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Hello everyone ^_^///
Here are some of the latest spring and summer designs from Cel's Deconails.
Kawaii jewelry and nail art, decoden accessories and a variety of phone plug charms added.
You can find them at etsy or storenvy
Celdeconail decoden nail art phone charm Collage
13 May 2013 @ 05:21 am
Listed some new stuff; auctions are, of course, located here
Per usual, US only (sorry international bros D;).


- Knuckles Chaotix (32x)
- Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)
- Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 (GBA)
- Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA)
- Super Mario Advance (GBA)
- Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories box+manual (no game; GBA)


- Saber Maid Ver. (Alter; relisted due to nonpaying buyer)
*will be adding more to this section later


- Jet Set Radio Future Original Soundtrack
- Sick (12012)
- Swallow (12012)
Please see the *LINK*

 (the worst I can say is no~ ;3)

-My parents need me to sell everything so that they can have more room :3-

I just found out that I need funds for summer classes and lab fees ;_; Please help me sell all my things to good homes...
Selling on eBay didn't really help because I got stiffed for the same items by different buyers x.x;;; yay, eBay fees...

I'm taking reasonable offers on [absolutely] EVERYTHING!

I am also willing to take best offers for anything else I have listed in any of my journals and my ecrater store, inside or outside of LJ.

*If you are interested in trading, I will have a wish-list up later :3 Please contact me if interested!

I also still have: Madoka, Sayaka, megane + ribbon Homura, and Kyoko from the Colorful Mascot Charm collection set for $25 SHIPPED (in the U.S.) if anyone is interested!

=> NEW ITEMS AS OF 4/8/13 (all MINT condition, photos upon request):

ARTBOOKS: Midori Foo Artworks ($26 SHIPPED IN THE U.S., Japanese text, 200+ pgs), Summer Wars Material Collection ($22, Japanese text, 80+ pgs, tons of character design work), Kaze-Hime's MEMORABILIA misc art collection 2007-2011 ($17, 46 pgs, all pictures)

     -Takatsuki Ichika nendoroid
     -Kuroyuki-hime nendoroid
     -Suenaga Mirai nendoroid
     -Princess of the Crystal (Mawaru Penguindrum)
     -Haru-chan nendoroid
-Aozaki Aoko
-Kuonji Alice
-Arcueid Brunested
-Irisviel von Einzbern
-Arcueid Brunested (Kagetsu Touya neko version; secret figure not pictured)
*might sell set for $45 SHIPPED (in the U.S.) with box; price may be negotiable

GAMES: Solomon's Ring ~Kaze no Shou~ LIMITED EDITION (sealed), Starry Sky ~in Summer~ Portable twin pack contains both the original and the fandisc (being shipped) --both are for PSP


Thanks for looking!

*Buyers who have left feedback get a discount~ ;D
image EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!! image

I am set to deploy and I need to get rid of all these Cosplays

imageCOSPLAYS → (Umineko, Another, Madoka)
imageCosplay Accessories → (Wigs and Shoes)
imageApparel and Accessories → clothes ( Visual Kei and Lolita) Cheep Cosplays

I am willing to negotiate with prices. Please stop by

Please Stop by!! Mega Saleeee!!!

(=' :') ~♥

13 May 2013 @ 01:14 pm

Sailor Moon Items Dragonball Z Items

Disney Plush, and Other Japanese UFO Catcher Toys

Sentai / Power Ranger and Kamen Rider / Masked Rider Items     Pokemon Plush and Settei  

Ordering and Shipping Information   My Feedback   My Wishlist   My Customs

I have added new items to every section today!!! I ship internationally and accept paypal. I also do trades if you have something on my wishlist!
13 May 2013 @ 07:06 pm
I'm selling most of my anime dvd collection. Most are in excellent to mint condition. They have been displayed in a closed glass bookcase and come from a smoke free home. I am open to negotiations, especially if more than one is bought. I am also open to price matches. Prices do not include shipping but if within the US, It can be fairly cheap if shipped via media mail

Titles available:

Trigun Remix dvds- Brand New 1-6 - $40
D Gray Man season 1 part one Blu-ray - $20
Black Rock Shooter OVA blu ray with nendoroid petits (complete set limited edition) - $120
Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture dvd - $5
Back Jack Movie dvd - $10
Romeo and Juliet dvd Part 1 - $10
Nabari No Ou complete series - $30
Full Metal Alchemist (first series) complete with tin boxes and music cds- $150
Toradora V.1 Premium Edition dvd (very rare) - $250
Law of Ueki dvd v.1-9 - $30
Kyo Kara Maoh - V.1-5, 7-8 - $80 (comes with limited cels and limited edition box)
Saint Seiya dvd - V.1-9,11 and two art boxes - $60
Sakura Wars Movie - $5
Pretear complete series - $40
Gungrave complete series - $25
Tsubasa Season 1 and 2 with art boxes - $100
Tsubasa OVA SAVE - $10
Fantastic Childen Complete series - $35
My beautiful girl, Mari - $4
Last Exile complete series - $60
Onegai Teacher - $50
Escaflowne Limited edition with separate box containing action figure. - $150
Full Metal Panic Seasons 1 2 and 3 - $100 (only missing v.4 from fumoffu)
Dnangel - $45
Ah my goddess premium box set - $45
Ah my goddess movie - $5
Gravitation complete series with pass - $50
Graviation OVA - $10
Elemental Gelade (missing v. 6) - $45
Black Blood Brothers - $15
Bleach boxsets 1,2, both parts of 4 - $60 for all or $17 each
Genshiken Premium Edition - $35
Air Complete series - $30
Full Moon wo Sagashite - V.1-5 - $25
Saikano complete series - $20
Peacemaker Kurogane - $35
His and hers circumstances - $15
Mushisi Complete set - $50
Basilisk Wooden box (missing v.5) - $30
Tactics - $30
Vandread Complete series - $60
Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden - $10
Kiddy Grade Complete series - $20
Devil May Cry Complete series - $15
Premium Box sets 1 and 2 (complete series) - $60 for both or $35 eac
Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2 - $30
School Rumble Tin Set - $30
Trinity Blood LE dvds and artbox - $100
Tsukihime - $30
Kinos Journey (with tag) - $45

Also have a few figures for sale

Selling Tales of Nendoroid petits $10ea with shipping included in US. I have all the characters except sophie. Also have Lion Magnus for $17 shipped

I also have the following figures for sale:
Emiya Kiritsugu Max Factory (Fate/Zero) - Brand new and unopened - $55 plus shipping
Peppermint Yuzuko - Opened but in mint condition and comes with extras - $90 plus shipping
Canaan Good Smile Company - Opened but everything in mint condition - $95 plus shipping

Pictures of dvds can be viewed here:
13 May 2013 @ 10:51 pm
Selling a few things including:

One Piece
Final Fantasy

Check it out! :)

Thanks for looking!