October 4th, 2013

  • usagimc

Anime Calanders from 2003 - never hung up

These are large poster calendars.  All calendars are approximately 24 x 16.5 inches.  Only Prince of Tennis, and Shaman King A are smaller at approximately 20 1/4 x 15 inches.

There are 6 posters each with 2 months of dates on the side or bottom of the image.  All calendars are have been stored flat in original shipping box since they arrived so condition is really great.  More pictures are available upon request.

There are 2 calendars that have a corner bend in just the top/cover poster but I can't remember which the second one is right now.

Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees.  $25/ each O.B.O
Priority mail in US - $11.25

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Thanks for looking!

Also feel free to check out my sales journal for more anime goods!!!
  • dejikos

Yaoi doujinshi for sale!

Hello everyone! I have some yaoi doujinshi for sale. All items are brand new.

YAOI Doujinshi:
- Kuroko no Basuke (x1: mew&siren)
- Axis Powers Hetalia (x4: HIGE METRO, ink, Hakoniwa)
- Tiger & Bunny (x4: Asou Kai, MICROMACRO, UNKY & COUNTERPUNCH)
- Sengoku Basara (x2: Sakurai Shushushu, カエデーズ)


You can find the descriptions on my lj: <click> The feedback page: <click> (all feedbacks are positive). If you have any question - feel free to write!
Drawing// Kurumi!
  • turynn

One Piece Zoro figure

Authentic Roronoa Zoro figure.  The box has been opened and has a lot of obvious wear.  The figure hasn't been used.  You can see a detailed description of this particular figure on Amazon.

Asking: $25 + shipping or best offer (please talk to me if you're interested!!)
Shipping is about $17 for EMS, $12 for airmail, $7 for SAL

Feedback: EGL comm sales, ebay