October 28th, 2013

{ルキ} damned & free

Over 100 items for sale! Doujinshi and CDs {many limited edition!} and games!

General Information
Any questions? Just ask!
Everything is in New / Like New condition unless otherwise stated.
Smoke free home. I do have a cat, but these all have been in boxes longer than I've had my cat.
Click on the smaller pictures for bigger ones.
If you want pictures of something else, just ask and I will upload them as soon as possible.
There aren't prices on anything, and I probably won't ever get around to pricing things, so just shoot me an offer and we can work something out.
I am open to trading, but I would prefer outright sale. I do not want anymore doujinshi, and no music items unless they are the GazettE. Mostly interesting in jewelry, clothing, and stationary / school like items. I AM LOOKING FOR TIFA LOCKHART, JILL VALENTINE, CHUN-LI, OR SAMUS RELATED ITEMS FOR MY BOYFRIENDS BIRTHDAY AT THIS TIME.
Paypal only please. But if you really have no other way, I am open to other methods. I will absorb Paypal fees.
♥ Feedback can be found here, and here. The latter being fairly recent.

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Hundreds of items for sale~!