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:: Watery Tart : 湖 の仙女 ::

For Sale are...

* JRock: Malice Mizer, LAREINE, hide, Shazna, and L'arc en ciel
* Anime & Manga: Rose of Versailles, Dragon Ball, InuYasha, CardCaptor Sakura, Gravitation, Sailormoon, Hyper Doll
* Lots of Japanese-language yaoi/boy's love manga!
* Parapara Paradise DVD

DS: CDs (LAREINE, Malice Mizer, L'arc en ciel, hide, Shazna); Manga (Yaoi); Sailormoon; Inuyasha; Dragon Ball, etcCollapse )
07 August 2013 @ 03:51 am
Auction are here or under the username: timelord_science
Per usual, 0.99+shipping starting point & US bidders only (since the global ship program is terrible)


- Pokemon Conquest (DS)
- SEALED Animal Crossing (Player's Choice) w/memory card (GameCube)
- Ragnarok Odyssey Mercenary Edition (Vita)
07 August 2013 @ 09:06 pm
Ok guys. I seriously have too much stuff and I know that a lot of you would love to get your hands on some of this. So come on over and have a look, get yourself a great promo bargain or haggle.

Promo’s I’m running at the moment:
+ Buy two merchandise items (from any band) and get the third 25% off (of equal or lessor value)
+ Buy a full priced CD (from any band) and get 15% of additional CD’s (of equal or lessor value)
+ Buy any full priced magazine and get 10% off additional magazines (of equal or lessor value). Includes Rock and Reads!

I have lots of Gazette merchandise (shirts, scarves, bags, shoes, fans and more) as well as MUCC, lynch., Girugamesh and Sadie merch. I have so many CD’s from bands like Gazette, 12012 (massive collection), Awoi and more, plus DVD’s from 12012, Buck-Tick and others. When it comes to magazines I have everything from the very first Rock and Read (called Real Read at the time) to Gab to Zy[zi:] to Shoxx.

I even have a hand signed Gazette photo and a GemCerey bracelet designed by Ruki. Yes, that’s right; that sparkly heart and lock bracelet from Shiver. Not only do I have it, but I have it listed on my sales journal!

Vivienne Westwood, Sex Pot Revenge, off brand VK stuff and other fashion items conclude the list.  And, of course there is even a little section for Jpop (Kat-tun, Jin etc) and Kpop (JYJ, DBSK and more)

So come and have a look!