September 12th, 2013

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Visual kei sales (UPDATED)

Shipping : Worldwide from France
Payment : Paypal
Prices are not fixed and I'm open to trades.
Feel free to ask me pictures.^^


Price : 4 euros / each

Hizaki (Versailles)
Tsunehito (D)
Ruiza (D)
Ni~Ya (Nightmare)
Hitsugi (Nightmare)
Sakito (Nightmare)
Reita (The GazettE)
Uruha (The GazettE)
Kaoru (Dir en Grey)

~Name a price !~

12012 (x2)
456 (x1)
Acid Black Cherry (x5)

Amaranyx (x1)
amber gris (x1)
Black Gene For The Next Scene (x2)
BORN (x4)

Cannival Method (x1)
cradle (クレイドル) (x1)
Crimson Shiva (x1)
Crishuna (x1)

D=OUT (ダウト) (x3)
D'AIR (x1)
defspiral x aki x cocklobin (x1)
DOPES (x1)
GALEYD (x1 + 1 demotape)
GateNo.14 (x2)
girugamesh (x6)
Gokiburi (x1)

Grieva (グリーヴァ) (x6)
Grieva VS DEZERT (x1)

Here:ne (x1)
Hero (x7)
hide (x5)

Hyde x Yoshitaka Amano (x1)
Himitsu kessha Codomo A (秘密結社コドモA) (x1)
Igaguri Chiba (x1)
IS DEAD (x1)
jealkb (x1)
Jupiter (x1)
Jyulie (x4)
kameleo (x2)(x1)
Karen (カレン) (x1)
Kaya (x2)(x1)
KAZ (ex. VII-Sense) (x2)(x1)
Kyo (Dir en Grey) (x1)
Lily (x2)

LMC (x3) (x2)
Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区) (x1)
Loudness (x2)
lynch. (x3)
Maria Company (x1)
Matenrou Opera (x1)
Megamasso (x1)

Megaromania (x1)
MEJIBRAY (x5) (x4)(x3)
Misaruka (x1)
Mix Speaker's Inc (x8)(x6)

Moi Dix Mois (x1)
Moran (x4)
Morgue (x1)
Nana (x1)
NEGA (x1)
NIGHTMARE (x2)(x1)
Nightmare VS Baroque (x3) (x2)
Nobady (x1)

Oblivion Dust (x3)
PS Company (Kra, ViVid, D=OUT, SCREW, BORN) (x2)
Realies (x2)

Revlez (x1)
Rivet (x2)
Sans of liberty (x1)
Satsuki (x1)
Scarlet Valse (x2)
Sendai Kamotsu (x2)

Serial⇔NUMBER (シリアル⇔NUMBER) (x1)
Shelly Trip Realize (x1)
SID (シド) (x2)
Signal (x1)
Souiumono (x2)
Sugar (x1)
The Gazette (x4)(x3)
The Kiddie (x2)
the lem (x1)

Unite (ユナイト) (x3) (x2)
V.A. : TMH4NS, Ricky, Angelo, ALvino, Vneu (x3)
V.A : heidi., Diaura, 12012, AWOI, Dezert, Grieva (x1)

Versailles (Hizaki x Teru) (x2)(x1)
vistlip (x2)
ViV (x1)
ViVid (x2)(x1)
Vneu (x1)
VOW (x1)
Wyse (x2)
Xibalba (x1)
yuuki (悠希)(Jinkaku Radio) (x2)
Zelktage (x2)
zonbi (x1)
ZUCK (x1)


Price : 3 euros / each

GAB vol.62 (Moran, Lycaon, Eat You Alive, Kaya, AvelCain, Mix Speaker's Inc., Penicillin ...)

GAB vol.64 (Kameleo, vistlip, DuelJewel, Moran, Kaya, Lycaon, MoNoLith, Gigamous, Mejibray ...)

GAB vol.57 (HERO, Kaya, EVE, Lycaon, MUCC, girugamesh, Fest Vainqueur ...)


Phantasmagoria - Vanish (single)
Price : 15 euros

Phantasmagoria - Dejavu ~Sanctuary of Revival~ (CD + DVD + photobook)
Price : 60 euros

Syndrome - Best collection 2000-2002 (double album)
Price : 30 euros

Cu[be] - Twilight Star (maxi single)
Price : 18 euros

Rentrer en Soi - Mizu yume miru chouchou (single)
Price : 15 euros

Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm (single)
Price : 10 euros

Mix Speaker's Inc. - MONSTERS (album - EU)
Price : 15 euros

NIGHTMARE - Akane/Hate/Over [type B] (single)
Price : 18 euros

Nega - Pereunion -Code20110726-
Price : 50 euros

Other goodies

UCP 2013 calendar + UCP postcard
~Make an offer~

UCP 10th Anniversary bag
Price : 15 euros

UCP stickers
~Make an offer~

Iori -Vanish- trading card
~Trade with an other -Vanish- trading card or make an offer~

Girugamesh - Kerchief "13's reborn"
Price : 15 euros

Girugamesh - Poster "GO"
Price : 15 euros

WTS: All Reasonable Offers Considered!

I will ship from the US. (Shipping is not included in prices)
None of the prices are set in stone, so please feel free to make an offer! I really want all of these gone.
I accept Paypal and concealed cash, at your own risk.
Please let me know if you would like any pictures, as I excluded them to keep the post simple!

I am also looking for things in the following fandoms (either for trade or sell): Hakuoki, Evangelion, Shingeki no Kyojin, Nabari no Ou 10-14, rubber straps/phone charms, any yaoi/general manga tankoubons, preferably in sets.

Manga (Accepting offers as well!):
Reborn 1-11 $120 set.
The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross 1-10 $75 set.
Legal Drug 1, 1-3 $18 set.
Lovely Complex 1-13 $105 set.
Kitchen Princess 1-5 $25 set.
Imadoki! 1-5 (Complete Series) $25 set.
07 Ghost 1-3 (Go!Comi Release) $15 set.
Loveless 2, 1-8 (Tokyopop Release) $45 set.
Hetalia 1-3 $12 Volume 1, $12 Volume 2. $20 Volume 3.
DN Angel 1-11  $55 set.

Yaoi Manga:
$6 Titles
Just my Luck
Thirsty for Love
Hot Limit
Love Training

$7 Titles
Steal Moon 1
Steal Moon 2
Total Surrender
Sighing Kiss
Barefoot Waltz
My Only King
I'll Be Your Slave
Lost Boys
Golden Prince and Argent King
Vampire's Portrait 2
L'Etoile Solitaire
Black Knight 1-4 ($28 set)

$8 Titles
Shy Intentions
Invisible Boy 1
Invisible Boy 2
Crushing Love
The Color of Love
Not Enough Time
Fallen Moon
Same Cell Organism

Others (Titles over $10 are Completely Negotiable, Mostly Rare Titles):
J-Boy Biblos $30
I Want to Be Naughty! $30
How to Seduce a Vampire $15
Vampire's Portrait 1 $12 (Or buy with Vampire's Portrait 2 for $16)
Lover's Pledge $10
Constellations in My Palm $10
Cute Beast $30
Love Water (Novel with beautiful illustrations) $45
Lovers and Souls $60
Ruff Love $45
Barefoot Waltz: Takumi-kun 2 $15
You Will Fall in Love $45
You Will Drown in Love $45
Love Pistols 1 $20
Love Pistols 2 $40
Necratoholic $25
Invisible Love $15

Figures (Taking offers):
Japanese Release KH2 Namine Formation Arts
Japanese Release KH2 Roxas Formation Arts
English Release KH2 Sora Formation Arts Volume 3
Play Arts Roxas (Official release with original box)

K Project Mascot Figures, $20 Each: Mikoto, Munakata, Neko, Izumo

Video Games (All games come with original manuals/artwork/etc):
Pokemon Diamond & Platinum (CASES/MANUALS/ARTWORK ONLY) $5 each
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (NDS) $25 shipped.
999 (Comes with alternate cover, NDS) $25 shipped.
Dissidia (PSP) $12
Dissidia 012: Duodecim (PSP) $12
Final Fantasy Advent Children Movie (PSP) $7
The Third Birthday (PSP) $15
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes $5

Selling a few more items! Buy one, get one half off!

We really need space in this tiny apartment - Buy one item, get one (equal or lesser price) half off!

- Certain trades also OK - please see my sales post. I'm looking for a few obscure Japanese language books.
- I ship from Illinois to any location in the US or internationally (postal laws permitting).
- PayPal payments only.

Last Exile OST 1
Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou)

Japanese Language Printed Works:
Study Material: A Japanese graded reader - set of 5 books with audio CD!
Doujinshi: Final Fantasy 6 (general drama); Final Fantasy 7 (Cid/Vincent); Giant Robo (Cervantes/Alberto); Azumanga Daioh (general humor); Shounen Jump multi-series anthology Treasure 3
Manga: SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card), Slayers 1, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Dr. Slump 1, Pokemon manga Golden Boys 3, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 2
Novels: RahXephon novelizaton 4 & 5

Toys: Small figure of Doris from Giant Gorg

shipping, payment, and trade information
feedback post

Manga, JE, Hello Kitty, Clothes and More

I've got all sorts of stuff for sale in my journal: Hello Kitty merchandise, Johnny's stuff, Japanese manga, Japanese clothing and more! I recently added a few new things, including a Hello Kitty bento origami set, unopened Super Mario toy+candy boxes and clothes.

Books + Magazines
Character Goods/Stationery
Johnny's Related Merchandise
J-Rock Merchandise
Anime Trading Cards + Goods

If you're interested in anything, leave a comment in my journal or PM me. All comments will be screened. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please be advised, however, that unless you have volumes 9-16, 18+ of Ouke no Monshou in bunkoban format, I am not interested trading at this time.