June 6th, 2013


WTB: Yaoi novels + Horror manga

I'm looking for two yaoi novels for a close friend (who's lj illiterate LOL). One's called "S," and I believe it's volume 4 that she wanted. The author and artist are Saki Aida Chiharu Nara. The other is Cold Light by Narise Konohara and Nanao Saikawa If anyone is offering either of these then please let me know. She said that she was willing to buy them as a set if need be--and if the asking price isn't too much--but she prefers just those two books, really.

The payment will be made through my paypal account and I will be responsible for the buy--so please rest assured :). Please use my lj feedback info and the like for purchase purposes. Here's the feedback page in my journal: http://shoujo22.livejournal.com/77923.html

For myself, I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of Panorama of Hell by Hideshi Hino that they'd like to sell? I'm also looking for The Drifting Classroom series.

Please feel free to comment here or pm me.


Ebay listings

I'm auctioning off some old manga and other items. I'm selling:
Chobits Chii doll/ figure

Fruits Basket DVDs vol 2-4

Full Metal Panic! Vol. 1 manga      

Love Hina Skyluv doll Mitsune Konno

Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales

Tokyo Babylon vol 1 & 2

Viz Media 2011 Tote Bag

X TV DVDs vol 1, 3-5

If anyone is interested, please have a look at my ebay listings page:


I'm also selling some individual manga and other items on Amazon. I'm selling:

Digi Charat Theater: Dejiko's Summer Vacation

Ninku/Yu Yu Hakusho movie DVD

Princess Blade DVD

Rurouni Kenshin: Battle in the Moonlight (vol2) DVD

Skyscrapers of Oz (yaoi)

Trinity Blood volume 9

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Japanese manga vol 1

Here's my Amazon seller's page: http://www.amazon.com/shops/A23C0QWATW6EIV

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them ^_^

I looking for the 2006 Yami no Matsuei Furoku book. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful~!
Thank you~!

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SUPER SUMMER SALE 20% on everything!

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So I decided to do a little Summer Sale from 6th June until 31st July and give you 20% on everything (except the shipping price)

All items are in good condition, if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me. (I won't bite you! :D)
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La Corda D&#39;Oro

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Selling a lot of Japanese brand gothic lolita and punk clothing, stationary/stickers/clear files, novelty items including earphones from Swimmer Japan, Jetoy Choo Choo cat items, Sanrio goods, a Hana yori Dango Otome game for the DS, Japanese language manga & fashion magazines, anime posters, dvds, L'arc~en~Ciel goods and more at


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Two Classic Skirt-Type Sukumizu for Sale!!!

I have two classic navy skirt-type Japanese school swimsuits for sale. These are actual swimsuits, not just cosplay items. Both are a Japanese size L (160cm) but fit differently because they are two different brands. I have them listed on eBay starting at $5.00, no reserve! Sorry, my eBay auctions are  US only; no international bids.

>Akvon Sukumizu (fits US size 5/6)<
>Tombow Sukumizu (fits US size 4/5)<

I also have a few few artbooks still for sale (I DO ship these internationally!). You can find them >here<!