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a prodigy of lust and loss
14 November 2013 @ 02:53 pm
I'm selling the following goods. Please check out my posts if you are interested in anything. Thank you!

VAMPS / Miyavi / Gackt / BREAKERZ
~ Vamps: Monthly Vamps Vol 1-12, Monthly Vamps Special Vol 13, 1 other magazine, 2 photobooks, 3 posters, 10+ pictures, first album
~ Miyavi: 1 magazine, 1 photobook, 3 posters, official stickers, 2 tour bags, 7 Samurai Sessions CD
~ Gackt: Returner and Ghost singles
~ BREAKERZ: Bambino and Big Bang CDs

Tohoshinki / w-inds. / misc
~ Tohoshinki: Code tour bag, official photos, and penlight
~ w-inds.: Penlight and official photos
~ Misc: A-nation bag, Aya Kamiki tour bag, Miura Haruma pin

NEWS / TegoMasu / Yamapi / Ryo
~ Calendars: 09-10 and 10-11
~ Uchiwa: 1 group, 2 Yamapi, 1 Ryo, 1 Shige
~ Tote Bags: 2 NEWS, 1 TegoMasu
~ Clearfiles: 3 group, 1 TegoMasu, 2 Yamapi, 1 Ryo, 1 Tegoshi
~ Over 200 Shop and Venue Photos: Group, Yamapi, Ryo, Shige, and others
~ Other misc goods: Winter Party Diamond Poster, Penlights, Notebook, Photobook, Photo Album, Papa Pics, Loveless and Koi no ABO CDs
~ Uchiwa: 1 group, 3 Jin, 1 Ueda
~ Clearfiles: 3 group, 4 Jin, 1 Kame
~ Over 200 Shop and Venue Photos: Group, mixed, Kame, Jin, Ueda
~ Other misc goods: Queen of Pirates Tour Bag, BTR Penlight, 10-11 Calendar, Photo Album, Ticket Holder, Change Your World and LANDS CDs
Hey! Say! JUMP
~ Clearfiles: 3 group
~ Over 50 Shop and Venue Photos: Yabu, Takaki, Yamada
~ Other misc goods: Penlight, Mini-album
~ Uchiwa: 1 Nika, 1 Senga
~ About 10 Photos: Mixed, Miyata, Yokoo, Fujigaya
~ 2 Magazines: Songs, TV Pia
~ 9 Doujin: Fan reports, FujiKita, etc
Misc Johnny's
~ 20th Century – Honey Honey Honey Clearfile
~ A.B.C-Z – Hasshi photos and Twinkle Twinkle DVD with poster
~ NYC – Pencil case and tote bag
~ Sexy Zone – Pencil case
14 November 2013 @ 04:43 pm
Prices are negotiable.


Anna TsuchiyaCollapse )

Aya KamikiCollapse )

Ayumi HamasakiCollapse )

D'espairsRayCollapse )

GacktCollapse )

girugämeshCollapse )

HYDECollapse )

L'Arc-en-CielCollapse )

Mika NakashimaCollapse )

MIYAVICollapse )

PS COMPANYCollapse )

Solid BeatCollapse )

TRAXCollapse )

YORKE.Collapse )




  • Payment via PayPal only.

  • All prices are in USD.

  • Shipping is not included in the price of the item(s).

  • Prices do not include PayPal transaction fees.

  • REGISTERED airmail or EMS shipping methods only.

  • No returns or refunds accepted.

  • All comments are screened. You are welcome to ask any questions.

14 November 2013 @ 10:22 pm
Awhile back my mom came across two Trendmaster Clow Card Books at the Goodwill. However, each of the books is missing a few cards. I was wondering if anyone else had an INCOMPLETE set and would be willing to sell me some of their cards. Again, I do NOT want to buy a full set. I would just like to buy a few cards in particular so that I can complete my sets. After the sets are complete, I plan on giving them away for free in a contest for my website. Let me know if you are looking to sell! Here is a list of the missing cards.

Missing from Set 1:

The Snow
The Voice

Missing from Set 2:

The Earthy
The Fly
The Loop
The Return
The Sand
The Snow
The Through
The Voice
The Wave

I am also willing to trade Clow Cards or sell these extras to anyone who needs them! ^_^

Extra cards:

The Change
The Dark
The Dash
The Float
The Freeze
The Libra
The Little
The Mirror
The Shield
The Storm (x2)
The Sweet