September 27th, 2013

  • kanon99

Code Geass doujinshi/DVD&CD set/wtb code geass music box

Hi, all!

I have items I need to sell, such as Code Geass doujinshi (from circles such as Cras Sola, Fuukatei, nia, Cou Aori, Reflection, etc.)
All doujinshi are 13.50 each. Offers are welcome on multiple purchases! Pictures can be seen here:

Also pictured there is a Code Black cloth measuring a little over 70 inches by a little over 40 inches. It is sold in a set with a Code Geass music sheet book. Both are $52.

I also have a set of the first two volumes of season one and a couple cds and books. The set of these Code Geass items is $34.99. A picture of it, along with other items I am selling can be seen here:

Not all I am selling have pictures. For a list of those and other items, please see my sales page:

I have anime, such as Vampire Knight, fullmetal alchemist, mythical detective loki, etc; manga such as chibi vampire, cardcaptor sakura master of the slow, fake, gorgeous carat, yellow, legal drug, only the ring finger knows vol. 2 etc.; non anime DVDs, CDs, Newtype USA, Shonen Jump, and other items. Please come have a look!
 I am open to all reasonable offers- especially on large orders. I need this items gone! Please help!

I am also looking for a Code Geass music box. A picture of it can be seen here:

A reasonable price, please! I prefer US sellers, but if shipping is not costly, then international is fine!

Lots to sell

All items are in excellent condition, from smoke-free and pet-free home. Prices are negotiable (so sent my your offers ^_^) and I will shop worldwide from Pennsylvania, U.S. Please click on the links below for details and prices. Thank you for looking!

Keychains/Swing Figures
-Tiger & Bunny Luminous Swing Figures ( Dark Wild Tiger & Dark Bunny)
-Hello Kitty Kumamoto Keychain/Charm

Domestic Manga (English)
- Skip Beat 3-in-1 Book 1 (contains volumes 1-3)
- Black Bird - Volume 1
- Kekkashi 3-in-1 Book 1 (contains volumes 1-3)
- Model Volume 1 & 2
- From Eroica with Live (Volumes 1 & 2)
- The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (Volume 1 & 2)
- Good Morning
- The Man of Tango

- Naruto (Naruto, Kakashi & Sasuke)
- One Piece  (Film z Special Costume - Sanji, Zoro, Nami & Robin)

Anime CD/DVDs
- Shigurui DVD Complete Boxset

- Project Blue Earth SOS DVD Complete Boxset

Shitajiki/Pencil Boards
- One Piece (Luffy, Zoro & Usopp)

- Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo (Kare Kano) Character Book
- Saiunkoku Monogatari Artbook
- Gokusen Official Character Book
- Vassalord Calendar/Artbook
- Totally Captivated Mouse Pad
- Japanese Small Purse/Pouch (floral print)

Video games
- Hakuoki Bakumatsu Musouroku PSP
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I am looking for someone to sell me Yamashita´s CDs ERO and A-NUDE. I saw them on japanese sites only. When they are shipping it from Japan they mark the box with a true value (There is no way to try persuade them to not to do so). Due to the high value I would have to pay a really high taxes in our custom office and that is something I don´t want to do so I am looking for someone who would sell me their copies or get me the copies and send them to me marked as "gift" so the customs won´t want any extra money from me. Just so you know the fees are about 1/5-1/3 of the price written on the box which is horrible high (just take how much the CDs and shipping costs). So.. if you want to sell your copies or want to help me get them I will be very happy if you comment or write me a message. Thank you for reading!

[sale] PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

~ PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi ~

"PICK Camera" is a compact digital camera toy by Fuuvi.
A 2 MEGA Pixels Camera with a size of approximatly 7 cm. x 4 cm. x 0.8 cm., it is easy to carry around and have a quick snap shot if you suddenly see something interesting.

It can be connected to the computer via USB, similar to normal flash drive, which driver or software is not required.
You can simply copy & paste for transfering photos to your computer.
It can also be used as flash drive to keep other type of files.

* Micro-SD is needed for the memory (which support up to 16 GB).
* Micro-SD is not included.

~ SPEC ~
- JPEG picture file with size of 1280x1024 pixels
- AVI movie file with size of 720x480 pixels / 30 fps
- Resolution 2 MEGA pixels
- Lens : F2.8 f=3.2mm ISO:100
- Battery charge through USB with computer or any USB adapter
- Support Micro-SD up to 16 GB (not included in the package)

Price: 64.99 USD

Follow the link below for samples of pictures taken from this cool camera and how to order at my LJ~

[sale] PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi

PS. Thanks for the space~