September 30th, 2013

Sailor Moon
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WTB/WTS: Key chains, Books, Manga, RPG toys, and more!

Sales: UPDATED 9/30


-Sailor Moon Items
-Hello Kitty/Sanrio Items
-Club Nintendo Items
-Old Gamer Magazines

And more!

WTB: I'm looking to buy specific Sailor Moon magnets, clips, and keychains (and possibly necklaces). You can link me what you have for sale and I'll check it out, as I'm not interested in all magnets/keychains.

I'm also looking for Tramps Like Us manga volumes 13 and 14.

Manga updated!! 36 New additions! finished updating 9:59 pm!

Manga Updated listing is here

I am still editing and adding as this is posted so let me know if anything strikes your fancy!

For your peace of mind & convience my seller info can be found here....
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Updated with Bunch of Doujinshi

Find Sales info Here
Would really love to clear everything out so All Offers Welcome!! Comments are screened to protect buyer privacy. I will make sure to check the availability of the item before selling (just moved & everything's bit of mess), please excuse any lateness in response. Please read the sales info linked above if you are interested in purchasing and let me know if you have any concern/question. Thanks! :))

Misc Goods
Acuvue 1 Day Brown Circle Lenses
Rilakkuma Plushy Pouch, Oxford Heels
Prettia Hair Dye

Arashi Related Goods
Sakurai Concert Poster, Aiba & Nino Concert Uchiwa
Arashi Iza Now Mini Poster, Arashi 5x5 Promo Poster
Arashi Fan Club Pamplet, Arashi Clippings
Sakurai Sho Unofficial/Paparazi Photo
Calender Photobook (out of print!)
Arashi Goto Photobook, Pikanchi Double Photobook

Gintama, Prince of Tennis
Yakitate Japan, Naruto
Yasashiku Shinaide  new!
Hikaru no Go  new!
Death Note   new!

Wild Adapter Vol. 1~3

Tsukamoto Takashi Photobook
Maki Goto Photobook x2, Yuka Photobook

JE Related Goods
Kanjani8 Clippings, JE Mini Posters / Magazines
V6 Clippings, Kinki Clippings, T&T Clippings
Misc Booklet, NewS Mini Poster, Yuto Nakajima Clipping
Juniors, Yamada Ryosuke, Morimoto Ryutaro Clipping