September 21st, 2013

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New Anime items for sale!!!!

Added tons of new anime items! Including a Princess AI doll!! I also added other items as well like a japanese winnie the pooh book.(its on my journal)

Feel free to message me and leave a comment! If you see something and would like to make an offer, contact me and we can work something out ^-^ I ship everywhere!!

you can check out more items on my journal:

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by moshesque

For sale: new Viewfinder items!


Below the cut is:
manga - yaoi
autographed Japanese BL manga
Yamane Ayano items *NEW*
Nakamura Shungiku items
Okane ga Nai items
Loveless (Kouga Yun) items
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru items
Black Butler
Artbooks *NEW*
shitajiki and other merch *NEW*
and something free! ^.^

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1. Any Loveless/Earthian merchandise especially the Loveless tin box. (Ask me if I have it and if I don't, I'll probably buy it from you. ^_^)
2. No.6 clear file

Thank you for looking!

WTS: Lowered Prices, and Accepting All Offers!

Selling manga (many yaoi titles), video games, and Kingdom Hearts figures.
I will ship from the US.
I accept Paypal and concealed cash, at your own risk.
Please let me know if you would like any pictures, as I excluded them to keep the post simple!

I am also looking for things in the following fandoms (either for trade or sell): Hakuoki, Evangelion, Shingeki no Kyojin, Nabari no Ou 10-14, rubber straps/phone charms, any yaoi/general manga tankoubons, preferably in sets.

None of the prices are set in stone, so please feel free to make an offer! I really want all of these gone. Discounts will be given to those who buy multiple titles!

Manga (Accepting offers):
Reborn 1-11 $95 shipped.
The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross 1-10 $70 shipped.
Legal Drug 1, 1-3 $18 shipped.
Lovely Complex 1-13 $95 shipped.
Kitchen Princess 1-5 $28 shipped.
Imadoki! 1-5 (Complete Series) $28 shipped.
07 Ghost 1-3 (Go!Comi Release) $18 shipped.
Loveless 2, 1-8 (Tokyopop Release) $45 shipped.
Hetalia 1-3 $11 Volume 1, $11 Volume 2, $15 Volume 3.
DN Angel 1-11 $60 shipped.

Yaoi Manga:
$6 Titles
Just my Luck
Thirsty for Love
Hot Limit
Love Training
Steal Moon 1
Steal Moon 2
Total Surrender
Sighing Kiss
Barefoot Waltz
My Only King
I'll Be Your Slave
Lost Boys
Golden Prince and Argent King
Vampire's Portrait 2
L'Etoile Solitaire
Barefoot Waltz: Takumi-kun 2

$7 Titles
Shy Intentions
Invisible Boy 1
Invisible Boy 2
Crushing Love
The Color of Love
Not Enough Time
Fallen Moon
Same Cell Organism
Vampire's Portrait 1
Lover's Pledge
Constellations in My Palm

Others (Titles over $10 are Completely Negotiable, Mostly Rare Titles):
J-Boy Biblos $20
I Want to Be Naughty! $15
How to Seduce a Vampire $10
Cute Beast $15
Love Water (Novel with beautiful illustrations) $20
Lovers and Souls $50
Ruff Love $15
You Will Fall in Love $30
You Will Drown in Love $30
Love Pistols 1 $12
Love Pistols 4 $20
Necratoholic $12
Invisible Love $10
Black Knight 1-4 $28 shipped.

Figures (Taking offers As Well):
Japanese Release KH2 Namine Formation Arts - $45 shipped.
Japanese Release KH2 Roxas Formation Arts - $45 shipped.
English Release KH2 Sora Formation Arts Volume 3 - $20
Play Arts Roxas (Official release with original box) - $110

K Project Mascot Figures, $8 Each: Mikoto, Munakata, Neko, Izumo

Video Games (All games come with original manuals/artwork/etc):
Pokemon Diamond & Platinum (CASES/MANUALS/ARTWORK ONLY) $5 each
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (NDS) $20 shipped.
999 (Comes with alternate cover, NDS) $24 shipped.
Dissidia (PSP) $12 shipped.
Dissidia 012: Duodecim (PSP) $12 shipped.
Final Fantasy Advent Children Movie (PSP) $7
The Third Birthday (PSP) $15 shipped.
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes $5
Nico Nico Uttatemita - Kogeinu's food
  • ravient


Hi guys~ I need your help (>_<)

Moving in a week so help me to get rid of this stuff, please? I just don't want to throw them.. they deserve to have a new owner...

As it was written on the title, ALL OF THEM ARE USD 12 EACH!!! So, take your time to choose~ ^^

( Tiger & Bunny )

( Kuroko no Basuke )

( Katekyo Hitman Reborn )

( Uta no Prince-sama )

( Attack on Titan )

( Free )

( The others )

All of them are in good condition.. ^^

I only accept Non-Credit Card PayPal and concealed cash. I don't take any responsibly for the concealed cash though.
All items shipped from Japan. Shipping is not included in these prices. Please ask to know the shipping costs to your country.
Any general questions can be asked through a comment or by emailing me at