July 29th, 2013


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15% off everything if you mention you saw this on GSJ :)

Selling a number of japanese/asian stationery goods from my collection over in my old selling page in order to raise some extra funds for university!
shiiinythings or click the picture ;)
Including deco tape by brands such as Mindwave, Qlia and Prime Nakumura, japanese sticker sacks and adorable plushies!

Cards: Pokemon, Naruto, Dragonball Z, Zelda, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, TMNT

Looking to sell trading cards from these series: Pokemon, Naruto, Dragonball Z, Zelda, Yu-Gi-Oh! etc. They're at very cheap prices.

Pokemon Cards price:
Common: $0.25, Uncommon: $0.50 , Rare: $0.75, unless otherwise stated.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

8 cards for $1 (they will be randomly chosen: 2 magics, 2 traps and 4 monsters).

The other cards have their own separate prices but if you buy a lot of them (or all) I will give you a cheaper price. Don't miss the chance to get your hands on some collectible items at these prices, you will pay a lot more for these somewhere else.


❁Manga/Doujinshi/Other❁ 50% OFF

Information & Links to Sales Posts-> http://okiba.livejournal.com/15263.html

1 Hetalia 1
2 Hetalia 2
3 Harry Potter + Original
4 Miscellaneous 1
5 Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 1: DBZ, Final Fantasy, Shiki, Harry Potter, Gundam Seed, Saiyuki, Code Geass, Bleach, Inazuma Eleven

Miscellaneous 2: One Piece, Macross Frontier, Toward the Terra, KHR, Dynasty Warriors, Sengoku Basara, Tiger&Bunny, Digimon, xxxHolic, Ao no Exorcist

6 English Manga (YAOI)
7 Japanese Manga (YAOI)
8 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous: DVD, Johnny's Entertainment, Freebies