June 3rd, 2013


Some Items For Sale (new items added)

I accept Paypal, CC, and Money Order. Shipping only to the US. Sorry. ): If you don't like the price, please feel free to offer. (:

Ouran High School Host Club Part 1 ~just added
Vampire Knight 2, 10 ~just added
Bleach 1, 3, 19, 20, 26 ~just added
Bleach 33-36 (Japanese) ~just added
Lies and Kisses - Masara Minase (Yaoi)
Ring Finger 1-3 Novels (Yaoi)
Captive Hearts 1-2
The Devil Within 2
Soul Eater 1

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) 1
Wanted 1
Angel Sanctuary 1-2 (Very Yellowed)
xXxholic 1
Reborn 13
Millennium Snow 1
Alichino 1-3

La Corda D'Oro 1
Shaolin Sisters 1
Saiunkoku Monogatari Emaki (Artbook) 1
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UO - Aura on Asuka shard. heh thats me!

Selling my entire collection on Ebay!

I am selling my entire collection of anime related merchandise. I am mainly uploading Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, and Yuu Watase series(Fushigi yuugi, Genbu Kaiden, and Ayashi no Ceres). I have a lot of rare items uploaded and for cheap prices, especially compared to what I paid for it all. I am moving and I really need to get rid of this stuff. I have other stuff listed as well and plan to have at least 60 auctions going soon. There is a lot more than what is in the picture. :)

I have had several people message me on livejournal asking about items i have had for sale on here over the last year or two. Some of those items are included in the auction but I have sold a lot of my collections since then. Please click here or the picture to view my auctions. Thank you. :)

tsubuku <3

[selling] visual kei & jrock cds, dvds, postcards, posters, goods etc.

Selling a lot of visual kei & jrock stuff!
Cds, dvds, posters, postcards, stickers, goods etc.!

Aioria, alice nine, Aliene Ma'riage, Aliza Marie, Ap(r)il, auncia, aushvitz, [aya]
D, Die La'vice, Dio, Dolly
Hana shounen Baddies
Kagerou, Klaha
Laputa, L'arc~en~ciel
Megamasso, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois, Mucc
Sid, Shulla, Sulfuric Acid
The Kiddie, Tokyo Michael.

Please have a look: ---> CLICK<---

Lots for Sale/Reserve~!

Hey everyone!
I have lots for sale/reserve.
I accept paypal, concealed cash, and bank transfers.
No trades please.

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Group Orders
Toranoana / K-Books Group Order
Animate / Amazon JP Group Order

Amnesia, Angel Beats & Aquarion EVOL &+ (Last Updated 6/02/13)
Ao No Exorcist & Durarara!! (Last Updated 1/11/13)
Fate/Series, Brave 10, & Steins;Gate (Last Updated 5/13/13)
Gintama (Last Updated 6/02/13)
Hetalia Goods | Trading Cards (Last Updated 5/18/13)
Karneval & Are You Alice? (Last Updated 5/18/13)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Last Updated 5/18/13)
Kuroko no Basuke (Last Updated 5/13/13)
Magi (Last Updated 5/18/13)
Naruto & Tales of Series (Last Updated 4/16/13)
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder (Last Updated 5/18/13)
One Piece (Last Updated 1/18/13)
Persona 4 & Sengoku Basara (Last Updated 5/13/13)
Pandora Hearts, Prince of Tennis & Hakuouki (Last Updated 5/02/13)
Rilakkuma, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Re-Ment, K-On!, + etc! (Last Updated 11/19)
Pokémon (Last Updated 4/03/13)
Starry Sky (Last Updated 2/13/13)
Sword Art Online (Last Updated 2/27/13)
Tiger & Bunny (Last Updated 1/18/13)
Uta no Prince-Sama (Last Updated 6/02/13)
Vocaloid & Black★Rock Shooter (Last Updated 4/03/13)

All Other Series/Items (Last Updated 5/18/13)
Magazines + Manga (Last Updated 12/18/11)
Free With Purchase (Last Updated 5/18/13)

Reserve Items
Amnesia (Last Updated 5/10/13)
Diabolik Lovers
DRAMAtical Murder
Fate/Stay Night
Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku
Hetalia : ONE | TWO (Last Updated 2/07/13)
Karneval (Last Updated 6/01/13)
Kuroko no Basuke
Prince of Tennis
"Tales of" Series (Last Updated 3/06/13)
Uta no Prince-Sama (Last Updated 5/05/13)

Doujinshi/Fanmade Goods
Reborn!, Gintama, D.Gray-Man, Sengoku Basara, +! : ★ (Last Updated 12/07)
Hetalia Doujinshi : ★ (Last Updated 12/07)
Hetalia Doujinshi/Fanmade Goods : ★ (Last Updated 3/10/13)
Kuroko no Basuke & Ao no Exorcist : ★ (Last Updated 5/05/13)
Tiger & Bunny, Sweet Pool, & Durarara!! : ★ (Last Updated 5/05/13)