July 26th, 2013

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Free Manga!!!!! English, Japanese, & Korean manga + Really cheap manga lots! Price Drops!!

LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!!  Sales End August 25th, 2013!!

New Books added to the FREE books lists!!

I am absolutely sick and tired at looking at these books, and I just want them gone!! So I’m giving them away!! Just pay for packaging and shipping and the books are all yours! Payments Accepted: Check, Money Order, Paypal. If you pay by paypal, you may have to pay additional for fees.

IMPORTANT: Limit 4 free books per order, additional books $0.50 each. You may mix and match Japanese, English, and Korean Books. ALSO! I may decide to change the price of certain titles, if I feel the need. However, if you comment with interest for the books before I change the price, you will still get the original price for the books. I hope that makes sense…

There may be some titles listed here that I actually do not have anymore. I lost my updated sales list so I don’t know which books I am missing. It’s too much trouble to re-do the whole list, so just tell me what you are interested in and I’ll go check to make sure I still have it.

FREE Japanese Manga (Limit 4 free books per order, additional books $0.50 each)

Alice 19th vol. 5-7
Basara Vol. 4, 14,
Doo nikashitai!! Vol. 2
Dr. Rin ni kiitemite! Vol. 4, 6-8 & special
Hiiro no isu Vol. 3
Kanata Kara (From Far Away) Vol. 13
Koucha Ouji Vol. 1 (two copies)
Miiko Vol. 1, 15, & special manga (by Ono Eriko, Ciao Comics)
Puku Puku Tennen Kairanban Vol. 1, vol. 6

$1 Japanese Manga!!!

Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) Vol 15, 25-31,
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Vol. 1-3
Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha) Vol. 1-2, 5-7,

$2 Japanese Manga

Appare Jipangu! Vol. 1-2
Akuma to Dolce Vol. 2
Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai vol. 3, 6-12
Kisu Yori mo Hayaku (Faster than a Kiss) Vol. 1-2

$3 Japanese Manga

Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume Vol. 7, 14, 15

Japanese Manga Lots

Arakure (Wild Ones) Vol. 1-7 (Set for $10 )
Magic Kaito vol. 1-4 (Complete) (1st Edition) (Set for $10)
Magic Kaito: Treasured Edition Vol. 1 ($3)
Kara no Teikoku (The Empty Empire) Vol. 1-5 (Set for $8)
Luna Lunatic Vol. 1-2 (Complete) (Set for $6)
Dengeki Daisy Vol. 11-12 (Set for $8)
Genei Musou (Phantom Dream) Vol. 1-3 (Set for $5)
W Juliet II vol. 1-3 (Complete) ( set for $10)
Gakuen Alice Vol. 1-15 + 7.5  (set for $40)
Nousatsu Junkie vol. 1-16 (Complete)  (set for $40)
Kaze Hikaru Vol. 20-32  (set for $50)
Meteor Methuselah (Immortal Rain) vol. 9, 10 + Touhou Shinigami: Meteor Methuselah Gaiden

FREE English Manga!! (Limit 4 free books per order, additional books $0.50 each)  (New Books Added: 7/26/13)

Baby Birth Vol. 2
Dragon Ball Z vol. 12
Dragon Voice Vol. 1
Desert Coral Vol. 3
Kill Me Kiss Me Vol. 3
Hyper Dolls Vol. 1
Maico 2010 Vol. 1, 3-4
Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School Vol. 5
Mobile Suit: Gundam Seed Vol. 1
Tomb Raider Vol. 3
Soul Rescue Vol. 1
Recast Vol. 1
Warriors of Tao Vol. 1

$1 English Manga!!

Bleach Vol. 3
By the Sword Vol. 1
Chobits Vol. 4
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Vol. 1
Kare Kano Vol. 1, 3
Mars Vol. 1
Megatokyo Vol. 2
Lament of the Lamb Vol. 1
Dragon Hunter Vol. 1, 7
Initial D Vol. 4
Nosatsu Junkie Vol. 1
Rave Master Vol. 1
Red Prowling Devil Vol. 1
Rune Soldier Vol. 1
Scrapped Princess Vol. 1

$2 English Manga

Backstage Prince vol. 1
Gaba Kawa Vol. 1 (Complete)
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Vol. 1, 5, 10
Zombie Powder Vol. 1, 3
Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound Vol. 1
Angelic Layer Vol. 1
Black Cat Vol. 1
Blank Slate Vol. 1
Bound Beauty Vol. 1
El-Hazard Vol. 1
Elemental Gelade Vol. 1
Faeries' Landing Vol. 1
Genshiken Vol. 6
Ghost Hunt Vol. 4
Gunslinger Girl Vol. 1
Happy Cafe vol. 6
Haridama: Magic Cram School (Complete)
Kamunagara: Rebirth of the Demonslayer Vol. 1
Kanpai! vol. 1
Kimi ni Todoke Vol. 2
King of Hell Vol. 6-7
Love Com (Lovely Complex) Vol. 2
ONE (by Lee Vin) Vol. 3-4
ParaSyte Vol. 2
Platinum Garden Vol. 1, 3
Princess Prince (by Tomoko Taniguchi)
Saint Dragon Girl Vol. 1
Sakura Hime Vol. 3
Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 9
Sarai Vol. 2
Sarasah (by Ryu Ryang) Vol. 5
Yotsuba vol. 1
The Wallflower Vol. 1

$3 English Manga

Ju-On: Video Side (Complete)

English Manga Lots - Prices Undecided - Accepting Offers

Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 1-3
Happy Hustle High Vol. 1-2
Demon Diary Vol. 4-6
St. Lunatic High School. Vol. 1-2 (Complete)
Mugen Spiral Vol. 1-2 (Complete)
Millenium Snow Vol. 1-2 (Complete)
Hero Tales Vol. 1-4
Never Give Up Vol. 1-3
Planet Ladder Vol. 2-5
Li Ling Po Vol. 1-2
NOW (by Park Sung Woo) Vol 1-4
Sensual Phrase Vol. 1-2
Skip Beat Vol. 1-2
The Demon Ororon Vol. 1-2, 4
The Queen’s Knight Vol. 1-4
Psychic Academy Vol. 1, 4-7
Negima! Vol. 1, 3-4
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 1-2, 5
DNAngel Vol. 1-8, 10-11
Dream Saga Vol. 1-5 (Complete)
Immortal Rain Vol. 1-5, 7-8
Recipe for Gertrude Vol. 1-5 (Complete)
WANTED (Complete)
W Juliet Vol. 1-14 (Complete)
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol. 1-8

$2 Korean Manga

엽기인걸 스나코 (Evolutionary Girl / Wallflower) Vol. 5
Tramps Like Us / Kimi wa Petto Vol. 6-8, 10
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle Vol. 9


3 Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi for sale!  Check them out HERE

For Merchandise, Check My Sales Page HERE
(i.e. figures, doujinshi, posters, plushies, etc…)

Some Items For Sale/Trade

I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash (buyer's risk). PP fees will be added to the total. Shipping only to the US. Sorry. ): If you don't like the price, please feel free to offer. Usually ship on Mondays & Tuesdays. (: Thanks for looking!

Final Fantasy 7 UMD Case
LaLa Monthly Magazines
Shojo Beat Magazines
1 Reborn! Doujinshi (Reborn x Collonello, Reborn x Lambo)
Naruto Posterzine 2
Ouran High School Host Club Part 1
Vampire Knight 2, 10
Bleach 1, 3, 19, 20, 26
Bleach 33-36 (Japanese)
Lies and Kisses - Masara Minase (Yaoi)
Captive Hearts 1-2
The Devil Within 2
Black Butler 1
Wanted 1
Angel Sanctuary 1-2 (Very Yellowed)
xXxholic 1
Millennium Snow 1
Alichino 1-3
MeruPuri 1
La Corda D'Oro 1
Shaolin Sisters 1
Saiunkoku Monogatari Emaki 1

Devil's Infirmary
A Fallen Saint's Kiss
Beast & Feast
Finder 3+
No Touching At All
Honey Darling
Your Love Sickness
In These Words Vol 1
Just show me what English yaoi manga you have~

Feedback post here! All positive! :D


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Misc. Sales. Mostly JRock, some JPop, Movies, Books and Odds&Ends

Hi all!
I recently moved and I NEED to get rid of all the excess things that I have. I have consolidated my selling to this one post in hopes these items will move faster! Please take a look and don't be afraid to make offers!!!

I have recently added Janne Da Arc's Ueta Taiyou single and Raphael Starring Kazuki's eternal wish~届かぬ君へ~ single

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Shipping is calculated do to location. I include tracking and PP fee in the price I quote to you.

Please contact me with any questions.