May 12th, 2013


Willing to accept offers!

Hello everyone! I still have tons of things for sale!

I am now completely open to offers, so message me if you want to haggle on prices. :)

Figures, DVDs, Manga, Toys, and more from the following series:

Lucky Star
Air Gear
Sailor Moon
Pinky Street (figure series)
Death Note
Hitman Reborn
Pilot Candidate
Love Hina
Pretty Cure
Star Ocean
Dead or Alive
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shakugan no Shana
Plus BL manga and Doujinshi!

I also added tons of Japanese Punk clothing too~

Click here to see the items!

[sale] Chocolate Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

Chocolate Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

~ Chocolate Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi ~

"Chocolate Camera" is a compact digital camera toy by Fuuvi.
A 0.3 MEGA Pixels Camera with a size of approximatly 8 cm. x 5 cm. x 1,5 cm., it is easy to carry around and have a quick snap shot if you suddenly see something interesting.

~ SPEC ~
- Built-in memory
- Self timer
- VGA picture file with size of 640x480 pixels (25 - 75 photos) or QVGA picture file with size of 320x240 pixels (100 - 275 photos)
- AVI movie file for 12 seconds (no sound)
- Resolution 0.3 MEGA pixels
- Connect to computer for picture transfer through USB cable
- Built-in battery charge through USB cable connected to computer or USB adapter

** Not support MAC

Price: 56.99 USD

Shipping is not included yet.
Payment method is paypal.

"Chocolate Camera" is available in 3 color, Brown (Original Chocolate), Pink (Strawberry Chocolate) and White (White Chocolate), please follow the link below to original sale post at my LJ~

[sale] Chocolate Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

PS. Thanks for the space~
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JRock Sale (Selling - Screw, Ando, V-Last,...)

Hey guys :D
I decided to sell a big part of my collection, have a look ;D

None of these are fixed prices you still can bargain with me!
All items are in good condition, if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me. (I won't bite you! :D)
Shipping prices depend on what you want and where you live.

Screw - Cursed Hurricane Type C - 7€

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K Project

♚ Homra's Sales & Japan Shopping Service ♚

5-12-2013 7-34-36 PM

Hello, there are a lot of cheap sales for Doujinshi, and other merchandise on my LiveJournal, you're welcome to take a look and check if there is anything you like. I give discounts if you're interested in buying more than one item. The items posted on my LiveJournal are all in stock items, for special orders from Japan please go to my Tumblr instead. There are many more items that have not been posted on there that I have in stock right now so you're welcome to follow and know when updates are made. All items are available unless stated otherwise.

Website: Homra's Shopping Service - LiveJournal

Currently In Stock:

  • K Project

  • Kuroko No Basket

  • Durarara!!

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  • NO.6

  • Final Fantasy

  • Kuroshitsuji

  • Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

  • Karneval

  • Uta No Prince Sama

  • Cuticle Tantei Inaba


  • Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation

  • Valvrave The Liberator

  • Code Geass

For special orders you're more than welcome to head to my Tumblr, there I post updates for group orders, and event orders all the time. There are also discounts that I give no and then for those who place orders from any anime website in Japan. I accept rders from any website in Japan, and from any series. To find out more information and sale terms please go over to the website. If you have any questions feel free to send a message at any time. You can also follow us if you have your own Tumblr and keep up with daily updates that are posted.

Website: Homra's Japan Shopping Service - Tumblr

Moving sale: Japanese Manga, Novels, Doujinshi, more! Buy one, get one half off!

Hi! My husband and I are moving soon and will have no storage space, so everything MUST go. We're running a last-minute moving sale: Buy one item, get the next (equal or lesser vale) half off! New doujinshi also added today!
- I ship from Illinois to any location in the US or internationally (postal laws permitting).
- Smoke free home.
- Fun Yet brand comic bags available FREE with any order!
- PayPal payments only.

shipping, payment, and trade information
feedback post

Japanese Language Doujinshi, Manga, and Novels:
NEW! Doujinshi: One Piece (Sanji centric), Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka), Final Fantasy 6 (general drama), Final Fantasy 7 (Cid/Vincent), Giant Robo (Cervantes/Alberto), Azumanga Daioh (general humor)
Doujinshi anthologies: Shounen Jump anthology Treasure 3; Naruto anthologies: Halco KakaIru collection, and SHI: Arigatou Sensei; One Piece anthologies: Toqunaga Maco ZoSan anthology, Kaizoku Game 2, Kaizoku Game 3, and Treasure Island 6
Manga: Rurouni Kenshin 1, Dragon Quest 1, Naruto 3, SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card), Slayers 1, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Toriyama Akira manga: Toriyama Akira Maru Sakugekijou 1, Kajika, Sand Land, Dr. Slump 1
Pokemon manga: Golden Boys 3
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 2
Legend of Zelda manga by Himekawa Akira
RahXephon novels 4 & 5
Various magazines - FREE with order!

Last Exile OST 1
Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou)

★Clearing out part of my collection! -updated on 12/05 with more items!

Hi! i'm clearing out part of my collection! :) feel free to negotiate prices!
click here for my anime merchandise post (updated on 12/05)
buy two doujinshis and get the third 50% off!
click here for my hetalia sales post

WTB: i'm looking for kawaii sticker sacks! :) new or used doesn't matter ^^ feel free to PM me or comment here if you have any for sale :>