November 5th, 2013

WTS: Jrock Sales (Royz Goods)

i want to see the current items i have right now


1. royz ducumentary dvd ($30)

2. tears - type c ($25)

3. innocence - type a ($15)

4. photosets - vice fairy yukata ver ($20)

5. cure - magazine vol.119/august issue ($10)

price can be negotiable.

condition of all items are like new (opened once and put back);
and all cd's comes with 2 member cards each and its still in their package an it has all obi

ask for shipping cost depending where located

if interested please message or comment ^^


Sales : Psycho Pass / Titan / Kuroko / Free! DJ etc.

I have many things, doujinshi (Psycho Pass / Titan / Kuroko etc)...Thank you for looking ^o^

Follow the link:

Yaoi DJs and Merchandise
Maou-Sama / D Grayman / One Piece DJ
Original DJ (Sakura Sakuya, Ayano Yamane, Koike Marumi, Kamon Saeko etc)
Psycho Pass DJ
Kuroko / Titan / Free! / Valvrave the Liberator DJ

Lots of doujinshi for sale!

Add a bunch of new doujinshi and cut most of the prices down. Most doujinshi are priced at $5 and $10

Doujinshi page 1: Katekyo HItman Reborn, Gintama, Uta No Prince-sama, Hetalia, Magi, Kuroko no Basket, Naruto, YuGiOh, Kingdom Hearts, Suikoden, others

Doujinshi page 2: Durarara, Final Fantasy, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Xillia, Vocaloid

Page 3: Manga, Posters, Toys

Page 4: Video Games, Walkthroughs, DVDs, and various others

Order page: Want something from Japan? I can get it for you


Sales Terms

Want something but don't want to wait for me to reply back or already know what you want? You can have a quicker check out at ecrater: Metamorcy-sales
Someday I'll fly away

anime posters, small figures, cards, and clear file!

Shipping within the US via USPS First-Class Mail (Tracking provided).
Paypal only for payment.
You can visit my shop at either Storenvy or Tumblr!

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- Large Double Sided Poster (Free!/Shingeki no Kyojin)
- Double-Sided Poster (Free/K) SOLD
- Double Sided Poster (Magi/Makai Ouji) SOLD
- Double Sided Poster (Brothers Conflict/Blood Lad)

Small Figures/Gashapon
- Evangelion Puchi Eva Rei Ayanami
- Fullmetal Alchemist Gashapon Figure (Roy Mustang; Alphonse Elric)
- Evangelion Chara Fortune (Mark 06)

- Evangelion Wafer Trading Cards

Clear File
- 07-Ghost Clear File

Shipping Costs
- Posters: $3.50 for first item, $0.50 per additional item.
- Small Figures/Gashapon: $3.00 for first item, $0.50 per additional item.
- Cards: $3.00 for first item, $0.20 per additional item.