island 6
Legend of Zelda manga by Himekawa Akira
Manga: Busou Renkin 1-7, Rurouni Kenshin 1, Dragon Quest 1, Naruto 3, SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card), Slayers 1, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Toriyama Akira manga: Toriyama Akira Maru Sakugekijou 1, Kajika, Sand Land, Dr. Slump 1
Pokemon manga: Golden Boys 3
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 2
RahXephon novels 4 & 5
Various magazines - FREE with order!

Last Exile OST 1
Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories limited OST

I am LOOKING FOR the following books in Japanese to buy or trade:
- G Gundam Gaiden manga Shouryuu Densetsu (翔龍伝説) and 7th Gundam Fight (ガンダムファイト7th)
- Turn A Gundam manga: Tsuki no Kaze (月の風)
- Cowboy Bebop: Wild Man Blues & Cowboy Bebop: Chord Memory novels
- Gundam Wing Gaiden novel: Migite ni Kama wo Hidarite ni Kimi wo (右手に鎌を左手に君を)
- GaoGaiGar manga/anthologies
- pre-1997 Nintendo-based manga (Mario, Kid Icarus, Zelda, etc.), the weirder the better. (I'm not looking for RPG-based manga.)
- "Adventure Hero's Books" (choose your own adventure) based on Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Castlevania, etc. or Gundam (I own one based on Legend of Zelda with realistic artwork on the cover and "Super Mario Brothers Gaiden"; especially looking for the Zelda one with cartoon Link on it "Super Mario Brothers Gaiden 2")
- Gundam "Adventure Hero's Books", especially 最期の赤い彗星
K Project

♚ Homra's Sales & Japan Shopping Service ♚

Hello, there are a lot of cheap sales for Doujinshi, and other merchandise on my LiveJournal, you're welcome to take a look and check if there is anything you like. I give discounts if you're interested in buying more than one item. The items posted on my LiveJournal are all in stock items, for special orders from Japan please go to my Tumblr instead. There are many more items that have not been posted on there that I have in stock right now so you're welcome to follow and know when updates are made. All items are available unless stated otherwise.

Website: Homra's Shopping Service - LiveJournal

Currently In Stock:

  • K Project

  • Kuroko No Basket

  • Durarara!!

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  • NO.6

  • Final Fantasy

  • Kuroshitsuji

  • Magi The Labyrinth of Magic & Much More Coming Soon!

For special orders you're more than welcome to head to my Tumblr, there I post updates for group orders, and event orders all the time. There are also discounts that I give no and then for those who place orders from any anime website in Japan. I accept rders from any website in Japan, and from any series. To find out more information and sale terms please go over to the website. If you have any questions feel free to send a message at any time. You can also follow us if you have your own Tumblr and keep up with daily updates that are posted.

Website: Homra's Japan Shopping Service - Tumblr

Lots of New Updated items!!

Feedback info........
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~ Sailor Moon Trading Cards (Japanese) Lots of sold out items get what you can now!

~ Sailor Moon Shitajiki

~ Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Loveless, Haru Kanari, Rozen Maiden, Star Ocean, Tactics, and more!

~ Yaoi & Manga Listing

~ Japanese Phone cards
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~ Shitajiki
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CLAMP Series w/ Promo & Doujin ->
18+ (a few frontal) Promo Girls ->
Full Metal Panic ->
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K-Books ->
Kenshin ->
Miyazaki series ->

I still have tons of series that are scanned and not up yet from Shitajiki!
If you are looking for HTF or Rare boards let me know. I may have them!

FOR SALE: Sailor Moon, Rayearth, DBZ, Street Fighter, Other Anime, Visual Kei, Asian Fashion!

Lots of SAILOR MOON items starting for very cheap at $0.99!
CCG Cards, Pins, Manga Books, Fan Scout Guides, Plushies, Stickers, Posters, etc!

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