September 7th, 2013

[sale] PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

~ PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi ~

"PICK Camera" is a compact digital camera toy by Fuuvi.
A 2 MEGA Pixels Camera with a size of approximatly 7 cm. x 4 cm. x 0.8 cm., it is easy to carry around and have a quick snap shot if you suddenly see something interesting.

It can be connected to the computer via USB, similar to normal flash drive, which driver or software is not required.
You can simply copy & paste for transfering photos to your computer.
It can also be used as flash drive to keep other type of files.

* Micro-SD is needed for the memory (which support up to 16 GB).
* Micro-SD is not included.

~ SPEC ~
- JPEG picture file with size of 1280x1024 pixels
- AVI movie file with size of 720x480 pixels / 30 fps
- Resolution 2 MEGA pixels
- Lens : F2.8 f=3.2mm ISO:100
- Battery charge through USB with computer or any USB adapter
- Support Micro-SD up to 16 GB (not included in the package)

Price: 64.99 USD

Available in many colors, check out for more, including sample of photos, at the following link to my LJ~

[sale] PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

PS. Thanks for the space~
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Visual kei sales

Shipping : Worldwide from France
Payment : Paypal
Prices are not fixed and I'm open to trades.
Feel free to ask me pictures.^^


Price : 4 euros / each

Hizaki (Versailles)
Tsunehito (D)
Ruiza (D)
Ni~Ya (Nightmare)
Hitsugi (Nightmare)
Sakito (Nightmare)
Reita (The GazettE)
Uruha (The GazettE)
Kaoru (Dir en Grey)

~Name a price !~

12012 (x2)
Acid Black Cherry (x5)

Amaranyx (x1)
amber gris (x1)
Black Gene (x2)
BORN (x4)

cradle (クレイドル) (x1)
Crimson Shiva (x1)
Crishuna (x1)

D=OUT (ダウト) (x3)
defspiral x aki x cocklobin (x1)
DOPES (x1)
GALEYD (x1 + 1 demotape)
GateNo.14 (x2)
girugamesh (x6)
Gokiburi (x1)

Grieva (グリーヴァ) (x9)
Here:ne (x1)
Hero (x7)
hide (x5)

Hyde x Yoshitaka Amano (x1)
IS DEAD (x1)
jealkb (x1)
Jupiter (x1)
Jyulie (x4)
kameleo (x2)
Kaya (x2)
KAZ (ex. VII-Sense) (x2)
Kyo (Dir en Grey) (x1)
Lily (x2)

LMC (x2)
Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区) (x1)
Loudness (x2)
lynch. (x3)
Maria Company (x1)
Matenrou Opera (x1)
Megamasso (x1)

Megaromania (x1)
Misaruka (x1)
Mix Speaker's Inc (x8)

Moi Dix Mois (x1)
Moran (x4)
Morgue (x1)
Nightmare VS Baroque (x2)
Nobady (x1)

Oblivion Dust (x3)
PS Company (Kra, ViVid, D=OUT, SCREW, BORN) (x2)
Realies (x2)

Revlez (x1)
Rivet (x2)
Sans of liberty (x1)
Scarlet Valse (x2)
Sendai Kamotsu (x2)

SID (シド) (x2)
Signal (x1)
Souiumono (x2)
The Gazette (x4)
The Kiddie (x2)
the lem (x1)

Unite (ユナイト) (x2)
V.A. : TMH4NS, Ricky, Angelo, ALvino, Vneu (x3)
Versailles (Hizaki x Teru) (x2)
vistlip (x2)
ViV (x1)
ViVid (x2)
Vneu (x1)
VOW (x1)
Wyse (x2)
Xibalba (x1)
yuuki (悠希)(Jinkaku Radio) (x2)
Zelktage (x2)
zonbi (x1)


Phantasmagoria - Vanish (single)
Price : 15 euros

Phantasmagoria - Dejavu ~Sanctuary of Revival~ (CD + DVD + photobook)
Price : 60 euros

Syndrome - Best collection 2000-2002 (double album)
Price : 30 euros

Cu[be] - Twilight Star (maxi single)
Price : 18 euros

Rentrer en Soi - Mizu yume miru chouchou (single)
Price : 15 euros

Mix Speaker's Inc. - MONSTERS (album - EU)
Price : 15 euros

NIGHTMARE - Akane/Hate/Over [type B] (single)
Price : 18 euros

Nega - Pereunion -Code20110726-
Price : 50 euros

Other goodies

UCP 2013 calendar + UCP postcard
~Make an offer~

UCP 10th Anniversary bag
Price : 15 euros

UCP stickers
~Make an offer~

Iori -Vanish- trading card
~Trade with an other -Vanish- trading card or make an offer~
Allie Adult
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[Selling] English Yaoi Manga

I found a bunch of yaoi manga hidden away in a moving box from two moves ago. Since I obviously didn't miss it, I think it's time to sell it!

All prices are in USD. Buyer covers shipping costs, and I do ship internationally. All books are shipped via priority mail with tracking. Prices start at $6 for 1-4 books in the US. Paypal payments accepted.

Collapse )

All prices are negotiable, and I do give discounts for buying multiple items. Really, I'm just trying to clear these books out, so offer me your best and we'll probably be able to strike a deal. *crossposted to yaoi_daily_cafe and garagesalejapan