December 3rd, 2013


Going out of business sale!!!!

Liquidation Sale!  Everything MUST GO!!!
I'm just not into manga as much these days, so I'd like to get out of buying and selling and free up some space.  So my loss is your gain!  I'm eager to see this stuff go and am more than willing to make you a deal!
I have over 100 volumes of shonen, shojo and yaoi manga, plus anime, video games and much more!

The prices haven't been updated in while and are just a guide line, so if you don't like a price, make me an offer!  I am more than willing to give discounts/free shipping on large orders!

Manga Sales Post
Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2, and TONS more!  A little bit of everything!

Yaoi Sales Post
Tons of complete sets added!  Yakuza in Love, I Shall Never Return, Innocent Bird, Crimson Spell 1&2 and much more!

Everything Else Sales Post
Anime, post cards, merchandise, video games and MORE!

For some reason lj is not allowing me to post new pics, but as always, if you want to see a picture of anything and don't see one, just ask!  I will probably be adding more as I clear out this stuff and thin out my personal collection to only my favorite series, so check back often!

If this stuff doesn't sell here I will be selling it in lots on ebay, and I'd much rather make you a deal than give part of my profits to ebay, so make me your offers!


WTB: Plastic Tree Merchandise

I am mostly looking for large posters, but also willing to look at other available concert goods as well. (Everything for a reasonable price, of course.)

I'm not interested in magazines, magazine clippings, cheki sets (photo sets), autographs, or CDs. I am only interested in merch such as cellphone straps, posters, towels, etc.

Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

Only 2 items left! Prices have been lowered for the holidays!

Hi everyone! I currently have a mere two items left to sell and would like them gone as soon as possible but definitely before the end of this year. I have lowered the prices so they're at the the absolute lowest price I'll take for them.

I can ship worldwide and accept Paypal methods for payment. Shipping is always combined and the least expensive method is used unless requested otherwise. Feel free to ask questions!

My feedback: eBay and GSJ Feedback Page (all 100% positive)

1. Detroit Metal City English Manga vol. 1 & 2 (set)
2. Queen's Blade/Queen's Gate Moetan and Nowa Stick Poster

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Holiday Sales! Games/DVDs/Figures/Cosplay/Etc.!

We're selling most anything! Need a present for your friend? Well look no further we might have something. From ponies to figurines to games they're all here!

Kentucky Fried Wooper Sales black friday/holiday blowout!

Inuyasha figurines, Classic Sailor Moon dressables
Chobits art book
Kingdom Hearts, Tales games, Noein, Dennou Coil,
And more!

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Open to haggling/trading
Willing to ship to US/International,
will need zip code to calculate shipping!