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I wanted to know if anyone is looking for this statue of The Dark Magician. The last time I ordered one of these statues I didn't receive it. So I ordered this one from a couple of places.I did get the statue but I didn't cancel my other others . When I get them I will have a total of three. I wanted to know if anyone is interested in buying the others as I really don't need three. I would like 100.00 which would include shipping in the United States. I will also ship International shipping varies by location. If you have any questions please pm me.
My feedback is here


garagesalejapan feedback
I'm open to trades & negotiations, feel free to haggle if the price is reasonable. Shipping is free within the USA. I do ship internationally, feel free to ask for a shipping quote. Pictures are available upon request. I accept Paypal and do charge fees. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Thank you. ♥

Cafe Kichijouji De Illustrations Artbook (Has slight tear on the back of the dust jacket) $20


L'Arc~en~Ciel KISS Album (Korea Tour Edition) $12

Dynasty Warriors (Shin Sangoku Musou) Lu Bu/Zhang Liao 月華 by ASH $25
Dynasty Warriors (Shin Sangoku Musou) - Sima Zhao/Zhuge Dan School Liner by Flowerman $25
Fullmetal Alchemist - Roy + Hughes centric 閃光 by GD Mechano $15
Lord Of The Rings - Aragorn/Frodo 私を抱いて、そしてキスして。by Geiger Counter $15
One Piece - Doflamingo/Crocodile & Coby 言ってはいけない by Arayashiki $25
One Piece - Shanks/Mihawk (Shota) 少年進化論 by Remote Control $35
One Piece - Crocodile/Luffy, Doflamingo/Crocodile Shed Crocodiles Tears Reprint by Secco $50
Pokemon - Kudari (Emett)/Nobori (Ingo) 夏新刊 by Waya $30
Sengoku Basara - Kojuuro/Masamune Millefeuille by Ciao, baby $20
Sengoko Basara - Kojuuro/Masamune 再七 (Sai 7) Reprint by Ciao, baby $35
Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby/Kotetsu REC (Tawainese Language) by Silly Love Song $18
Tiger & Bunny - Dark Kotetsu/Kotetsu 3 Laws - Part I - (Tawainese Language) by Silly Love Song $15
Warriors Orochi (Musou Orochi) - Sakon Shima/Zhuge Dan 御祝 by Flowerman $25

Final Fantasy XIII Mini Clear Poster (Snow) $10
Hetalia Stick Posters (Anime Italy, Anime Germany, Manga Italy) $12 each
Hetalia Cardverse Metal Charm Germany $10

Hetalia Kotobukiya Rubber Strap: Germany $12
Guilty Crown Official Promo Poster (64 cm. x 49 cm.) by Redjuice $12
K-On! Double Sided A4 Clearfile $8
Kingdom Hearts Doujinshi/Tote Bag by Hummel (15 1/2 in. (l) x 11 1/2 in. (h) x 4 in. (w)) $25
Tiger & Bunny Deformeister Petit Off Shot Figures: Antonio (Displayed, but in excellent condition) $10

Video Games (Games are complete); Games may have minor scratches/scuffs, but doesn't affect gameplay
Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy (PSP) $15
Dynasty Warriors 6 (360) $10
Dynasty Warriors 7 (360) $15

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP) $12
Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker (PSP) $12

Samurai Warriors 2 (360) $12
Warriors Orochi (360) $10
Warriors Orochi 2 (360) $17 *Missing manual*
11 October 2013 @ 11:42 am

These items must go! Make an offer if you don't like the price! Or, you can have everything in this post for $525 shipped within the continental US! (I might even be willing to go a bit lower on selling the lot, so ask! XD)

-Figure: Martian Successor Nedesico Real Model 20 Yurica Misumaru $20 (displayed for a time, but is now back in original packaging; all items included)

-Hot Wheels Shaman King Yoh and Amedamaru (set of two cars, including sticker; inside sealed package) $7

-Lady Gaga Set 24.99

One Sequin at a Time DVD (only watched part of it)

US Collector's Edition Magazine exclusive of Mother Monster! (barely looked at it, so it has been safely tucked away since buying it)

Vanity Fair (only read the article about Lady Gaga)

2011 Monster Ball Calendar (shows signs of being hung up, but is in otherwise excellent condition)

-Code Geass Code Black cloth (approx. 74in. by 43 in.) and Sheet Music book; comes with the sticker sheet! Set: $52

-Shonen Jump All in great condition. $5 each or the set for $20

January 2003

April 2003

January 2004

February 2006

September 2006

-Newtype USA magazine JULY 2007 $6 Excellent condition. DVD included, but poster missing. (I bought it without the poster.)

TV Guide Feb 1-7 cover 1 of 3 featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yami-Yugi) $2

TV Guide Feb. 1-7 Cover 2 of 3 featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! (Seto Kaiba) $2

Wizard Magazine featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! $4

JRock CD

Orange Range- Natural $20

Orange Range- World World World Special Edition (second disc is a DVD) $30

Mongol800 $10 (No case, but book, papers, and obi are all included)

Marcia $5

Japnese Manga (Japanese versions) Set $40

Code Geass Knight Vol. 1-4

Kobato Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 SET CLAMP (English and Japanese versions) $!6.00 (English versions are clearly used, Japanese versions are Like New)

English manga. Each volume is $5.

Fake vol. 5

Fake vol. 7 (has one black marker spot on the bottom)

Chibi Vampire Bites

Cardcaptor Sakura manga (TOKYOPOP) vol. 1

Gorgeous Carat vol 3

Legal Drug vol. 3

Yellow vol. 1
Yami no Mastuei vol. 7 (unknown brown spots on top)

English novels $7.50 each
Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 1 (novel)

Only the Ring finger knows (novel) vol. 2 (two copies)

English manga. Each volume is $8

Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 2 (includes bookmark)

Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 3 (includes bookmark)

English Manga. Each volume $10

Il Gatto Sul G vol. 1

Il Gatto Sul G vol. 2

Anime DVDs $5 each. All are Like New.

Trinity Blood Chapter 2

Trinity Blood Chapter 3

Full Metal Alchemist the Curse (vol. 1)

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Gods and Detectives (vol. 1)

Rune Soldier Vol. 6 (came out of a thin pack collection)

Martian Successor Nadesico (vol. 2)

Vampire Knight vol. 1

Anime Soundtrack

Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut $15 (case is cracked, but disc is fine)

CODE GEASS doujinshi $13.50 each

Fuukatei (can't read title!)

Fukagawa: Date

Cou Aori: Dominator

nia: Daybreak

Cras Sola: Wait!?

Bluebell: Suzaku A La Mode


VS (circles include Cou Aori, Dalc Rose, Prt, and others)



Pandora Box: 愛シタガリ甘エタガリ

Reflection: Battle Flowers

Thank you for reading!

11 October 2013 @ 06:20 pm
Shipping worldwide from France.
Feel free to ask more pictures.

~Name a price !~

12012 (x2)
456 (x1)
Acid Black Cherry (x5)

Amaranyx (x1)
amber gris (x1)
Black Gene For The Next Scene (x2)
BORN (x4)

Cannival Method (x1)
cradle (クレイドル) (x1)
Crimson Shiva (x1)
Crishuna (x1)

D=OUT (ダウト) (x3)
D'AIR (x1)
defspiral x aki x cocklobin (x1)
DOPES (x1)
GALEYD (x1 + 1 demotape)
GateNo.14 (x2)
girugamesh (x6)
Gokiburi (x1)

Grieva (グリーヴァ) (x6)
Grieva VS DEZERT (x1)

Here:ne (x1)
Hero (x7)
hide (x5)

Hyde x Yoshitaka Amano (x1)
Himitsu kessha Codomo A (秘密結社コドモA) (x1)
Igaguri Chiba (x1)
IS DEAD (x1)
jealkb (x1)
Jupiter (x1)
Jyulie (x4)
kameleo (x2)(x1)
Karen (カレン) (x1)
Kaya (x2)(x1)
KAZ (ex. VII-Sense) (x2)(x1)
Kyo (Dir en Grey) (x1)
Lily (x2)

LMC (x3) (x2)
Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区) (x1)
Loudness (x2)
lynch. (x3)
Maria Company (x1)
Matenrou Opera (x1)
Megamasso (x1)

Megaromania (x1)
MEJIBRAY (x5) (x4)(x3)(x2)
Misaruka (x1)
Mix Speaker's Inc (x8)(x6)(x5)

Moi Dix Mois (x1)
Moran (x4)
Morgue (x1)
Nana (x1)
NEGA (x1)
NIGHTMARE (x2)(x1)
Nightmare VS Baroque (x3) (x2)
Nobady (x1)

Oblivion Dust (x3)
PS Company (Kra, ViVid, D=OUT, SCREW, BORN) (x2)
Realies (x2)

Revlez (x1)
Rivet (x2)
Sans of liberty (x1)
Satsuki (x1)
Scarlet Valse (x2)
Sendai Kamotsu (x2)

Serial⇔NUMBER (シリアル⇔NUMBER) (x1)
Shelly Trip Realize (x1)
SID (シド) (x2)
Signal (x1)
Souiumono (x2)
Sugar (x1)
The Gazette (x4)(x3)(x2)
The Kiddie (x2)
the lem (x1)

Unite (ユナイト) (x3) (x2)
V.A. : TMH4NS, Ricky, Angelo, ALvino, Vneu (x3)
V.A : heidi., Diaura, 12012, AWOI, Dezert, Grieva (x1)

Versailles (Hizaki x Teru) (x2)(x1)
vistlip (x2)
ViV (x1)
ViVid (x2)(x1)
Vneu (x1)
VOW (x1)
Wyse (x2)
Xibalba (x1)
yuuki (悠希)(Jinkaku Radio) (x2)
Zelktage (x2)
zonbi (x1)
ZUCK (x1)


Price : 3 euros / each

GAB vol.62 (Moran, Lycaon, Eat You Alive, Kaya, AvelCain, Mix Speaker's Inc., Penicillin ...)

GAB vol.64 (Kameleo, vistlip, DuelJewel, Moran, Kaya, Lycaon, MoNoLith, Gigamous, Mejibray ...)

GAB vol.57 (HERO, Kaya, EVE, Lycaon, MUCC, girugamesh, Fest Vainqueur


Phantasmagoria - Vanish (single)
Price : 15 euros

Phantasmagoria - Dejavu ~Sanctuary of Revival~ (CD + DVD + photobook)
Price : 60 euros

Syndrome - Best collection 2000-2002 (double album)
Price : 30 euros

Cu[be] - Twilight Star (maxi single)
Price : 18 euros

Rentrer en Soi - Mizu yume miru chouchou (single)
Price : 15 euros

Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm (single)
Price : 10 euros

Mix Speaker's Inc. - MONSTERS (album - EU)
Price : 15 euros

NIGHTMARE - Akane/Hate/Over [type B] (single)
Price : 18 euros

Futurism Boyz - New period [Type A] (mini album)
Price : 15 euros

CindyKate - Za☆gin no NAON [Type A] (single)
Price : 10 euros

CindyKate - Dekotora no Hoshi [Type A] (single)
Price : 10 euros

CindyKate - Dekotora no Hoshi [Type C] (single)
Price : 10 euros

Kisaki Project feat. Satsuki - Kagen [demo version] (single)
Price : 12 euros


Nega - Pereunion -Code20110726-
Price : 50 euros

Other goodies

UCP 10th Anniversary bag
Price : 15 euros

UCP stickers
~Make an offer~

Iori -Vanish- trading card
~Trade with an other -Vanish- trading card or make an offer~

Scarf 13's reborn
Picture : http://imageshack.us/a/img541/9458/qn37.jpg
Price : 15 euros

GO Poster
Picture : http://imageshack.us/a/img21/7393/inmx.jpg
Price : 15 euros
Selling a lot of stuff in my journal. I need to save up for tuition and rent. Please help a jobless college student out! My items consist of video games, Jpop, Kpop, posters, and tons of promos and merch of various media, mostly obtained from San Diego Comic Con.

Also looking for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff listed in my wishlist. I'm particularly looking for Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Straps. My high wants is Sephiroth, Sora, Sora (Halloween Ver.), Squall, Roxas, Riku, and Lightning. I'm also looking for the Kingdom Hearts Key Blank that was sold at Hot Topic, preferably new and uncut. I'm willing to pay for these items.

I'm auctioning off a Final Fantasy TCG and Kingdom Hearts TCG 1000+ card lot on ebay. Auction ends 10/21/13. I'm also selling a Final Fantasy TCG PR-027 Lightning promo card on Amazon for $1 shipped. Details here