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I'm looking to buy anything Royz or Penicillin; cds, dvds, magazines, cheki.

I'm also looking for Litchi☆Hikari Club manga/goods.

Just let me know what you have and how much you want. Thank you.

I'd like to sell my copy of Miyavi's This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock w/DVD Limited Edition.

[Front - Back - Inside One - Inside Two - Case One - Case Two - Case Three]

2. 21st Century 東京 Blues
3. 歌舞伎男子-KAVKI BOIZ-
5. Memories Of BUSHIDO
7. 陽の光さえ届かないこの場所で feat.SUGIZO
8. 咲き誇る華の様に-Neo Visualizm-
9. 素晴らしきかな、この世界
10. 徒然なる日々なれど
11. Thanx Givin' Day

I am asking $30USD shipped for it. There are no scratches on the discs, however the case is broken (as shown in the pictures). I do have another case that I can transfer everything to - if wanted - but I'll leave that choice up to you. Shipping will cost more if you live outside the US. PayPal only.
24 May 2013 @ 04:52 pm
Selling K Magazines and posters @ my journal

Dear All, please have a look at my Sales!
I urgently need money for my little cute newborn kittens!
I am also open for negotiations!

- Shipping worldwide
- Shipping fee not included in price
- No Paypal fees
- Clothes can get washed before shipping (for free), please let me know if you´d like to have that service :D

Click me please! (*_*)Collapse )

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